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This looks like a great plugin. Will you make it compatible with WordPress 4.1 and WooCommerce 2.3? Your video’s are very helpful, you explain everything clearly, with much patients. Hope the update will come soon.

Best regards, Simolitz

Plugin is compatible with WordPress 4.1. And it works (and it will work in the future) with any WooCommerce.

Regards, Milan

I have updated plugin compatibility list.

That’s great, I will buy it now. Best regards, Simolitz


HI again

I wondered, if you would perhaps concider creating a full sidebar menu? Or basket?

Say if I wanted to have my WooCommerce basket in the side, it would be like pretty cool, if it would just lide out.

And also, if you have now build in the option to let rest of the site fade black while the sidebar is open?



Yes, sidebar can be full height of the screen: set Offset and Edge to 0, and set Sidebar Container height to very high value (4000), and it will be always full height. If you want it too look better, make a style that has no border and has no border radius.

Sorry it was my bad – what I meant was the screen-overlay where that on the site cannot be moved? Option 1 for overlay?

Overlay has to be implemented outside of the plugin, but whatever overlay solution you want to implement it can be connected to my plugin via callback, so it is activated when sidebar is open. But, overlay is theme dependent (based on what type of overlay you want), so I don’t plan to implement it as a standard feature for now.


Sorry – here is a link to my point!

THIS WOULD BE COOL if you could create that!


Right now the only way to close the opened sidebar is to click the sidebar button.

Is it possible to close the sidebar on click outside?


I plan to add option for click anywhere outside to close it in one of the next versions, depending on free time for development.

Regards, Milan

Thanks for the quick reply Milan. I have submitted a support thread about side bar not being displayed site wide in my site:

can you please check what’s going on?

I will check it out and reply in the forum.

Hello, first thanks for making such a nice plugin!! Love it!

This message is for people that come here like I did 2 hours ago to find an answer to the question if the Sidebar can be triggered by a link or button.

I searched here, in the doc’s and in the plugin settings but only could find half of the solution but nothing that describes how it works, what to do or even how to use the code provided by the plugin (jquery).

This is how I used the provided code (Jquery) to make a standard link open/close the sidebar:

jQuery( '' ).click(function() { jQuery("#sss-sidebar-source-div-ID").smartTabDrawer("toggle"); });

.open-sidebar => the class of my link that opens the sidebar ID => the ID of the sidebar you want to open.

I put this code at the very end of plugins/smart-sidebars-slider/js/drawer.core.min.js but it can be place in any .js file that is loaded in your page.

Hope this helps!


Hi, is this plugin compatible with contact form WPCF7 shortcodes?

So far any widget I tried was worning. Plugin adds normal sidebars, so any widget should support them.

Hi, Could you find what is wrong: after clicking on one sidebar other are disapering? And I hafe small gap on the right side of the page: Best regards Bartek

It is by design: if you have more than one sidebar on the same side of the screen, opening one hides the other sidebars. Problem is that you are using sidebars as links and not sidebars, so you have added link into tab, and that still counts as click.

This is made to add sidebars that open and show content, and not to work as link. I plan to add tab as link feature that will handle this properly, but that is not yet implemented.

Regards, Milan

Hi .. A few questions. 1// I have 3 sidebars in the right side. How do i rearrange them ? so for example number 3 is shown in the middle position. 2// When a sidebar is closed and just being shown as a little square. Then how do i make that smaller in height and width ? And thanks for a great plugin.

I don’t see how BuddyPress can conflict with my plugin. So far all my tests of your website on mobile devices were OK, and there is nothing I can debug to find the actual conflict. I have a friend with Galaxy S5, and I will be able to test that device next week.

Is it ok if i send you a user login and then you can see ?

If there is a conflict it is with styling, I don’t need login for that. But, so far only your device has the problem with the position of the sidebars, and I can’t debug your device.

Please tell me Table of content Plus Widget ( is compatible with your plugin. We need to place table of content of article in this sidebar.

Please test for article by giving h2 and h3 headings and placing the Table of content plus widget in your sidebar and tell me if this is working. Please reply only after testing it properly.

Thank you in advance,


I have tried it, and it works fine.

Regards, Milan

Can you please send the link of the page where you have tested?

I tested on localhost, it works as expected.

Hello, WP plugin has been installed in multi site. Main site settings have been made. We also have to set up each sub-site? hook did not work, ID can not be. May you help to us?


The main site Examples of subsites:

I do not understand anything you said. But, if you want to use plugin on more than one site in multisite, it has to be configured for each site independently.

Thank you.

Great Plugin! I really like it.

I got two questions:

1. Is it possible to have a seperate label colour than the backround of the slide?

2. Is it possible to style the label like a circle?

Thanks in advance Toni

Can you send me example url where the sidebar is active? Wrapper height has nothing to do with tab position, and it should not be affected if you have set it as I suggested.

I have checked it, and I think that you have not enabled the option I have talked about from Auto Position tab. Not that this panel shows settings for Left and Right side of the screen, make sure you set it for Right side since all 3 sidebars you have are on right side.

OK… I got it now. Thanks for the support *5

Hi, I am looking at purchasing this plugin. but wanted to check if I can show different sidebars per page?

Yes, there is a rules editor to define where the sidebar will appear. If that is not enough, there is a filter you can use for custom coding to make more complex rules for the sidebar visibility (described in documentation).

Hello – Am wondering:

(1) Can the sidebar be open by default or set to open on page load?

(2) Have you fixed the target=”_blank” issue where it pops out a new page (or tab) instead of loading the link in the existing page?

Thanks in advance.


1. Plugin has option to set each sidebar to open on load.

2. I am not sure about such issue. Plugin is not affecting links inside the sidebar, so if they have _blank target, that is not related to my plugin.


Live preview is showing empty page?? Has Envato header but no page content

Thanks for reporting, it is fixed now.

Hello, I really like this and want to buy it. I have a question. I visited the demo page on my phone. Note 3. when I selected either the Sidebar or the Spaceship, they pop out, but all the images show as missing. Why is this?

I am not sure what is happening, it works fine on my phone (Android 6.0 Sony Z3).


besfe70 Purchased

can the sidebar be open by default?
does it work with wordpress 4.7.1?latest version of wordpress I meant to say

For each slider you have option to open it on load. But, that means that once the page is loaded, the slider will then open.


great plugin, i want to ask, is it possible disable the sidebar on desktop site than i want use the plugin only on mobile device!!

And i can add all custom widgets in your sidebar?

rgds Danilo CCCC :-)


Plugin includes filters to control if the sidebar is visible, so you can hook into that filter and write your own function to determine if the user is on the mobile device. There is no sure why to know that, and I don’t plan to add elaborate detection, but as I said, you can write your own handlers for that.

So far, all widgets I tried worked. I can’t guarantee that 100% of all plugin will work, but plugin is not limiting the widgets functionality.


Can you contact me by mail? I will send you a Plugin i you can test it local…

For me is importent the Betslip is running with you plugin.

rgds Danilo


acfj Purchased

How do I disable mobiles?

Developer guide PDF contains example on using the activation filter. In the function for it, you need to write your own conditional check to see if the client is mobile device. WordPress has one function for it ‘wp_is_mobile()’, but it is not very precise, so you can use that or some other method (there are detection libraries available on the internet).


Can each sidebar be triggered on hover? Ie.


Currently, there is no such feature. I will add this to the list of feature requests for future versions.