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Hello, I’m french so excuse me if I make mistakes language.

I use your plugin for over 2 years because I am very satisfied.

Today the number of tags on my website has exploded (11,600 in all) Therefore, the widget blocks during setup. In fact, all the widget settings appear except categories (86 in all) and tags (11,687 in all). So I tried the “Lite” version, and I confirm that the categories are displayed, and the tags system being easier, I do not encounter problems, I filled the desired tags.

I want to continue to use the full version plugin.

The problem probably comes from loading tags which are too numerous.

Do you have a solution? Would it be possible to disable tags in the “full” version? If yes, how?

Thank you for your reply.


Hi Gregory,

Please open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page and our support team will be with you shortly. :-)

Hello, is this plugin still work with latest wordpress version, i see no updates since 25 october 15?

Yep its been tested and it works with the latest version of WordPress :-)

Will this plugin let me control the lengths of the woocommerce product short descriptions which appear as excerpts. See 4 products… Can this plugin allow me to control the excerpt lengths for the products of my woocommerce store. See 4 products… http://rick.onydns.net/kuma-homepage-2/

Hi, Yes you can control the excerpt length in words for the lists you create with the plugin.

How do I disable the HUGE YELLOW NAG SCREEN for activating??? It appears big and bold at the top of every single admin page!!! I purchased the component but I do not wish to activate it and connect to your system. I did not see during my purchase that activating is required and I do NOT wish to see this nag screen on a plugin I paid for! I have not yet rated this item but I cannot imagine giving a good rating if I have no way to remove this annoying nag screen.

Did you read my post??? I do NOT wish to activate. And I do NOT wish to see the nag screen!

If you are saying I have no choice but to activate something I already paid $ for then I will figure out another way (such as display:none;) and rate the plugin accordingly.

I strongly oppose forced activation or any form of forced connection to your systems to use something I paid for!

Unfortunately there is no other way to validate the purchase on your site once a plugin is installed. This is how most paid plugins and themes work. And this is the default way WordPress works so it provides updates in the admin area for themes and plugins.

Feel free to modify your copy of the plugin however you need to.

One other thing to note is that you support entitlement has expired over an year ago: “LeatherwingStudios had support for this item until 25/11/2016” and it is not that we denied to but can’t modify the verification mechanism that everyone uses just for you.

Also I can’t stop you from abusing the ratings system here on codecanyon or anywhere else.

Thank you for understanding!

No, I purchase many Wordpress plugins from Code Canyon and elsewhere and most do not display an annoying NAG screen like yours on every single admin page!

I have decided to remove the plugin from my site based on its obnoxious NAG screen and your unhelpful response.