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Hi. Plugin does not correctly displays the thumbnails in the columns. See the sidebar “the Theme Forest – new themes.”

No, this is the problem with Envato API. Thumbnail image for this item was missing in the data from Envato, so browsers display only image ALT value. This is usually temporary problem, and it happens that Envato doesn’t send correct data in some cases.

Try to reset all cached data (plugin panel, tab Tools, there is option to clear all cached data).


??. Thanks

If this doesn’t help, try in a day or two, maybe they the missing image corrects on its own with newer data from Envato.

Hi GDragoN,

Great plugin, but I dont see any shortcodes present. Will this we included into a next update?

Thanks MIke


Thanks for the purchase!

Plugin has no support for shortcodes, widgets only. Right now there are no plans to have shortcodes in this plugin, it will take a lot of time to implement as it should be with interface for generating codes. If I get time for that, shortcodes will get own plugin.

Regards, Milan

Due to the changes Envato made to their API (without any prior notice to developers), this plugin is no longer working. We have prepared quick fix until we get official solution from Envato, and once that happens we will release proper update to this plugin. Until that happen, fix is available here:

Smart Envato API 2.7

Hi, plugin does’nt work anymore, white screen on wordpress, I had to disable it… even with your fix…

Thanks Milan, anyway i’ll wait for next release ;)

Now it is back to normal. plugin should work without fix or changes. Just in case use plugins Tools tab to clear the cache.

Thank you it works fine now !

Hi. After the last update plugin began to cause much greater strain on the website. Look at the picture. Perhaps you will be able in the future to optimize?


There are no changes in the way plugin works since version 2.0 back in June 2013. To generate one widget plugin needs one simple SQL query to get cached results. If there is no cached result it gets data from Envato API and that can take time depending on current API status (it is not very fast in any case). So, to get slow loading time everytime, you need to have 50 widgets running on each page, or you have disabled cache for the plugin forcing it to get data from API every time. Check the plugin settings first to make sure cache is active and set to at least 3 days. Let me know if that is the problem or not.

Also, I wouldn’t put my fate into P3 plugin, it can be highly inaccurate. All my plugins are tested with my own debugger that records each SQL query and analyzes time for every function if needed, and since I am a bit of performance freak when it comes to my plugins, I test all changes that can affect performance.


Is there a chance to make this a tool that i can add on a page instead only on a sidebar?

Plugin is made as a collection of widgets, there is no other way to use them. But, there are some methods to force widget rendering manually and getting results to display out of sidebar, but you would need custom coded functions to do this usually made for each widget independently, and you need development experience with WordPress to make that work. I don’ plan to expand the plugin in that direction, it is made for widgets, and that is not going to change.


Just pass to say how happy i am.

Works out of the box without problem. Thank you very much.

Thank you! And thanks for the rating. It is very much appreciated.

Regards, Milan

I want when existing user invite friend to re refergister in my site from reffer link and the user how invite the other will earn $0.1 for each user sign up from his reffer link

doest your plug in doest that ? if not can you do it and I will pay $20

This plugin is for listing items from Envato Markeplaces only. It can’t be used to implement custom referral system. You can add items from Envato Markeplaces, and each item can be displayed using referral link to your Envato account.


Hi, I received an email from CodeCanyon today ( 1 July 2014) to download an update for Smart Market Widgets. I have looked in the downloads section and I only see the file which I downloaded several months back.

1) Can you please let me know where I can find the update file, 2) And how to install the update? 3) Do I have to uninstall the whole plugin and reinstall everything again?


1. Download file again, when you download it now you will get new version. There is only one download link, but it will always give you latest available version.

2. Here is tutorial on installing and updating plugins:



This would be a great thing the “featured file” widget permits to set multiple items IDs separated by commas so we could add as many as desired in instead of just one.




This is planned for next 3.1 version, and it will be available in about 2 weeks. Same goes for Shortcodes plugin.

Regards, Milan


Pre-sale Questions:

1.) We would like to use this to display WordPress themes from ThemeForest and WordPress plugins from CodeCanyon only. Can this plugin do that?

2.) We would like those items displayed without the price showing in the widget. Is that possible?

Many thanks, AJ

Great, thanks for such a quick reply.

Just to make sure I’m clear, though Re: #1: we want to display WordPress themes from ThemeForest and WordPress plugins from CodeCanyon all in the same, one widget (not a widget for each). This is possible?

Thanks again,



Can we select to display all the results in the widget horizontally? We’d like to use it in the footer and don’t want rows (I’m assuming it’s responsive and will nonetheless produce rows on mobiles/small screens).


Right now only way to mix products from different Marketplaces is to list them by ID, in that case it is not important which markeplace file belongs to. But, all other calls are bound to the Envato API, and this API requires marketplace to be specified.

It is a good idea to specify multiple filters to pull the items from different marketplaces, and I will add this as idea. But it is not something I can do quickly, so I can’t tell you when such feature will be added.

As for display, each item in the widget is specified with no width (except for vertical display function). But, you can add CSS for maximum width and it will show side by side, and break for smaller devices into rows. Thumbnail only display also has this working by default. Everything is easy to control with some extra styling.


Hi, Bought the plugin, installed it, but i don’t see any thing on my sidebar :

Did I miss something?

This is for the style and rendering method you have active right now, but this will not work with other methods and styles. CSS depends on both style and method you set for the widget:

.smw-style-boxed.smw-renderer-compact .smw-item { background-color: #ffffff; border: 1px solid #111111; }

You should learn some CSS basics and use of browser debugger/inspector tools to make changes you need.



Now i can leave. Please in the next update, don’t forget to add ability to hide some fiels as item published date.

Cheers and Good sales

Only some of the display methods show publish date, most of them don’t and that’s why there are 11 methods right now. But, I will surely add some more in next versions.

Thanks! Milan


there s a bug in multiple items list widget. I ‘ve set it to codecanyon, put visual composer as fisrt itame, put a comma, put the “mymail”plugin ID and instead of showing mymail in the widget, it was a photodune picture of a a girl drinking a beer…how can it be?




Did you used ‘Envato Files List’ widget, with Items Settings Display set to Custom File, and ID’s added into Custom Files by ID’s field?

I tested plugin a lot with this new display type and it was all OK.


After the installation, add a small part of a blank, only the title

I have contacted Envato about the API connectivity, hopefully, it will be solved soon.

[2015-07-05 08:07:08] : http_request_failed Operation timed out after 5000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

[2015-07-05 08:07:26] : http_request_failed Operation timed out after 5000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

[2015-07-05 08:30:14] : http_request_failed Operation timed out after 5000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

Yes, I have same errors in my logs. In the past few hours it was working from time to time. I am waiting on Envato to get the answer on this, but it is a weekend, so hopefully someone will answer soon.

Hi, I need help.

When I’ve added value “Items to show: 100” to show 100 Items.

But 100 items are not showing. Suppose I’ve select wordpress theme category. There are many themes in this category, But not showing exacted value theme item.

Look at this webpage I’ve selected Themeforest WordPress category to show theme item here and value added “Items to show: 100”. But 100 items are not showing here.

Help me to fix this issue


Can you please add exclude feature in this plugin? Then we can exclude rating, item, etc for our needs?


And please fix item double click issue for mobile version. Take one click feature of item. Then when i’ll click on item in mobile version, preview will not be open and take me on Marketplace.

Because in mobile version, first click preview is creating problem. You may try. Then i hope you can understand.

I have added this to the requests lists, and it will be implemented in one of the future versions.