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alect7 Purchased

Quick question. Is it possible to have a link (i.e. menu link) that just opens the light box. I do not want to open a page of thumbnails first.

Hi! There is no feature like this at the moment, sorry.

Quick question. is it possible to use the gallery as the default wordpress gallery without the shortcode?

No, this is not possible. Sorry.


hgw7m Purchased

Hello, I bought SG and it is great! Is it possible to prevent the inclusion of SmartGrid css and js files to the Home page (where SG is not needed)?

Hi there! This is only possible with plugin files customization that we don’t provide at the moment. Sorry.

Can i create masonry gallery ?

Hi there! No, there is no masonry feature with this plugin. Sorry.

I want to have a grid of ads. So I have an html block ... for each element. Most grid plugins do not have a way for me to handle this type of grid content. Can your plugin handle this, and how would it be done?

Hi there! You can only grid plain images, and not HTML content. But you can make images in the grid to link to any external URLs you want.


alect7 Purchased

Is it possible to make images in lightbox link to an external url? This way a viewer can go to a more detailed page after they see the bigger image.

Hi there! You can try to use HTML in image captions to create links. Contact us to support@topdevs.net for more info. Cheers!

PRESALES QUESTION: I’m considering buying this for use on mobile but when I try to use it on my phone form your site it doesn’t work. What’s the problem.

Hi there! Can you please be more specific? What exactly doesn’t work for you i.e grid layout is broken or lightbox doesn’t popup? It would be great if you can contact us to support@topdevs.net with a screenshot and your phone OS/Browser info. Thanks!


is this plugin compatible with WPML plugin ?

Thank you !

Hi there! sorry for the late reply. It is not compatible with WPML, images can only have captions in one language. Cheers!

I’ve just purchased the license and am having difficulty installing. After I download the Installable Word Press file, what do I do?

Hi there! This seems to be a simple article on how to install plugins from .zip: https://themeisle.com/blog/how-to-install-a-wordpress-plugin/ scroll down to the “How to install a premium/paid WordPress plugin”.

Hello and thank you for the awesome plugin! I am trying to troubleshoot an issue with an Iphone 7S+ (ver. 10.2). It seems that when an image is selected and opens in the lightbox, users are unable to swipe or close out of it, which then causes an error message and then the page reloads. I have not experienced this issue on my Android device or on a desktop and wanted to know if this is something you’ve heard of before and if there is a way to correct this. Please let me know. Thank you again so much!!

Hi there! We haven’t heard anything about this issue. What lightbox do you use? The default PhotoSwipe? Also what browser Safari, Chrome? We will check on this.

Hello. I was using the default lightbox (photoswipe). I changed the option to “magnific-popup” lightbox and now there are no issues.

There was no issue in the desktop browser (chrome, safari, firefox, opera), only on the Iphone did we run into the issue. Thanks!

Hi is there a way i can add links to the text you see when hovering over the gallery and prevent images from popping up?

Hi there! You can make the grid images to link to any URL using External URL feature. Please see this small tutorial.

Or you can use your own HTML inside the image captions to make a caption or a part of a caption to be a link. Cheers!

Hi is there a way i can override the css so the images on my gallery are one fixed size on both desktop and mobile?

There is a “mobile_row_height” shortcode parameter to make row height different from desktop. More details answered to your e-mail ticket. Cheers!

Can I categorize the images and filter them on the frontend with you plugin? If not, how can I do that and still have the gallery being opened on an infinite scroll with your plugin? Thank you!

There is no filter or category options with our plugin, sorry. We also don’t know of a way to make it with infinte scroll.

Maybe I could use an ajaxed tab, no? What do you think? And then I would be able to do this http://esites.pro/escolher-site/ without all the gallery images begining being loaded on the same time, right? Tks!!! :-D

It may not work with AJAX loaded content, as a gallery script is triggered on page load. There might be need a custom JS coding, but we don’t provide this service, sorry.

Hi, anyway to change the responsive breakpoint of the gallery? It jumps to mobile, one column, way too soon.

Hi there! There is no such thing as breakpoint in the plugin. The main parameter is the row_height, when there is not enough width to fit two images with the specified row height (x1.5) it goes to one column. Try to reduce this parameter so it can fit more images. Also you can use a special mobile_row_height parameter to specify for mobile devices (does not rely on browser width, only actual phone and tablets). Cheers!

Hello! Tell me, please, can I customize the left area using your plugin? For example, as in the picture?


Hi there! No, sorry, you can’t customize it like this. There is only an image and simple description below. Cheers!


I just bought the plugin. Its just what I need.. But When I setup the gallery it does not show up on my page.

All I get is a second of the Loading animation and then just blank screen.

Any thoughts on this? I tried it with and without the WPBakery Visual Composer

Side note – I just resized my browser and it started showing up. So it looks like its not rending enough space for the initial load?

Hi there! Please post the demo URL so we can check, or send it to support@topdevs.net Cheers!

I really like this plugin and do not want to switch to another gallery plugin, but I am having a plug in conflict with FormCraft so I switched to gravity forms and still having a conflict with this this plug-in. I am experiencing the same conflict on two different websites. Any help in greatly appreciated.

Hi there! Can you please send us more details to support@topdevs.net? What exactly is in conflict, frontend part or admin section, etc. We may also need your admin details to investigate on the issue. Thanks!

Hey, is it possible to have inline video appear and autoplay in the grid? I have motion graphics interspersed with static images in my portfolio and I want to display those images as autoplaying silent videos so that they are better quality than gifs. Is this possible?

Hi there! Unfortunately this is not possible. You can only show images, sorry.