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it’s possible to have multi conditions in a form ? if yes, have you an example please ?

There’s an option for conditions but its limited to form elements not calculations

Here is a demo of how conditions work you select or check an element to set a condition for example to show part of a form

can i use it with updated bootstrap templates ??

Hello Contemplativeradicals

Yes it should be fully compatible – i tested it with Bootstrap version 3.3.7 which is the latest version i guess and i noticed no conflicts.

By the way i tested on Smart Forms version 4 which i am releasing this week with new features hopefully it will be approved before the week ends



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Good job ! Thanks ! :)

Thanks too Mick for supporting my work

Hi there, any chance you could include a working clone / php combo ?Although you did a great job on the doc files, I can get the cloning to work but for the life of me can’t figure out how to have the lists send via email. Cheers!

OK let me work on a demo



Using our sample field

<input type="text" name="users[]" id="users" class="gui-input" placeholder="Add new user">


Put these lines below into the php file – smartprocess.php

    $users = $_POST["users"];
    if ($users[0]!=""){
        $users_list = implode( '<br />', $users);

Put these lines below into the php file – smartmessage.php (located inside php look for the templates folder)

<p><span style="font-weight:bold;font-size:16px">Users:</span> '.$users_list.'</p>

The review form located inside AJAX PHP folder has a similar example with checkboxes just use it to see where similar codes re placed exacly


Hi there,

thank you a lot! got that working now. I tried to clone conditionals. Nothing fancy just a select box that makes a switch or another select box appear depending on the content. It didnt work for me and in an answer in the comments to somebody else you suggested using vanilla js couldnt figure that out. Is there a way to do this with the clone plugin now or should i try something else? Thank you!

Hi, is the http://doptiq.com/smartforms/v4/demos/working/elegant/dropzone/ as a working demo included? I mean that I just copy the files, change the settings and it is working? Thanks for your answer in advance

Please note that those two lines follow each other, they do rename the files for better security in case someone uploads wrong files and they want to execute them on the server – what we do is we totally rename the files

Hi, thank you.

I understand, why you rename the file. But if you rename the file you should find it. You rename it to lower case. And why you can not attach the file with lower case? I am not a programmer, but in my opinion you try to attach the file with capital letters?

Now I am tryng your code. It is O.K. if I only change this line: $file_new_name = strtolower($fileOrigName);

to: $file_new_name = $fileOrigName;

So the file is attached and renamed and found.

Thank you very much.

Can these forms connect to a payment gateway?

Currently there’s no payment gateway option but it can be integrated – which gateway do you use Paypal / Stripe?

Hi, if it is possible to embed this form on magento websites?

the progress bar is under thumbnails for each upload also modern mobile browsers should be supported (Android 4.2, IOS 8.0) please test it out

Oh about Magento i have never installed on it but i have done so on WordPress and it works fine despite not being a WordPress plugin

My attachments are coming into my email account like this. They are not attached to my email. PLEASE HELP

Also how can I send the form with the image fields being empty?

Attached Images Upload Image 1: 596d0a42aea0bScreen Shot 2017-07-03 at 11.28.43 AM.png Upload Image 2: 596d0a42aea4fShowStory.jpg Upload Image 3: 596d0a42aea8fcs3fur.jpg

$files1 = uniqid(); $fileupload1 = $files1.$_FILES['files1']['name']; $files2 = uniqid(); $fileupload2 = $files2.$_FILES['files2']['name']; $files3 = uniqid(); $fileupload3 = $files3.$_FILES['files3']['name']; //validate file uploads DID THIS FOR ALL 3 FILE UPLOADS if(isset($_FILES['files1'])) { // maximum file size :: 2MB $maxsize = 2097152; // File must be attached if (empty($_FILES['files1']['name'])) { $errors[] = "You must browse or attach a file."; } // File size must be 2MB or less if ($_FILES['files1']['size'] > $maxsize) { $errors[] = "File uploaded is too large. Try 2MB or less."; } // Detect allowed file extentions $valid_file_extensions = array(".jpg", ".jpeg", ".JPEG", ".JPG", ".png"); $file_extension = strrchr($_FILES["files1"]["name"], "."); // Check that the uploaded file is actually an image if (!in_array($file_extension, $valid_file_extensions)) { $errors[] = "Please upload a jpg or png image file."; } } // MADE A direct path to the upload folder. $mail->AddAttachment('http://form.****com/quote/smuploads/'.$fileupload1); $mail->AddAttachment('http://form.****.com/quote/smuploads/'.$fileupload2); $mail->AddAttachment('http://form.****.com/quote/smuploads/'.$fileupload3);

HI Echo47,

Please email me your form i sort this one out for you, seems you have code mixed up


Just emailed you the FTP info.


Hello, I figured out how to create a huge form with google recaptcha. With this template: smartforms v4\flat\AJAX PHP\SMTP version\contact-dropzone Can anyone please tell me how to disable the requirement of dropzone to submit the form? Just want dropzone to be an option, not a requirement.

Thanks Chris… About validation let me know how i can help


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Hey Elflaire, regarding the Dropzone issue, I removed the code you suggested and the form will still not send unless I add an image into DropZone.

Here is my code block:

smartSubmitButton.on('click', function (e) { e.preventDefault(); e.stopPropagation(); /* if (myDropzone.files.length == 0){ $("#myDropzone").addClass('dz-attachment-n').removeClass('dz-attachment-y'); errorMsgs = dzNoAttachment; $("#myDropzone").after(dzErrorMsg); dzErrorMsg.find('p').html(errorMsgs); } */ if (smartForm.valid()) { if (myDropzone.getQueuedFiles().length > 0) { myDropzone.processQueue(); } else { smartForm.ajaxSubmit(smartFormOptions); } } });

You can see where I removed the code you suggested. Do you know how else I might be able to get this to work?

OK let me do a demo that works i will send it over

Hi, now the multiple upload works fine.

In the old version I had several group fileds with radio buttons like this:

<label class=”field option”> <input type=”radio” name=”material” id=”acryl” value=”Acryl”> Acryl </label> <label class=”field option”> <input type=”radio” name=”material” id=”stahlemaille” value=”Stahlemaille”> Stahlemaille </label> <label class=”field option”> <input type=”radio” name=”material” id=”guss” value=”Guss”> Guss </label>

I could integrate the result in the smartmessage.php without any problem. The problem now is that I have no idea how to integrate it in the smartform.js

this.on(“sending”, function(file, xhr, formData) { formData.append(“sendername”, jQuery(”#sendername”).val()); formData.append(“emailaddress”, jQuery(”#emailaddress”).val()); formData.append(“sendersubject”, jQuery(”#sendersubject”).val()); formData.append(“sendermessage”, jQuery(”#sendermessage”).val()); formData.append(“captcha”, jQuery(”#captcha”).val()); swapButton(); });

If I add for example: formData.append(“sendersubject”, jQuery(”#stahlemaille”).val());

I get the value I gave in the input type. I have no idea how to get the value of name=”material” only for the checked radio button.

Please help.

Thanks for your answer in advance.

Can you send me your form or FTP details in the email? I can take it from there.. Here we can keep the less technical discussions

I will surely assist



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Yesterday I was googeling many hours and I found the solution, just short before I wanted to give up. Sorry that I forgott to write it here yesterday.The solution for getting the checked option is in smart-forms.js: formData.append(“material”, jQuery(“[name=material]:checked”).val());

Sometimes it is very difficult to explain the problem and also it is not so easy to understand what was meant. I am shure if you see the solution you now know what I meant and shure you would find the solution.

Thank you very much

-:) You know i feel bad i mused over it the other night


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do you have the google recaptcha included in the program?

Yes it is, there is a working example for the integration, its simple if you need help just let me know

Please note that you have to download the latest version 4 you will find a recaptcha example with full remote validation

Here is a working demo link – http://doptiq.com/smartforms/v4/demos/working/elegant/recaptcha/

Check that demo

will it work with mvc c# or i have to use php

Hello vanshikasof,

Thanks for your interest

These are form just components built with CSS HTML5 JQUERY you can choose to use whatever language you are comfortable with. I used php because thats what i am most familiar with but you can use a language of your choice.

You notice this product is in the JavaScript category not PHP reason being the focus is less on PHP but more on the form components – the PHP comes in because clients always request for server processing requirements hence i added working forms for a quick start


will captcha work in mvc or thare i need to use php

The CAPTCHA is done in PHP so it will require php to work. The alternative is using Google reCAPTCHA i included a Working Demo of Google reCAPTCHA though it also uses a PHP library so you may have to look at available MVC integrations.

Actually all the server side integrations with these forms are done in PHP like i said i am more familiar with PHP so if you need something to jump start a project without much server side coding this may not help its more tailored to PHP users and for those who use other languages they just use it as a framework for building forms quickly and then do much of the coding without worrying about design


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In the latest version the check boxes checks and radio buttons dots are quite badly off centre (Chrome and IE). This can be seen on: http://doptiq.com/smartforms/v4/demos/templates/flat/ui.html

Let me check it out could be a problem with my laptop