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I’ve mailed you about a issue with adding the code to a existing website. Please check.

Hi there,

Would I be able to use this form to meet WCAG accessibility standard for a Canadian website I am developing?

Hi Losargos, can you share a link to some of the standards because the code should meet most standards


Excellent component!

Could you provide an exemple with radio buttons inside a clonned (duplicated) form area. I did not find one in the provided examples.

Best reegards Bernard

Hi Bernard,

Thanks i sent you an email requesting for link to see what could be wrong – did you get it?


Hi, i am very interested in the script. Lets say, out of 1000 records, Is it possible to export just 1 of them as csv or pdf? Thank you.

Currently not exports all records but can be set dynamically to dos so


does this have multi file upload option or only 1 file at a time?

Not for now but in the works

Thank you

I cant see any payment form, Do you support any payment through forms?

No currently no payments supported


Shahied Purchased

Hello, i bought this form yesterday. Very nice lookings forms and widgets! Right now i want to implement a Modal form, but its not working. On what email adres can i contact u ? Want to send u a link. Thanks!


Shahied Purchased


Send me an email on my profile i will reply to you

Hi Elfalire

I am using the multi-steps form but the finish button does not submit the form contents?

Could you suggest a solution please?

<script type="text/javascript"> $(function(){ $("#smart-form").steps({ bodyTag: "fieldset", headerTag: "h2", bodyTag: "fieldset", transitionEffect: "slideLeft", titleTemplate: "<span class="number">#index#</span> #title#", labels: { finish: "Submit Form", next: "Continue", previous: "Go Back", loading: "Loading..." }, onStepChanging: function (event, currentIndex, newIndex){ if (currentIndex > newIndex){return true; } var form = $(this); if (currentIndex < newIndex){} return form.valid(); }, onStepChanged: function (event, currentIndex, priorIndex){ }, onFinishing: function (event, currentIndex){ var form = $(this); form.validate().settings.ignore = ":disabled"; return form.valid(); }, onFinished: function (event, currentIndex){ var form = $(this); }

Replace (form#myForm) with your form ID

Perfect. Thanks a million!!! :)


Is their a fe admin where we can manage forms we create?

is there any option to validate a field like a username or a mailadress if it exists in a database

Not available curently


I need the same that this user:

User: musewidget (9 months ago Flag)

Hello, your forms is super great. I sent you a mail. I need your help. I will pay your support. I need a multistep form with radio options and if radio is selected go to the next step without clicking on next button. and show next button only if is a normal text input or teaxt area etc

Thanks: info@wancora.cat

Hi mate! any update? thanks a lot!

Sorry been off work am now back and working on your inquiry

Great!!! No problem for delay. Regards

How is it possible to validate a date field to prevent this kind of date being entered?

dd/mm/yyyy 32/13/1212

In other words to limit the days from/to: 01 – 31 Limit the months from/to: 01 – 12 and the year no larger than current year?

You can set the date and year ranges for that date picker instance

Awesome. Do any of the pages/scripts provided with Smart Forms contain an example of this code at all?

No But i can provide a sample for you

Hi, Can you please guide me as to how to increase upload filesize and include mp3 and mp4?

Any help is much appreciated.

Attach the files where?

I edited both smartform.js and smarprocess.php and added mp4 and mov files, plus increased the upload threshold BUT when the form is being sent and mp4 or mov file is selected, inside the email that I receive, I see the attachment but it has 0KB, it’s like it cannot upload because of timeout.

BUT when I select jpg or png, which are your default settings, the file is successfully attached to the email and it has the correct size.

Now what do you think might be the problem?


Time out and upload size is can only be increased on your server ini file check the server upload limit


I have a few questions:

1) I’m have using: widget-multisteps-theme-yellow-progress.html as my template. How can remove the button GO BACK on step (1).. only for step (1)..

2) Date Picker: How can I set max date picker to current date.? Means user cannot choose date above current date..

please help.. thanks in advance


Hello Chekwan

1 – Add this style on your page or any css file or at the bottom of smart-addons.css

.wizard > .actions > ul > li.disabled { display: none; }

2 – Use the maxDate option like this below

$(".selector").datepicker( "option", "maxDate", '+0m +0w' );

Let me know how it goes


1) Is it possible to include a repeater field in a form? 2) Does it integrate well with Full Calendar Js? 3) Can I see the documentation before buying it?


Hello Maurolopes

1 – By repeater field do you mean cloning fields? 2 – Not tested with full calendar js 3 – Send me an email via profile i will email u the documentation



bkonia Purchased

I’m interested in purchasing this script, but it looks like the last update was nearly two years ago. Is it still being actively developed? If so, do you have a roadmap of planned features?

Yes i keep it up to date i am currently working on new features and updates

Here are some of them i am working on

- Adding google recaptcha for the captcha

- Adding a geo address field using google maps

- Adding a drag and drop multiple fileuploader

- Adding a show hide password widget

- Updates to the current JS CSS and PHP

These will be released this coming month by 15th i am already through with all the ones listed above with the exception of the drag and drop widget which i am working on

Thank you


summsel Purchased

Hey elflaire,

today i come with a question on this point: /* @responsiveness for tablets + smart mobile @media (max-width: 800px) { ... }

“smart-forms” just have ONE “responsiveness”-level (@800px) but I want more ;)

Imagine a nested grid:

<!-- this is the outer grid (should break e.g. @800px width) -->
<div class="frm-row linearize-800">
<div class="section colm colm6">

  <!-- this is the left inner grid (should break e.g. @1200px width) -->  
  <div class="frm-row linearize-1200">
    <label class="field-label colm colm5" for="names"> Your personal names</label>
    <div class="section colm colm7">
        <label class="field prepend-icon" for="names">
            <input placeholder="Enter name..." class="gui-input" id="names" name="names" type="text">
            <label class="field-icon" for="names"><i class="fa fa-user" /></label>  
    </div><!-- end section -->

<!-- end section -->

<div class="section colm colm6">

  <!-- this is the right inner grid (should break e.g. @1200px width) --> 
  <div class="frm-row linearize-1200">
    <label class="field-label colm colm5" for="work"> Your work</label>
    <div class="section colm colm7">
        <label class="field prepend-icon" for="works">
            <input placeholder="Enter work..." class="gui-input" id="works" name="work" type="text">
            <label class="field-icon" for="works"><i class="fa fa-gears" /></label>  
    </div><!-- end section -->

<!-- end section --> 


At current system everything breaks @800px. How great would it be, if the inner grids can break at e.g. 1200px. So you have muuuuuch more possibilties for 2columned pages :) (customizing and adding further “breakpoints” is easy for customers, so 2 steps are enough i guess :)

Have a look at the Grid-System of yaml: http://www.yaml.de/docs/index.html#yaml-grids (scroll to “Linearisation”)

Thank you so much, again for this great stuff :)

Ooh thanks that’s great – i appreciate the input


summsel Purchased

just a little “brainstorming” (hope you´re not annoyed ;) )

“What if smart-forms standard “linearisation” changed to 480px?”

I tested this in /source/flat/Template samples/ui-form-grid.html

/* @responsiveness for tablets + smart mobile 
-------------------------------------------------- */
@media (max-width: 480px) {


- Only problem seems to be in price-box in 3 column row (Text runs out of the box) - Maybe updating customers have to check some of their forms :(


- If standard “linearisation” changed to 480px you can easily add more sml like sml-600 sml-800 sml-840 …

Just to be mentioned: In Yaml there is NO “linearisation” until you explicit tell the form, to do so, by using linearisation class. This is OK in yaml and gives you the ability to build really fix forms. Don´t know how other customers think about this?!

I was also looking at it from the angle of moving the main break point to the smallest possible query around (320 ~ 480), then set other queries via linearisation

On the point of price-box we could add a parent wrapper with a class so that the columns inside the parent class are set according to the linearisation grid size (800, 1024 etc).

Another alternative is using a media query with min-width instead of max-width so that we build a grid up-down instead of down-up

I am working on some updates for Smart Forms version 4 hopefully will be done by the weekend so that i can give the grid some valuable time.

Thanks for the great input

it’s possible to connect to database ? how please ?

There is currently no database example however there is a php processing script where you can do all your sql connections and queries – its actually pretty simple.

how to make conditionnal form please ?

What do you mean by conditional form can you explain further?

i don’t have form conditionnal like in demo

Conditions work by showing or hiding certain sections of a form on selecting an option or checking an option

Here is a DEMO HERE

Hi, with this purchase will I be able to implement on my existing web pages without problems? What is this, code templates?

Yes am assuming you are using PHP Templates do not have any PHP code, i will help where you find challenges