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There is possible to create a form, and at end of filling it, it open a website in a new tab, according to form field values?


1) City 2) Region 3) Product type

So, the redirect must be something like www.domain[city].com/[region]/[product-type] Where keywords between “[ ]” are dynamic, according values entered by user.

Yes you can do that with either PHP or even Javascript can do it as well its pretty simple you just capture the field values as variables then store them when posting for redirection

Hi there great set of resources. Q) How can I make the dropzone file uploader an optional feature in a form? Currently, if the user does NOT upload a file the form CANNOT be submitted? I can see the code in smart-form.js bit I am struggling to implement a solution for this? I did just try commenting out:

if (myDropzone.files.length == 0){ $("#myDropzone").addClass('dz-attachment-n').removeClass('dz-attachment-y'); errorMsgs = dzNoAttachment; $("#myDropzone").after(dzErrorMsg); dzErrorMsg.find('p').html(errorMsgs); }

But the form will still not submit? Any help would be appreciated :-)

Run into a couple of issues. I require some help! – Sent you a support email.

Alright let me look at it and respond ASAP

Don’t worry. I fixed the problem in the end.


I purchased 2 different form plugins, but they don’t seem to work with Hebrew.

Does your plugin works with Hebrew Language?


Currently no video instructions only the detailed documentation, we can create a simple automated WordPress plugin which we can use in WordPress as well to enque all the scripts and styles

sound good, how much would it cost?

You can send me an private email we discuss details

Hi there, I have recently discovered an issue with “dropzone.js” and I am unsure how to solve this?

The Problem

If an uploaded file name contains an UPPERCASE LETTER (anywhere), then the file does NOT get attached to email notification ( via smartmessage.php)?

When: $removeFilesUploaded = false;

The problem file does make it to the server into an uploaded files folder. I can also see that the UPPERCASE LETTER are converted to lowercase during the process and these files when manually downloaded from the server are perfectly fine?

I have done further tests to see if any other file naming conventions create a problem with files attached to the email notification. These are my findings:

1) alllowercase.jpg = no problem (attached)

2) alllowercase-no-white-space.jpg = no problem (attached)

3) with white space all lower case.jpg = no problem (attached)

4) 02939 9293 9944.jpg = no problem (attached)

5) 0293992939944.jpg = no problem (attached)

6) numbers and letters with white space 95432.jpg = no problem (attached)

7) white space and one Uppercase letter.jpg = PROBLEM (not attached)

8) no-white-space-and-one-Uppercase-letter.jpg = PROBLEM (not attached)

9) numbers-and-letters-no-white-space-and-one-Uppercase-letter-0001.jpg = PROBLEM (not attached)

You get the picture!

I would really like your help to solve this issue as it is VERY likely that UPPERCASE LETTERS could appear in file names.

Cheers :-)

Hello Monkeybutter l i had a technical hardware problem with my work laptop you can rename the file once its uploaded on the server and remove the dashes it should solve let me test it i will give you feedback on this…

dont worry – I have gone with a different solution now.

How can I add an additional login page for the form itself, so that if someone stumbled upon the form they will have to log in to fill it out.

Hi, I’m having a small issue with the form. When I hit submit it just sits there and doesn’t submit… http://gacapus.com/std-forms/test-kit-order/

URGENT!! I just got the “Datatables Editor” addon to go with your form. How do I integrate the files with your form to get it to work correctly?

REALLY need help with this

So essentially I just want to add CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality to your form.


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Hello Elflaire,

How can I ensure an error is shown both below AND on top of any option-group element? I have tried playing around with the code below but it does not seem to work to the error message below the option-group ALSO before the option-group.

errorPlacement: function(error, element) { if (element.is(":radio") || element.is(":checkbox")) { element.closest('.option-group').after(error); } else { error.insertAfter(element.parent()); }

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello Jonasl i had a technical hardware problem with my work laptop blew and i have been offline am just recovering some of my data kindly bear with me i get through this weekend i will give you appropriate feedback to your inquiry


Jonasl Purchased

Hope your hardware problems are fixed. Kindly get back to me on this topic, as I still haven’t received feedback on this? Thanks

The hardware issue is fixed thanks… How do you want this to appear we can clone the error into a tooltip or something of sorts.

Having an issues with the “chained select” form. I have the javascript added so that the select functions work within the form, but when I hit submit the form will not submit. It’s kinda the same issue I had with the step form… hit submit and the form doesn’t submit.

Is there a way for me to download a sample “chained select” form because I didn’t see one within the sample forms that came with my purchase.

How can I add CRUD functionality (Create, Read, Update, Delete) to the database of your form.

Hi Bobby my laptop blew and i have been in a mess kindly i am just recovering some of my data kindly bear with me i get through this tonight i will give you appropriate feedback to all your queries



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Small typo in Smart Forms 4 current build

Search for ” margin-top: 15 p; ” replace “margin-top: 15px;”

.smart-forms .spacer-t15 { margin-top: 15 p; }


summsel Purchased

Small typo in Smart Forms 4 current build Search for “-webkit-perspective: 1000;” replace “-webkit-perspective: 1000px;”

THANKS Summsel am going to look at it and update the forms by next week am currently working o updtaes thatnks for pointing that out


I tried to make the image upload work, but I receive the image of this format and not attached piece. (5b205da4ee3e0test.jpg)  how can I do to recover this image

the link for my form :


Hello Langelucan, send me an email with your FTP details i take a look at your php code.

Hello Langelucan, send me an email with your FTP details i take a look at your php code.


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Hi Staff, is it possible set vertical switch? Thanks R.

Hello Bendiro you want to create a vertical switch for which elements?

I need to create a control panel to manage some devices where you can power-on or off some light but in vertical way I need to much spaces to do that, and graphics is not really nice. Can you help me?

email form does work.. only says smtp error.. but i tested credentials with other and works fine.

Which other did you test with please clarify?