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it’s possible to have multi conditions in a form ? if yes, have you an example please ?

There’s an option for conditions but its limited to form elements not calculations

Here is a demo of how conditions work you select or check an element to set a condition for example to show part of a form

can i use it with updated bootstrap templates ??

Hello Contemplativeradicals

Yes it should be fully compatible – i tested it with Bootstrap version 3.3.7 which is the latest version i guess and i noticed no conflicts.

By the way i tested on Smart Forms version 4 which i am releasing this week with new features hopefully it will be approved before the week ends



Mick_ Purchased

Good job ! Thanks ! :)

Thanks too Mick for supporting my work

Hi there, any chance you could include a working clone / php combo ?Although you did a great job on the doc files, I can get the cloning to work but for the life of me can’t figure out how to have the lists send via email. Cheers!

OK let me work on a demo



Using our sample field

<input type="text" name="users[]" id="users" class="gui-input" placeholder="Add new user">


Put these lines below into the php file – smartprocess.php

    $users = $_POST["users"];
    if ($users[0]!=""){
        $users_list = implode( '<br />', $users);

Put these lines below into the php file – smartmessage.php (located inside php look for the templates folder)

<p><span style="font-weight:bold;font-size:16px">Users:</span> '.$users_list.'</p>

The review form located inside AJAX PHP folder has a similar example with checkboxes just use it to see where similar codes re placed exacly


Hi there,

thank you a lot! got that working now. I tried to clone conditionals. Nothing fancy just a select box that makes a switch or another select box appear depending on the content. It didnt work for me and in an answer in the comments to somebody else you suggested using vanilla js couldnt figure that out. Is there a way to do this with the clone plugin now or should i try something else? Thank you!