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“autonumeric” in clone fields dont work. I set dataClone to “true”.

Any Ideas?

Usually the clone element will require you to re-initialize other plugin JS on the after clone method

can you share what you working on via email

I created a questionnaire form which has no email address field, how can I receive the form back? Typically their is an email field and the smart process uses the email submitted to send it. How can I still send it without a user email? I tried looking to see if anyone else asked the question, but I didn’t find any questions.

Great job on version 4

You set your own email address as a recipient email address – you don’t need to have an email address field. You can also add a reply to address in the phpmailer options that way you set a reply email

Hi Thanks for the great work! Please, help is needed. I can not complete the form configuration (widget-multisteps-theme-yellow-progress), because the summary information is not displayed in step 4. What is the reason?

HI Andrew please send me an email with a link to your form i will see how i can help



Hi Elia I sent you an email and waiting for an answer thanks

Am working on your solution

Hello.Thank you for making a wonderful script .I am very interested in having this product.

I wanted to know if …

1. is it possible to use this script if i have my own php code to process data to the database…

2.can the script be used by someone good at php, but not well advanced in javascript?

3.Can i use this script to perform CRUD operations in a database ,without the need of writing my own php codes? (am assuming the script has a way of entering data to the database)

i will greatly appreciate any feedback…

HI Kaigu

Thanks for your interest – this product focuses more on form UI/UX design and gives you the freedom to do your own programming PHP or any other language.

To answer your questions

1 – Yes you can do your own programming even design your own forms and use your own processing script these are HTML5 CSS3 JQUERY components

2 – Yes the you can like i mentioned my focus is on design of the form components not the programming

3 – No the PHP code included is for basic form emailing oerations so it doesnt go deep into CRUD operations and Database manipulations so you will need to write your own code for those operations


hello, I put a tooltip in switch, but it’s not appears : <label class="switch block"> <input type="checkbox" name="features" id="f2" value="analytique"> <span class="switch-label" data-on="OUI" data-off="NON" /> <span> Suivi des statistiques </span> <b class="tooltip"><em> my tooltip, etc... </em></b> </label>

Hi Sofiane let me send you a solution to the switch element – please send me an email on my profile page i will send it over thx

Are you available for custom work? I need an advanced calculating form created.

Yes i am send me an email on my profile we discuss

Message sent…