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Hi again ;-)

again I´d like to thank you for your really fast and awesome support. Something I often miss here at Envato these days. Anyway I have one more thing. A simple one I assume but I can´t figure it out myself.

See: http://demo.themeshift.com/

I made the menu #222 by default and #303030 on hover. When you hover the menu and move down the list, the background of the menu becomes white. Do you have an idea why that is and how to fix it?

Cheers Michael

Forget it. Found it ;-)

Great, thank you for the kinds words :).

Me again ,-)

there is one issue left I coudn´t solve. I was able to make the whole page scrollable like you mentioned in a previous comment (http://codecanyon.net/item/smart-demobar/7789566/comments?page=1#comment_7992391)

But when I enter my site http://demo.themeshift.com on my iPhone I cannot scroll at all. Can you please take a look and post a solution. That seems to be a bug.

By the way. The same bug exists in your own demo. Can´t scroll that either on an iPhone.

Cheers Michael

Hi, could you please open main.js and go to the line 30 and change “var redirect = true;” to var “redirect = false;” and let me know if this solve the problem.

unfortunately this didn´t solve the issue

W’ll try our best to solve the issue soon as we can ! sorry for this

Hi PixelDima,

Can you provide a more done solution regarding the device mockups to showcase the other mobile device sizes?

I purchased understanding that the devices didn’t come with the product and had to be downloaded, but I thought it would be more a “just upload the downloaded devices” and that part would be set. But, it seems I have to add each device and details and measure each device to make it like your demo.

I’m not a coder but have been looking for something like this to deliver my clients’ live website demo after the mockup phase. Yours is by far the best and most thorough presentation, so I got it! But it seems like quite a bit of work to make it like your demo.

Can you provide a easier install for me? I was hoping to be able to have this running today, but perhaps not now.

(Correct me if I am wrong and missing this.)


Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I understand that and I downloaded the device images.

What I am saying is, if I am trying to duplicate your demo with the same device images, do I have to measure the size of each device and add it to the xml? That is the time consuming part. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems this way from the doc/doc video I watched.

I was hoping to have the xml file with all that device image info in it, then I could just upload the images and adjust the urls, not measure each device image and add the measurements accordingly.

Or is this just for device images outside of your demo?

Make sense?

Hi :) You don’t need to to measure the size of any device we provide , all measurements done, but if you need to add a new device you need to know the device resolution .
So if you don’t need to add a new device and you want to show your demos with our devices , all you need to config your XML file and add your demos it will take a dew mint depending in how many theme you have .
Let us know if we can help you with anything else. Thanks. :)

Okay, great!

Thanks for the reply. I should be able to take it from here then.

Hey, 5 STARS!

This is a very great buy!

1. Question… Having a little trouble with the Css

Changing colors in style.scss /*Header background*/ $header-top-color:#414141; /*<-- changing color here*/ $header-bottom-color:#222222; /*<-- changing color here*/

Should change my header background colors right?

I’m not getting these css changes to show.

I’ve tried moving the scss and editting the style.css, editing style2.css (which I am using) but nothing seems to work.

I’ve ended up using style2.css, but I just want to change the orange background on the theme switcher.

See screenshot—http://take.ms/29z4W

Any idea? (I will mess around with it again later… as well to see what I may overlooked.)

Hey, welcome!

Good deal. I don’t know what I was thinking earlier when I couldn’t get this. I have it now. Appreciate it!

Sent you a pm as well.

Thank you :) i get your pm thanks a lot for your great feedback
Best regards!

Great Script!

1. I want positioning the bar fix on bottom – that no problem with bottom:0; – but could you help me that the submenues open on top of the button bar?

2. I want to use the pics as a triger to show different viewort sizes – means i have maybe 4 viewport size icons (monitor, tablet, phone) and want with click on it the reaction, not in submenue. How can i do this ?

Thanks and cheers


2. I want no submenue for devices, i want 4 or 5 Icons and viewportchange by click direct on a icon, because i need not so much devices, 5 devices are enough and with dircet click on icon the change of viewport goes faster, for a client for instance is a choose of so many devices to much … Hope you understand. Is there a way and wich one ?

1: open index.html change
<div class="devices">
<div class="one" >
<a data-width="768" data-height="1024" data-image="img/dev/mini.png" data-left="43" data-top="120" href="#"><i class="fa fa-tablet"></i></a>

<div class="two" >
<a data-width="768" data-height="1024" data-image="img/dev/mini.png" data-left="43" data-top="120" href="#"><i class="fa fa-tablet"></i></a>
You need to change icons and dimension ,read the documentation to do that. 2: go and open main.js and add after line 280
$('.one a').click(function () {
        resize($(this), 50);

$('.two a').click(function () {
        resize($(this), 50);

if you have any further question, please send it via your profile page

Thanks very much!

Hello your code looks just what i want can i get this to work with wordpress? Many thanks

Hello thanks for your kind words, yes you can use it with any CMS .

Hi there, i am interested in purchasing this for another product. But i was wondering if you could tell me if it is loading my site in iframe. I would like to just let me use top bar as a navigation menu that functions as redirecting to a page on my website not loaded via iframe. From it loading site in iframe it destroys my websites SEO. if you can help me with that or if you have reccomendation. I will buy your product if you can help me with this iframe issue here. Thank you Pixeldima.

Hello, yes your website will loading in iFrame.
Unfortunately, you cannot work without iFrame.


I have had this working fine until we added am SSL to out site. Now the preview sites do not show (which is kind of obvious at they are not on secure sites).

There are no console security errors – says the page is secure.

Is there any way around this? I understand nothing in the description says it will work with SSL, but it would a shame to have to move it off the main domain.

Any help appreciated.

Hello , could you please contact us from our profile page with your website URL.

Done – thanks for replying so quickly. Wait to hear from you…

Can I use this plugin in WordPress? if NOT, what is the system requirement to use this plugin and what cms need to use this plugin? Because I love the plugin to use.

Hi, You don’t need to place the code in the post editor, it’s a jQuery plugin.
Installation steps
Download on your computer the ZIP file purchased from codecanyon.net. Extract its content in a local directory.
Inside the folder extracted you will find three folders: documentation (contains the help file) Normal-version and API-version (the last two folders, each one contain another folder name previews (contain the Demo-Bar itself) this is the folder you must upload to your server.
Note: Place it in a directory like this: http://yoursite.com/previews/, make sure it’s a new and empty directory with nothing else in so you can use the root of the folder as the URL.
You can find more in documentation.

Thank you. Works well. Problem is, responsive devices are not updated. Old devices are listed in the responsive switcher. Please update for latest devices for 2017. Waiting for your update.

Thank you for writing in! We provide all of our official support via the member area on our website. If you have not done so yet, please use the link below to register for access so that you can post your question there: https://pixeldima.com/go/register/, so we can better assist you.

We are looking forward helping you out.

Is it support PHP 7?

Yes, tested on PHP 7.0.9. Thank you!

Thank you, could you test this script with PHP 7.0.22 there? My server’s PHP version is 7.0.22. I need to confirm because recently I purchased a similar script and needed to get refund for incompatibility with the PHP version.

I see your script is not updated in 3+ yrs, if you can assure that it will work with my current PHP version then I will purchase.

Another Questions: Is this script have any admin panel for adding demo items?

- Normally it will work. If didn’t work with your server you are welcome to make refund :)
- No, this script did not have admin panel all that you need to configure XML file see this image: http://prntscr.com/gcecyc

Thank You!

On Iphone it doesn’t scroll. Any plans to update this or should I find a different solution?

Thanks for writing to us, we showed the real size of the phone this is why you can’t scroll.
Thank You!