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Hello there is a problem with prevent against print in the chrome. Prevent in firefox is working but in the google chrome no

Is this a presale question? Thanks.

Hi already got a copy, thanks for the great plugin. I have another site running buddy press theme and I plan to get another copy for that site, presales question is it possible to disable the copy paste on a single buddypress tab? I tested I am able to disable for a page and post but not sure if it can handle buddy press tab cause there isn’t any documentation to test it out.


We are not sure if it would work with buddypress tab. Most likely it may not work. Please open a ticket at http://fantasticplugins.com/support so that our support can check and let you know.


Hi this plugin not working in my website. SELECT count(*) FROM wp_smartiplog

'website_db.wp_smartiplog' doesn't exist]

Please contact our support at http://fantasticplugins.com/support by opening a ticket.


This plugin not working anymore. I have submit ticket but no reply.

We tested and didn’t face any such issue. Our support replied to your support ticket 5 days back but yet to get a reply form your side. Kindly login to our support and reply there.


Thinking about buying this, however does it block people on safari from viewing the reader? People are stealing my stories on MACs by using Safari Reader

Not all users are trying the same way and hence it is better for the user to see what suits them We feel that is the reason why a live preview is provided. Thanks.

Not trying to do it the same way? Please explain how there is a different way to view something inside of Safari reader.

We didn’t say about you specifically but generally speaking we feel the users are best to decide whether a Plugin will suit their needs or not and for that purpose we have provided a live preview. We have also explained clearly what are the protections you can do with this Plugin. If you are referring to the mouse access then that can’t be protected. Please find some other solution that suits your needs as we feel this Plugin will not suit your needs. Thanks.

Hi! We want users to be able to print a workbook directly fro our site, but not to be able to download it. So they will buy a seminar workbook as a product and it will open a pdf in a browser. They will then be able to print the workbook, but they can’t download it to their desktop. Is this a possibility with your plugin?

This is not possible using our Plugin. Thanks.