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i’ve got one pre sales question. I understood that my content will be shown like this ->

Example: Homepage > Main Section 1 > Sub Section 5 > Page 9

But what about the blog post? I want to look it like this

Homepage > Blog > Post 3 Homepage > Blog > Post 8

NOT like this:

Homepage > Post 3 Homepage > Post 8

is this possible?

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for the great plugin! I was wondering if I could change the home link to something else like the word Lead instead of Home in the breadcrumb menu! Please reply soon. Again thanks for your beautiful creation. :)

Hi There,

How or where I can change the title of the “Home” to something different as our site is not in english.

Thanks, A

Is it possible to place the breadcrumbs manually?

I am working on a site and the client wants no breadcrumbs on the home page, have them below the menu on other pages and have an image between the menu and breadcrumbs on some pages.

Hello, The breadcrumbs can be added on any page, there’s a code that you must insert where you want the breadcrumbs to display. If you don’t want them on homepage, then add the code on a different page.

Alexandra I.

Thanks, it works nicely.

Just a quick question though. I’ve gone into the CSS to bring the margin in so it aligns on the left with the text, but it isn’t moving, how an I just bring that right across to the left?

I’ve noticed a couple of conflicts when using the plugin.

When activated I’m unable to create links in the wysiwyg editor and I’m also unable to edit Gravity Forms

Admin permalink conflict here when enabled.

$9 worth of nothing…....

Is there anybody actually out there? No support I guess. Can’t blame them clearly states on the right …. WordPress 3.1, WordPress 3.0


If you have any problems please open a ticket on support.aa-team.com.


I can’t excess the support as I have lost the password and i CAN’T CREATE A NEW ONE.

In IE there is a bug my bread crumbs show a a list instead of side by side.

I also reinstall the new breadcrumbs just incase but no luck.

heyarshi@gmail.com is my email account…

You can open a new ticket. AlexandraI.

this is resolved

Please help…there is bug IE8..the breadcrumbs show as a list instead on one line.


I have forgot my password on support.

Yep I just checked it still breaks my theme.


You breadcrumbs breaks my theme so I can’t edit the content. To edit my content I have to deactivate the plugin.

Yes, I did install the new version that doidnt help. Even deactivated the plugins.

I have opened the ticket please help.

Hi. Before i buy this plugin i have a question. My site doesn’t use archive pages and my question is did this breadcrumbs can work ok without archive pages i mean can i configure every page. Regards.


Before buying the plugin, I have some questions:

1. My website is in French, and then I put for example the word “Home” in French? 2. I’m running Wordpress latest version Mercor theme and WooCommerce. Does the plugin works with these settings?

Thank you for your reply

Hello, It can be modified custom the “Home” name. And yes, it works with any theme.

Regards, Alexandra I

After use this Smart Breadcrumbs plugins, in the add new post there when i clicked the Add Media button nothing appear, if i disable this plugins then ok

seem like is javascript conflict

so far just this happen

Yes, it’s a js issue, if you update the plugin’s jquery file to the latest version it will work.

Regards, Alexandra I.


can i know is which js file need update?

Thanks :)


smart-breadcrumbs\smart_framework\js\ui.core.js with the current version of ui js from here : http://jqueryui.com/download/, the stable version.

Regards, Alexandra I.

the live demo site is down, domain expired?


hello. can i make custom breadcrumb ? for example the default breadcrumb for a page is : Home>Smartphones i want to change that to Home>Products>Smartphones i know the way is make a page for Products but i don’t want to make products page. is that possible?


has it capabilities to define color set per Product category or at least tag?

When I hit “Live preview” – I get ad advertising site SCAM redirect…... Please fix !

Hi this is an old plugin and will only work on WordPress 3.1.

Hi.. I know it only works on 3.1.

But your demo link is a scam link….. does not provide a demo. So I think you are breaking the rules of codecanyon by leading customers into a false scam site.

I think you need to check it out , you could get banned from codecanyon for this.

Best regards

The Demo link was set on a domain that expired. And since we do not update this plugin anymore, we did not updated the demo link as well.