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Very interesting idea, deserved a purchase. Going to have to play with this

Thanks, have fun with it :)

Ok made my first slider, indeed in minutes ;). Just one thing that would make it work better in a cms like environment. Please make the pager items be auto created by the number of images instead of hard coding them

I was considering this, but it gets complicated when every pager item needs unique html (if you take a look at the image gallery example). I will have it in mind for the next version though.

Anyway, glad to hear some positive feedback :)

Yeah its flexible this way but would be nice as an option. I will play with it some more and let you know.

Great concept. Demo goes ballistic on an iPad though

What do you mean ballistic?

I don’t have an iPad to test it, but my guess is that it has something to do with the visual side of things, which is related only to the demo and is not what I’m selling.

Would be nice if you could send me a screenshot though :)

I would have loved to purchase this but the thing that puts me off is that unique values have to put in, this would mean more coding on us programmers behalf in regards to making it work.

Would love to see the pager etc changed to auto.

I think you might have been mislead by one of my previous comments. The pager elements don’t HAVE to be unique, you can copy the same element as many times you need. The script doesn’t automatically generate the pager items for you because there are cases in which you might need to have unique content in each pager (like in the image gallery example).

You can see what I mean if you check the second example from the Documentation -> Learning Resources -> Examples


Lovely :)

Yay :) Rate, please! :D

Geezer u have five stars from me ’ lets just hope everyone feels the same ’’ Good luck with sales’ you deserve it

Many thanks, enjoy using it!

I have implemented it based on example #2. It looks very nice. Thank you. However after testing it on different browsers I noticed that it has some sort of memory issue. For example if I continually refresh the page with the slider on it, Firefox accumulates a very large memory footprint. I have also tried to leave it running over night on a single page with nothing else and in the morning Firefox process used up almost 1GB of RAM . Any idea? Am I doing something wrong or it is a known issue?


It’s not a known issue, that’s for sure :) I can only guess at this point, but try leaving the hook functions empty (in other words leave the plugin working, but don’t put any of your code inside the functions, only start the plugin so it gets ticking). If there is still memory leaking, then the problem is with my code indeed.

Also, please post your question at http://support.nikolaydyankovdesign.com/ so we can continue the conversation there and not clutter the comments. Thanks!

Sure, will do thx.

It doesn’t work in wordpress. Any suggestions? :(

I see no reason why it wouldn’t work with WordPress. Does it work on a regular site?

I want to purchase this but i notice the Tutorial videos don’t work. Any suggestions?

I changed domains recently… there are still some broken links here and there. I will fix it asap.


Should be all working now :)

Thanks. I bit the bullet and just purchased it anyways. Good price. Best of luck on all your future projects!

Thanks, have fun with it!

PERFECT SLIDER . I have spent months looking for the right slider I could customize for a specific purpose. Other sliders did not offer the ease and flexibility yours offered. A steal for $8. The documentation and examples you provide make it a snap to learn and understand how the slider functions. I can’t brag on it enough.

Thanks, man!

Nickys, I had to follow up with a second comment. This slider is unbelievably easy to use. You have done a fantastic job of making life easy for those of us pressed for time. Not only is your slider easy, but it can fit so many different applications with only a few minor changes. I can’t brag on it enough. With only a couple of hours use I have almost mastered the ability to generate fantastic sliders in only minutes. TWO THUMBS UP .

Thanks man, it’s really nice getting feedback like yours. Thanks for buying!

Hi! Is possible to implement your “hotspot map” in slider.js? Let me know, that I purchase both… Grazie, B

Hi! I cant work with this tool. :( I paste the code here:


I call:

slider.js and jquery.js but nothing happens. Thanks!

I have to re-code this: http://fashionicon.me/elizaj/lookbook.html

into a WP install. Full screen responsive, touch enabled.

Can this product do it? in a WP environ? :)C