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I dont understand what is Payment Settings for? is that for a membership or shopping cart?

I need soon as posoble a payment for signup for membership, is that posoble?

This is just payment setting for PayPal, You need to implement it base on your requirement.

Hi i download last version(V.2).But it have not file storage/data/dbtype/database.sql

I’ve added installer to the package. You don’t need to manually install the database dump.


Can you please help with the Twitter login? I am getting this error: 403 Directory access is forbidden. From what I understand the server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it?

Please make sure your hybrid and inner folders are chmoded to 755 and 644 for files in the hybridauth folder.

I’m traveling to another city, if you face more issue please email me at: info [at] slickphp [dot] com

I really like the script, quality and price. Was it possible that in an update on pages ¿possible to choose the template, which is not always layout? Thank you very much and many sales

Thanks. At this moment I’m not planning to make SlickPHP as a full functional CMS.

Hi, this script looks promising, but I ran into a problem. I am unable to update any of the settings in the backend. I keep getting a 500 error ( PDOStatement: Unknown column ‘attribute’ in ‘where clause’), File: app/controller/admin/settings/general.php 60

Hello, Thanks for the positive feedback, I appreciate your encouragement.

BTW What is your OS, Database, HTTP Server?

Hi, how is this script installed? Looks like you built it in WordPress cms. Installer?

I hope you will able to install SlickPHP with out my help. This is very simple like wordpress installer. If you want more details then send a mail to

Oh ok, it’s easy great. Does script do payments then redirect to level purchased? Send reg, purchase, reminder emails or do we extend with plugins? I see you have payment settings and can set to reoccur but no other payment set up?

We do not implement payment system, you need to do your self.

Fatal error: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ’/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20131226/pdo_mysql.so_sq’ – /usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20131226/pdo_mysql.so_sq: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I think your PHP PDO extension is not active, This is PHP configuration related error.

Can you make please one login for all users? ( admin, meber, normal user) ? greetz

Hey, on my SSL I get “This page is trying to load scripts from unauthorized sources” what is causing this I have looked and cant find what could be causing this problem.. Thanks.

It’s a message from your browser. Is your SSL certified by any SSL companies? You need to setup your SSL properly.

Its is setup properly.

I wouldn’t suggest buying this, the code itself is alright not the best, but to change one small thing you will need to change about 10 files you cant even change the font with out having to change 6 style sheets… PLEASE DONT BUY THIS.

Please follow the Dev guide properly, everything is described there. The default theme has only one css file (style.css) in the root folder. So, to change anything related to css, you just need to edit that file. You don’t need to change any framework related files ( like, bootstrap, animation, font awesome, etc ), if you know properly what you are doing. Hope you will understand.

Just downloaded the SlickPHP package. When I try step 4 in the installation instruction I can’t find the database.sql file. It’s not in the archive I downloaded!

Running the script on my server gives me this error:

Internal Server Error

Fatal error: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ’/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20131226/’ – /usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20131226/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Please help.

BR / Jacob

I think PHP extension not install on the server that’s why you get this message. The errors mean that the file /opt/php5/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20100525// does not exist, while your PHP configuration wants to load it. Either make the file exist (again?), or modify your PHP configuration to not load the file.

After resolved the PHP extension errors SlickPHP will automatically load installer then flow the step.


imagick is installed on the server, but files are missing from the archive I downloaded here on codecanyon.

When I try step 4 in the installation instruction I can’t find the database.sql file. It’s not in the archive I downloaded!

I used F3 DB setup system that why we don’t need to SQL file on the package. If you need the SQL file send me your email address i will provide you SQL dump or if you face difficulty to setup SlickPHP on the Server then send me you server info on then i will setup for you.

sorry nevermind i should i have read the previous comments lol

Hi, i can’t enter on your backend demo. I get “Forbidden 403” error :(

I think you were login as member that’s why you get this page. Please login as admin then you will get the admin access.

Hello muntow2000. Please, you know why this error happens?

Internal Server Error
Fatal error: Module 'fileinfo' already loaded

I think this is related to PHP configuration. You will get more information here


I got this error while setting up the script (also, when I checked the phpmyadmin, the database was almost empty there was only one table in the database.. and the frontend directory returned internal 500 error..)

Internal Server Error

PDOStatement: Table ‘renkmedy_panel.pnconfigs’ doesn’t exist

[vendor/base.php:2015] Base->error(500,’PDOStatement: Table ‘renkmedy_panel.pnconfigs’ doesn’t exist’) [vendor/db/sql.php:327] DB\SQL->exec(‘SHOW columns FROM `renkmedy_panel`.`pnconfigs`;’,NULL,60) [vendor/db/sql/mapper.php:635] DB\SQL->schema(‘pnconfigs’,NULL,60) [vendor/db/cortex.php:138] DB\SQL\Mapper->__construct(DBSQL::__set_state(array()),’pnconfigs’,NULL,60) [vendor/db/cortex.php:124] DB\Cortex->initMapper() [app/model.php:24] DB\Cortex->__construct() [install.php:589] Model->__construct()

Please help me , I need this script up and running asap.. Thank you.

I tried second time with new files and databese but the result is the same as expected ..

Internal Server Error

constant(): Couldn’t find constant \PDO::PARAM_�NT

[vendor/base.php:2015] Base->error(500,’constant(): Couldn’t find constant \PDO::PARAM_�NT’) [vendor/db/sql/schema.php:1134] constant(’\PDO::PARAM_�NT’) [vendor/db/sql/schema.php:429] DB\SQL\Column->getColumnQuery() [vendor/db/cortex.php:356] DB\SQL\TableCreator->build() [install.php:377] DB\Cortex::setup()

Hello bitagrem, I was in vacation that’s why i’m not get you message. Now i’m now available, if you need help send me a mail on

Hello! =)

is out! Could you fix it, please? tks =)

Hello, Thank you for your interest. I just test the demo site, everything work fine on my end.

multilang support is available?

is in your planing update? thx a lot, regards

Hello Wancora, Thank you for your interest on SlickPHP. At this moment we are not plan to add multilan support but you can easily add multilang support with this F3 module

Thanks Zafar

Hey there. First of all Grats for your Great Script. I just have some questions: First i cant find any possibility to Upload Logo and favicon, just have Input to add The URL. The Second is that i want to extend The admin with an additional Page ‘FAQ’. Here i want to Write my question and anwswer to a Form which will submit The entry to my Database, e.g like a Post. The Problem is i dont know how. Can you please helpe me out of that?

Hello, 1. Upload logo and fav in gallery section then place the logo and fav icon url in settings->general “Logo URL” and “Favicon URL”

2. Please Read the Dev guide her i already describe how to extend the admin and fronted.

Thanks Zafar

Hello! this looks great, I have a pre-sales question. I need to give a front end to my wordpress registered users so they can upload a xls or cvs file into a table in my mysql db. Will I be able to give that capability to my users with this system? thanks!

Hello, This is not wordpress theme or plugins. This is complete PHP script i’ts not work with wordpress. You need to used this script independently. BTW if you create a page with upload capability in member area your user can upload the xls or cvs file.