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Hello, I installed SlickPHP StarterKit. However, after the installation, Backend is not found. I’m getting a 404. Can you help?

Please read the document carefully. If SlickPHP install properly then try this link domain/backend/login

I want to purchase but need to know if is possible to add a Page that only logged in users can see?

ok thanks for the info, if is possible via php is great, I can do it :)

I will purchase now, if you can tell me how I could do this, like what files I should look up and a little example I will do it, I know php so will be easy :)

You will get everything on Dev Guide.

Just purchased the script, is there any feature of adding the user profile page?

hello sir just purchased the script,

good script, i have one question, how can i add a custom private page where users can only see after login, please a complete guide would be appreciated,

2. can you create a page of author profile?

I already mention everything on Dev Guide you will get it from documentation folder.

Thanks Zafar

hello sir just purchased the script,

good script, i have one question, how can i add a custom private page where users can only see after login, please a complete guide would be appreciated,

2. can you create a page of author profile?

Hello muntow2000,

Please reply to my E-Mail.

“I have read the manual. No error occurred during installation. Unfortunately, the admin still does not work. I can not find any online admin folder. What’s the mistake?”

The file is the right one for me “” with 7.08MB ?

I send you a mail, send me the feedback ASAP then i take necessary action for you problem. Thanks Zafar

Hi, i have buy your script and it is a very good script. I have no problems with install, it runs pretty. Very good Work!!

I have some questions:

1. I have create a new lang File -> de.ini Where i can activate it ? In Backend settings i can not found under dropdown.

2. In your code you have code sections for change User Profil Picture ( Avatar/Gravatar).

But in backend is no option for this setting for Admin. Can you add this next Update ?

Thanks for the positive feedback, I appreciate your encouragement.

You need to add flowing line on language Dropdown <option value=”de” {{ empty(POST)?@siteLanguage "de" ?'selected':'' : @@POST.siteLanguage “de” ? ‘selected’ : ’’ }}>German </option>

If you have no problem send me the de.ini file i will add it on next update. It will help others user.

Hopefully we will add your recommendation

Please don’t forget to rate us!

Thanks Zafar


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Hello, I’ve buy Slickphp but he doesn’t work. I can’t install the script. “storage/data/dbtype/database.sql” doesn’t exist.

Hello, You don’t need database.sql. At this moment SlickPHP have a installer just browse SlickPHP folder then setup page will popup. Thnaks Zafar

When user is register with facebook is apart user table in sql of make user register in the same table sql where normal register ?

And for facebook what for info get ex email pass avatar ?

Have cookie session ?

Is easy to integrate in existing website ?


Yes social and general user register in the same table. At this moment we are not get any extra info from social media if you want you have the option. Yes we used cookies session you will get more info here,GET,POST,REQUEST,SESSION,FILES,SERVER,ENV

We have development document if you want to extend then it will very easy to extend.


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Password must be at least 10 characters

how to solve this issue

Please remove line 21 to 27 from themes\default\share\post_item.html.

If you need customization please send mail with requirement on this email

Thanks Zafar


itkorai Purchased

Message sent please respond thank you!


itkorai Purchased

its been 2 days didnt recived any email reply from you!


I’ve recently purchased this app (so far i like it) but would like to ask you about plugin development.

Could you please provide an example of this:

addHook($hook, callable $action);

Additionally which are the supported values for ”$hook”?

Thanks a lot for your support.


Hooks allow your plugin to extend core SlickPHP functionality while avoiding conflicts. Hooks are callback functions that are called automatically when certain events happen, such as an post being saved or a text block being rendered. Your callback function will be passed an object or value which it can then manipulate and return to the core.

<?php // ... public function _load() { $this->_hook(“view.parse”, function($str) { return str_replace(“asdf”, “jkl;”, $str); }); }

Thanks a Lot for your Fast Reply.

I’m building a plugin with its own routes and controllers and everything was ok.

The problem that i found has to do with calling “views” that are inside the folder of the plugin (example /plugins/myplugin/myview).

Can you provide an example of calling a view that is stored inside of the plugin’s folder?

Thanks once again.

I’m moving out from WordPress because of the speed of your app. I’m amazed. Hope that more people jump in and discover your app.

Hello, Thank you for your interest.

1. First create a view folder on your plugin directory 2. call plugin view like this $this->_render(“myplugin/view/index.html”);

Thanks Zafar

Hallo, I’m from Indonesia, I’ve bought your product … But I am confused to create a new template. What steps are being taken to create a new template? Thank You . . .

Hello, Copy the existing default theme and then change the theme name from styles.css header to your theme name.

Thanks Zafar

How to integrate / install the payment plugin … Sorry I just learned programming. Thank you

Please read the development document carefully.


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presales – i have my own frontend custom mvc and want to use that for front end, how do i use your backend and my mvc at the same time?

You need to convert you front-end to SlickPHP front-end. Please read our Dev Guide hopefully you will get you answer. Thanks Zafar

Presale question, is included example functional plugin, or can you provide me with such a plugin to have idea how things work?

so you can provide me with example plugin?

Hello, At this moment i’m not provide any sample plugins. but I’ve dev guide on the package.


then can not buy it, thanks.