Discussion on Slick Theme for Coupons CMS

Discussion on Slick Theme for Coupons CMS

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Hi there, the home page seems to have changed alignment in some sections … is this due to an update that I’ve missed perhaps? Or is there something else that I need to run? Many thanks, Vicky

I’m always looking for trouble.

My friend, I have a problem, and my support is still working, and I want to know if I can replace the mold with another black mold.

Hello Shadow I have some problems on site. The cones don’t show up, and I can’t put the pictures of the sections. How do I add section photos How can I activate the cones and thank you knowing that I am involved in technical support And you always help me. Thank you, I like you because you are amen

We’ll see.

I need technical support to help me.

what should I do? I’m tired of debugging, but in vain, I paid my full money to get my profit and not on a theme that doesn’t work right ?? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The problems are many. The security code on the site does not work. Add categories, Arabic and English, add stores and coupons. I will cancel the idea of ​​products. I only want categories, stores and coupons. Please fix it. I sent my site data

ماذا بعد ذلك ماعلي فعله

Hello Daniel!

I did buy a Slik Theme, the Collor Theme too and I need some help yours.

1. Before I changed the theme I perceived that exists a new code language because some boutons and references in the website don’t change to portuguese like “Seach, Company and Connect”. I want know how can I do this, please. (image: frontpage)

2. I need you change the icons and references for two socials media then I don’t will use and I’m on them. (images: socialmedia1 and 2) (To: Telegram and Instagram)

3. May you tell me how language put to change te icons of Categories? I’ll be gratefull if you put an example to me. (images: icons1 and 2)

I put the model (in .txt) that I tried insert like icons. Before I put the Slik Theme when I insert the wallpaper it didn’t works. (images: wallpaper1 and 2)

I plan buy too the Wallpaper Theme in the next month.

I need more one help yours, teacher me how to install the Collor Theme.

Observation: To you see the index this mensage see your inbox, please.

Hi Thonny,

Please send me a private message with all the images you have referred to. I can’t see the images here. Every single change you need to do is in your theme. content/themes/Slick/

If you want to change texts, site_footer.php I think is the file you need. Also in the theme is located in languages/ all files that need to be translated. If you installed your own plugin, for your language. Then copy english.php and rename the new file as portuguese.php It will be interpreted automatically so you don’t need any other extra configuration.

Hi, I have issues with banner slider and banner plugin not working inSlick theme . We need support to solve this issue,

Hi Daniel, I have purchased the slick theme and I have some issues in banner slider and search back image not working .Need your assistance on this.

Thanks for another not answer. And nees more help where i can fin background area for like around coupons or similar area on other sites. Been looking for it few days and only what i found is container pb72 or someting but doesent change. Are You going to suppirt or should i ask for refound?

Hi there,

I guess is more simple to explain to me what backgrounds you need to change and I’ll do it for you.

It is almost impossible to answer questions about CSS.

Hi its fine i have sort it out from start as been tryjng everything. Only one at the mlment issues i have that plugin banner adverst dosent appear on start on deflaut but when i bought slick theme it still dosent seems to work. Im not sure if banner advertiser dosent download from diferent folder image? Same was with background image in search box are. I had move file to slickfolder and call it cover.jpg etc and logo so it will start show on mobile version as well. I think You have to fix it as its make things harder and i think its issue as You cant upload image and it will work as background in admin theme settings. Need to folder moving manuly

Hi im sorting most things out i stil cant sort banner advertiser (doesnt apear) and search box image as well dosent appear? can You help me please as waiting from 3 days for solution from You mate.

Hi there i just bought Your theme. Im wondering if You can support me with exact detail how i can set colores for different parts of website? in last theme there was a css code but on this one it dosent seems to work? -how to changebackground colore in top menu where is small logo? (also is it possible to change size of top logo n how to do it? as older way didnt really work as well.) -how change colore background for search button? also background image when i upload on old them it did work on this one it dosent; so is there any format of image file? size px x px? etc? as i tryed few diffrent thing and it didnt work out still)

-bottom menu colore background how to change this one?

also is there any req for banner advertiser as it dosent seems to work as well not sure why..? many thank


Thank you for purchasing Slick Theme.

There is an Extra CSS text area in Theme Options as well. And it works because I just checked it.

If you put these lines it will change the size height of your logo to height 200px;

.header-menu > .logo img { height: 200px; }

This will change the background for menu’s container:

.menu-container { background-color: red; }


Also, there is a CSS file that you can change as to how you want:


Best regards, Daniel.

Hi thanks for help will try to do it tomorow. Just can You tell me hiw tos et up proply or if i did use wrong file for banner? Does it can be .gif file? Any speciial size requitments or any code to change that as well?

Search box background also did not change when on old theme it did. Can You help me with it ?As well i did try set up 1 coupon when you click to show code it moves to another website but code doesnt appear. Not sure why? Thanks

admin pannel is also included?

admin panel and website are connected? and database is included mean which types like JSON-server or MySQL

I noticed your template only have a search bar on the homepage only?

Please can you add a search bar for other pages to the header?



Yes, sure, we can copy the popup from the other theme, Black Theme:

If you like that, we can find a solution for that matter :P

hey daniel please add social login in Login and register page

No, the theme does not support RTL.

yes ahmadomar go to items details and see there live preview

Thank you very much for helping me here !!

Pleasures on mine

can i see admin demo?


Slick theme is an addon for Coupons CMS. The admin panel is the same with this one:

Best regards, Daniel.

I actually want to ask about QR coupons, When user clicks on claim button this button appears: So the user must refresh the page to check his code, can we skip the part of ready button? Or is it the same concept in all of your themes? Thank you!


That should be modified, but it is possible. and honestly I don’t remember if the same concept is present in all our themes. We can check that.

Best regards, Daniel.


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