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If I am on particular tab & then refresh the page – by default first tab is activated. Can I keep that particular tab active even after refreshing ?

Hello. No, unfortunately with pure css it’s impossible.

Regards, Voky

Hi, I’m after some help with the following. I have an iframe in each tab, and I want to reload the iFrame when that tab is made active. I’ve seen other examples of this but can’t get this working in these tabs. Thanks

Hello. Please send me a support email with a link to your project. Support is not provided in the comment section.

Regards, Vokt

Hi, I have a question related to invoicing, our tax law requires getting something called as “certificate of residence” of companies we buying something from. I have contacted Evanto and they told me Author should provide such document to the buyer (not Evanto), can you please send such document to me ?

Hello. Please, send me an email with an example of such document and i’ll see what i can do.

Regards, Voky

This looks fantastic. Can the background have image applied to it? I am looking for a restaurant menu tab solution. Thank you!

Hello. Yeah, sure. You can add a background image.

Regards, Voky

adding #sky-tab2 or #sky-tab3 no longer works for opening certain tabs with a direct url. Was there an update on this? I still have the Script on the page that has the sky-tabs.


function hash_change_handler() { if( location.hash '#sky-tab1' ) { $('input#sky-tab1').prop('checked', true); } if( location.hash ’#sky-tab2’ ) { $(‘input#sky-tab2’).prop(‘checked’, true); } if( location.hash '#sky-tab3' ) { $('input#sky-tab3').prop('checked', true); } if( location.hash ’#sky-tab4’ ) { $(‘input#sky-tab4’).prop(‘checked’, true); } }

jQuery(function($) { hash_change_handler(); }); </script>

Hello. No, there were no updates. Can you send me a link to you page and i’ll take a look.

Regards, Voky


You have a javascript error on your page and this could be a reason why tabs no longer works. Please fix this error and let me know how it goes.

Regards, Voky

Looks to have a bug (or demo specifically) that when the content extends off the screen, it does not generate a browser window scrollbar. This seems like a fairly big issue. Can you confirm if it’s just due to specific code on the demo pages, or if in fact the script has this issue?

An example would be at: http://voky.com.ua/showcase/sky-tabs/examples/ext-nested.html

and shrinking your browser width very narrow. The tab contents extend off the screen, but no scrollbar is present.

Hello! Yes, you are right. It’s because of the specific code on the demo pages. If you remove demo.css there will be no problems.

Regards, Voky


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Hi, Is there a way to put tabs at the bottom of content?

Hello. No, unfortunately there is no such feature.

Regards, Voky

Hello. What I have to change on CSS to have more working-TABS ?

Hello. Please send me a support message and i’ll help you with this.

Regards, Voky

Looks amazing! Can it be embedded into WordPress sites?

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