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A TIP – if your doing Device dependent CSS for Sky Menus, the MAX screen size is set at 1,000px Wide. This resulted in some weird Screen errors due to the max width being set to a 1,000px wide on both SD and HD Screen sizes ie 1980×1080 and 2400px.

Best to Change the max-width to 3000px

Hello. Max width is set only of demo purposes in the demo.css file. And on real project you don’t need to include that file, so you can use any width of the menu that you want.

Regards, Voky

Yeap, but I wasn’t aware of that – so it was causing issues, suggest you remove it from the download version. As I lived without it working for some time, until I worked out why I wasn’t getting the right results.

the CSS switch I used to make active menu buttons into inactive URLS works great! As said this was a surprise being able to do virtual switches using CSS and screen sizes. A Happy accident :-)

I can’t remove this, because when client downloads the pack he wants to see exactly the same result as the demo. But in the documentation there is an information, that you need to include only sky-mega-menu.css file without demo.css.

Regards, Voky

Nice product, but I have some problems, when using mobile browsers(chrome-firefox-safari). The drop-down menu’s seem to stick and don’t disappear when you no longer hover over the top level menu item. The only way to make them menu items disappear is to click on the menu bar or on the page if there is available area to click. I tested both samsung note2 and iphone 5s. Also some menu items does not available when clicked, only 8-9 opened menu items are visible on mobile browsers.

Hello. You need to set a real links instead of ”#”, so on click you will be redirected to the other page. Right now it’s ”#” for the demo purposes, so when you click on it nothing happens.

Regards, Voky

I used onclick events for ajax request

I had a question regarding the alignment of the drop down menus.

I have one of my menu’s floating to the right side of the navigation bar. As a result, the drop down menus are flying out to the RIGHT>> side and are going off of the screen. I needed that one menu to fly out to the LEFT<< so the drop downs remain inside the website container.

Here is an example of what I mean: http://image.prntscr.com/image/44457f6605e34263b1859ff9ededb479.png

I have spent the last little while trying to figure this out, but I cannot find a proper solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello. Sorry for the delay. Here is an example of right alignment http://voky.com.ua/showcase/sky-mega-menu/examples/demo-personal.html

Regards, Voky

I need a menu plugin that will let me use my own icons AND let me use a grid to manage many sub menu items – will yours do both? Thank you

Hello. It’s possible to add a small css modification and use images as icons instead of Font Awesome. As for the grid, you can check this demo. It shows different grid options.

Regards, Voky

Hello, there is a possiblity to close the mobile menu? i have it like this :

“sky-mega-menu sky-mega-menu-fixed sky-mega-menu-response-to-switcher “

But i saw in the css that the .switcher is disappearing after the click (display: none;).

I want a solution that the Home Button will stay after the click. When you press it again it should close. I think that has to be fixed. Cause when i open the menu i can only scroll the website with the menu open.

I think now problem solved.

thanks! working perfect


hello i have huge problem with instalation. I cannot instal this plugin there is an error all the time when i try :( You have any idea whah should i do with this?

Hello. Unfortunately it’s not a WP plugin.

Regards, Voky

Hi voky, first at all: Great work! But there is one issue: How can I get it on mobile menu, that on a click (outside the menu or a spezefic button) the menu is closing? Greetings and thanks a lot for your work!

Hello. Thanks a lot! Just sent you an answer by email.

Regards, Voky

Hi, great menu, but i have one small problem: i need the first-level menu item to be a normal link and not a hash, and in mobile mode this makes the menu to redirect to the first link on menu open. Is there a way to override this?

Hello. Can you please send me a support email and I’ll try to help you with this.

Regards, Voky

Will this menu support multiple levels in horizontal way? My current wp theme is not showing all my items, my url is http://www.cellairis.mx and the menu item doesn display everything is where tienda en linea goes could you confirm youll plugin can display all items for example where it says sony or samsung it is not displaying all items.


Hello. If you planing to use sticky menu with may items in it, Sky Mega menu will appear the same way as you current plugin.

Regards, Voky

Hello, I use wordpress, I bought it thinking I would have to use it, what is the procedure now? :( I found the menu beautiful, is not there a way to use it in wordpress?

Hello. Yeah, unfortunately it’s not a WP plugin.

I know that you are not to blame, but is it impossible for me to receive at least part of the value back? :/

Yeah, there is a refund function on codecanyon.

does this work with a shortcode so i can place the menu everywhere i want it to?

Hello. It’s not a WP plugin, so it’s can’t work with a shortcode.

Regards, Voky

Hi is this applicable to wordpress site? and able to do this? – http://capitalspringboard.com/

Hello. It’s not a wordpress plugin, so if you are planing to use it on WP website you need to perform a manual integration.

Regards, Voky

Is possible put two menu in same page?

Hello. Yeah, it’s possible.

Regards, Voky


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Hello, what is the placeholder.js and how i can edit it? thanks!

Hello! Placeholders.js is a JavaScript polyfill for the HTML5 placeholder attribute. You don’t need to edit it.

Regards, Voky

HI, Dows the mega menu go to 4 levels?

Hello. Yeah, menu can have 4 levels.

Regards, Voky

hello, I want to understand if this is the plugin that I will need – the wordpress themes and php scripts that I have purchased allow categories to have sub-categories only up to 1, 2 or 3 levels deep, but I need to have sub-categories up to 5 levels deep, like this, for example: Motors > Cars > Manufacturers > Toyota > Vans > Previa , so is your plugin what I need to accomplish this, and if yes, is your plugin compatible with ALL wordpress themes and php scripts?

Hello. Unfortunately Sky Mega Menu is not a WP plugin.

Regards, Voky

sorry, how about for just php scripts, like classified ads scripts, will it be compatible with all of them?

It’s a pure html/css solution without php.

Hello, I want it to be this way ( https://image.prntscr.com/image/bNl1dM_zQr2IHwPa8-zgnA.jpg )

I could not :( Is this possible?? Please help me..

Hello. No, unfortunately by default there is no such function. You need to add a small html/css customization to achieve this.

Regards, Voky

Hello there..

I am sorry.. I have some pre sale questions 1. I am using woodmart. My site is olhut.com. Is Your menu plugin compatible with my theme?

2. And, please, with Your menu plugin, can I make menus like http://prntscr.com/iretf6 (it is from https://goo.gl/EfLJAo) and this http://prntscr.com/iresqd (from https://goo.gl/B33nRd). Please make a visit to those sites. The mega menu on those site has the ability to scroll. Right now I am using other mega menu plugin, but it does not has the ability to scroll. I want to create a flyout menu which is like on https://goo.gl/B33nRd or a mega menu which is like on https://goo.gl/EfLJAo. Once again, please check. The scrolling ability is important to me. Because when there are meny menus, scrolling is needed.

3. Also, is it possible to combine those menus? I mean, each menu on https://goo.gl/B33nRd mega menus has its own flyout menu to show their subcategories. As You can see, the menus on https://goo.gl/EfLJAo mega menus are all the main categories which do not show their subcategories. But, the flyout menus on https://goo.gl/B33nRd shows the subcategories, and even the childrens of the subcategories too.

Once again, I am sorry…

Thank You very much for Your patience..

Kindest regards,



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Hi – do you know if this works with the new Font Awesome 5? Looking at the upgrade steps now.


waynepc Purchased

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waynepc Purchased

Spacing on Sky Menu seems to be ok with FA5 and CDN. But on Sky Tab is where the problem is. Can’t get it to work with local Webfonts w/ CSS or JS yet.


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