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Hi there

How can I create a Close button to close the modal popup?

I would like to use this button at the bottom of a long form.

Hello. Thanks for the purchasing. You can find an example of modal window in a Pro version of the Sky Forms: http://voky.com.ua/showcase/sky-forms-pro/examples/ext-modal.html

Regards, Voky

I am definitely having trouble integrating them into my webpages. I use go daddy.com and the gdform.php script isn’t really compatible … can you help me

Hello Just sent you an answer.

you told me to use a .php file… there are no .php files in all of the documentation you provided with the download… all I want is a straight answer saying “do this and it will work” ... can you please provide the .php script which will send the form information to any email on planet earth that I want to send it to. That is all I need … a straightforward answer on how to integrate your .php script (wherever it is) into the forms you provided. Why this is not in the standard and usual documentation I will never know. It seems like the most logical thing that would be there. Thank you for your help.

This is a HTML/CSS solution and it includes only JavaScript, HTML, CSS files (all this information is written in the description). Demo php scripts included into the PRO version.

Hi, I got this plugin with my website theme. I have changed the email ID from demo-contacts.php. Is it the only settings we have to do receive emails ?

Or else i should configure the SMTP Details somewhere ?

Hello. No, you need to change only demo-contacts.php. If it’s not working there might be problems with your hosting or theme.

Regards, Voky

On your demo page you show a small section with the ratings stats . Do you offer shortcodes for these elements and are there anymore such as the features scores and averages ?

Hello. If you mean shortcodes like WP shortcodes than no, because it’s not a wordpress solution. But if you mean shortcodes like example of html/css code than yes. You can use this html and css as a base to create your own form with the ratings or other elements that you need.

Regards, Voky

I am using input type=”submit” instead of html button type=”submit”. They look the same on the browser but input type looks different on mobile. How can I make input type button look like html button ? Thanks.

Hello. Please send me a support message and i’ll try to find a solution for this problem.

Regards, Voky


Garipov Purchased

Hello, just in case if someone need to use this forms with bootstrap 3. There is a bug with checkboxes, it looks not so elegant in Firefox when checked. The reason is bootstrap * {box-sizing: border-box;}. I fixed this adding box-sizing: content-box; to file sky-form.css at row 14 in .sky-form * directive.

Hey Voky, I’m using the input type with autocomplete with a list…I see this doesn’t work with Safari, why is that? Is there a way to fix this?