Discussion on Sky Forms

Discussion on Sky Forms

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Hi there

How can I create a Close button to close the modal popup?

I would like to use this button at the bottom of a long form.

Hello. Thanks for the purchasing. You can find an example of modal window in a Pro version of the Sky Forms:

Regards, Voky

I am definitely having trouble integrating them into my webpages. I use go and the gdform.php script isn’t really compatible … can you help me

Hello Just sent you an answer.

you told me to use a .php file… there are no .php files in all of the documentation you provided with the download… all I want is a straight answer saying “do this and it will work” ... can you please provide the .php script which will send the form information to any email on planet earth that I want to send it to. That is all I need … a straightforward answer on how to integrate your .php script (wherever it is) into the forms you provided. Why this is not in the standard and usual documentation I will never know. It seems like the most logical thing that would be there. Thank you for your help.

This is a HTML/CSS solution and it includes only JavaScript, HTML, CSS files (all this information is written in the description). Demo php scripts included into the PRO version.

Hi, I got this plugin with my website theme. I have changed the email ID from demo-contacts.php. Is it the only settings we have to do receive emails ?

Or else i should configure the SMTP Details somewhere ?

Hello. No, you need to change only demo-contacts.php. If it’s not working there might be problems with your hosting or theme.

Regards, Voky

On your demo page you show a small section with the ratings stats . Do you offer shortcodes for these elements and are there anymore such as the features scores and averages ?

Hello. If you mean shortcodes like WP shortcodes than no, because it’s not a wordpress solution. But if you mean shortcodes like example of html/css code than yes. You can use this html and css as a base to create your own form with the ratings or other elements that you need.

Regards, Voky

I am using input type=”submit” instead of html button type=”submit”. They look the same on the browser but input type looks different on mobile. How can I make input type button look like html button ? Thanks.

Hello. Please send me a support message and i’ll try to find a solution for this problem.

Regards, Voky

Hello, just in case if someone need to use this forms with bootstrap 3. There is a bug with checkboxes, it looks not so elegant in Firefox when checked. The reason is bootstrap * {box-sizing: border-box;}. I fixed this adding box-sizing: content-box; to file sky-form.css at row 14 in .sky-form * directive.

Hey Voky, I’m using the input type with autocomplete with a list…I see this doesn’t work with Safari, why is that? Is there a way to fix this?

Hello. This is a native autocomplete and it works only in some browsers, that support it.

Regards, Voky

Voky, I’d like to buy your form but I want to be able to add a valid method of e-signing (DocuSign or one of the other major brands). Is that something which could be integrated? Sorry if it already exists and I missed it. Please let me know.

I also need the option to allow signers to upload various documents.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hello. Thanks for your interest. Sky Forms basically is a set of html/css form elements, so there is no restrictions on adding new functions. If you have skills than there will be no problem with adding e-signing method.

Regards, Voky


The forms validation works beautifully but I have a small problem. For a email field the user can’t copy-paste his email, he gets the “Please enter a VALID email address” message. He has to type his email. Is there an option somewhere to allow copy-pasting ?

Thanks !

Jsut saw that the problem comes form the copy-pasting adding an extra space at the end of the mail address. Even when I type the mail address, if I add an extra space at the end I get the “Please enter a VALID email address” message. Is there a way to fix this ?

Where do I enter the email value to receive the contents of the form????

Sent answer by email.


I am interested in purchasing this script for future client website development.

Quick question, I would like to know if I am able install it via the CSS & JavaScript Toolbox plugin:

I think it would be easy to do, but I wanted to check.

Merci, Kym

Hello. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with this plugin and can’t help you with this question.

Regards, Alex

Hello, I am currently using skyform which came with the Unify template I have purchased. I am thinking to purchase the pro version now from you, but I have something that is bugging me, so I decided to ask first. When I submit the form it takes literally several hours – like 3-4 hours for the email response to be received. Do you have idea why this may happen?

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m currently using A2 hosting, and have cloudflare to speed it up. I still have access to my old hosting provider – GoDaddy, so I can try there to compare. Can you give me a hint of what settings on the servers may be causing this, so I can call and ask them for support?

I recommend to ask if they have any restrictions about the php mail() function.

Thank you. will ask. Meanwhile I tested 2 forms on another provider – one came in 2 – 3 minutes, the other one not. But still a progress.

Hi I have purchase sky forms. I am looking for date picker but couldn’t find in the package. Also, have sent same request using email form but haven’t heard from you. I am stuck with my page due to date picker, please help.

Hello. Just send you an answer to your email.