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Hi Voky,

I have a simple question, How can use two this perfect form validation in one page?

Ex: sign in and sign up same page. Both of pages have same rules and messages. From first id is= sky-form second id is = sky-fromsec

$(”#sky-form”) $(”#sky-fromsec”).validate


$(”#sky-form, #sky-fromsec”).validate

doesn’t work :) Can you help me?

Have a nice day grand master.

Hello. Thanks a lot for the kind wordrs! I’ll be glad to help you with this, but can you please send me a support message?

Regards, Voky

Thank You grand master!

Hello, Will you put Google ReCAPTCHA ?

Hello. Yeah, i have plans to add Google ReCAPTCHA.

Hey there, great script, thanks. But how do I get the captcha into my one-page-Bootstrap html file without renaming it to php?

Thanks – any help is appreciated!

Hello. Captcha works only with php file.

Regards, Voky

Hmm I thought so but wanted to be sure. Thanks anyway!

Not a problem!

I am thinking to buy your plugin, iwant to use it for car parking spaces booking form..but i have some questions before i buy it..1)can i customize easy the fields of forms?2) The car parking has tollerance six hours of the last day of reservation.for example if the customer park his car for 24 hours charge is 7euro .if park for 24 hours plus six hours..he charge for 7euro…but if he outreach the six hours he charge 14 euro…in other view we can say that a discount price 100% for these 6 hours .can doing this with your plugin…i need to coding or the code is included ?Thank you in advance 3)can i use it with prenium wordrdpress theme from envato ?

Hello. As for your questions: 1) Yeah, you can customize them. 2) You need to make a custom javascript code for this. 3) Yea, you can, but you need to know how to integrate html/css code into WP theme.

Regards, Voky

Awesome design! Is it possible to disable a input field? Usually I do this with <input type=”text” disabled=”disabled”> but I still can type in stuff in the input field…

Thanks! Sure you can do this. Here is an example of disabled state for all elements http://voky.com.ua/showcase/sky-forms-pro/examples/ext-states-disabled.html

Regards, Voky

hi, have you got a documentation for installation on server (not wordpress) ?

And in forms it’s possible to make conditional form ?

Hello. Yes, the documentation included and also you can always send me a support message if something not clear enough.

By default there is no conditional logic, so you need to create custom js code.

Regards, Voky


nialma Purchased


how can i set the form with file-attachment like demo-order.html so that only jpg and png will accept?

Hello. You can use accept attribute. Please, send me a support email if you need more details.

Regards, Voky


marek22 Purchased

please check your support mail box. there are massive problem with the german umlauts, also the upload of the files dont works.

Hello. Sorry, for the delay. Just sent you an answer.

Regards, Voky

Hi, I get a lot of spam even with the captcha, is this normal?

Hello. No, it’s strange. Can you please send me a support message with a link to your page.

Regards, Voky

Hi, Do you include the files/script to be able to send the forms to an email address? Thanks.

Hello. The php files included for the contacts, order and review forms.

Regards, Voky

Thank you.


marek22 Purchased

Still no update about the german umlauts, also sending emails with attachments is not working on all servers. Really dissapointed because of it cause i bought a extra support license and i still have no help.

Hello. Sorry, for the delay. Just got back after a weekend and today i will solve this problem.

Regards, Voky


I am looking for sky form implementation with tinymce validation. Is it possible? If possible please share some reference. Thanks

Hello. Sent you an answer by email. Please don’t duplicate support emails in the comments section.

Regards, Voky

Hi ,

Thanks for the prompt reply and much appreciated :) The link you shared helped only problem with given solution was .onchage in tinymce is been deprecated which should be replace by setup function hence it wasn’t working.

Sorry for the duplicating the mail


1) Is it possible to include a repeater field in a form? 2) Does it integrate well with Full Calendar Js? 3) Can I see the documentation before buying it?



1) Yeah, it’s possible. Here is an example of password repeat: http://voky.com.ua/showcase/sky-forms-pro/examples/demo-reg.html

2) Can’t answer this question, because i never used it.

3) Sure, please send me a support message and i’ll send the documentation.

Regards, Voky

Hi, I have just purchased a license. I have a form in my website that allows users to add inputs. So when the user submits the form, there will be multiple inputs with the same name attibute. How can I make the validation of multiple fields with the same name attribute work?

Hello. Please, send me a support email.

Regards, Voky

Hi. Ok, I just sent it. Thank you.

Hello. Product looks good. I have some questions:

1. Does this use shortcode integration? 2. Does this work as a static option? I mean, an integrated on-page form and not a pop up

Thank you

Hello. As for your questions: 1) No, it’s not a plugin. 2) Yeah, it works like this.

Regards, Voky


I need a little pre-sales assistance:

I have a Network Solutions shared web hosting account (networksolutions.com) and an index.html page. I want to send form data from that page via email. Will your product work in my configuration? What precisely would I need to setup to make the product work? Can I use the product with multiple forms from the same page? How about from different pages?

Hello. Yeah, sure it ill work if you have php on your server. If you planing to use contacts form, than you need to do only 2 things: upload files on your server and change email address in the php file. Yeah, you can use several forms, but in that case you ned to make a small modification.

Regards, Voky

Just a small question to you. Is there any way to add the smtp mail function into the php files? or are you planing to do that since most servers do not support php mail function anymore for security reasons.

Even if you not plan to make an update, let me know so I can send you my request and I will extend the support for this item. Thanks in advance for your reply..

Hello. I’m not sure when there will be update for the Sky Forms Pro. You can add a smtp support with help of this php library: https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer.

Regards, Voky

My website host just updated the PHP version to V7 (latest) and the captcha in the form doesn’t work and just says “ERROR”. I copied all the files and put on older previous host and the forms work fine. Do you know how to fix or will you be updating script to work for new (latest) PHP??

Hello. Already sent you an answer by email.

Regards, Voky

Hello Voky

I need your help one more time.

Can you please check this file for me? I cannot make it work … I’m so frustrating The capcha works sometimes and most of the times it doesn’t work.

I sent you an email, thanks