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Hi, I have created a site switcher here.

It works well but the select drop down doesn’t scrolls.

How to Fix this?


Hi, at the moment, the site switcher doesn’t support scrolling sorry. And for future references, kindly email me via the contact form on my profile page :).

Does this use named iframes to switch between sites or something else to show the web pages?

yes it uses an iframe to load the pages.

i wish use such functionality with wordpress. would that be possible for you? best wishes, markus

It would require making an entire plug-in for wordpress which I haven’t begun work on yet. The other option would be to hard code it into wordpress and use it wherever need be.

is there a way you can stop it from refreshing the page after you have switched websites. e.g you are on website one and then switch to website two, you then go back to website one and it has to load the site again. thanks

It uses iframe to load website urls, so every time you go back and forth it’s actually loading the website url. You could implement a caching mechanism on the websites you’re loading (if you have ownership of them) to speed things up.

X-Frame-Options must not be SAMEORIGIN for this to work Cross Domain, no? Please let me know the unminified/uncompressed size of the javascript file, thank you.

Sorry, my bad, it came out wrong, switcher script is the core, the optional ones are 9.34 kb in total (which includes assign and dashboard scripts). Been a while since I worked on this, sorry. So you’re looking at 6.10 kb compressed for the core.

Thank you again for your promptitude. Your scripts are timeless, and I have bought and used several! Let me mull over the size of this one and decide. Meanwhile, all the best.


Fantastic unique script, but I have one question. Currently if you click the image of the page your on it will take you to that page without the iFrame. Is there anyway to make it so instead of taking you to the full page without the iFrame, it will simply open the dropdown?

Yes it’s possible. Simple replace this line:

jQuery('#switcher .toggleControl').assign('click', ['shift+s'], function() {


jQuery('#switcher .toggleControl, #switcher .selected').assign('click', ['shift+s'], function() {

And after this code block ends (i.e. after “});“), add this line of code:

jQuery('#switcher .selected').click(function(e) {

If you have difficulty following this or understanding, email me and I’ll send you an example.

Thank You so much :). Worked Perfectly

No problem. Please rate the script/support if you find it useful :)! Thanks!


I’m not sure to understand if your solution can help me with my needs :

I want to build a website that will display many logos, brand logos. For example cars logo : Ford, Bmw, Alfa Romeo… My goal is that visitors clicking on those links visit the brand’s websites, but they should come back to the website…A frame could give access to all the brands websistes but some websites use a trick so you can’t display them with an iframe. Your solution can help me to do what i want ?

Sorry if my english is not perfect!

Another question: i saw that one year ago your gave an answer to a user that there is no wordpress plugin. It would be difficult to use it with wordpress?


Recently there have been new properties and security measures added to the iframe spec, so if a website wanted to prevent itself from loading within another website’s (i)frame it can choose not to be loaded based on the “same origin policy”. Additionally, a website can detect via javascript if it were being loaded in a frame/iframe and accordingly break out of it by for example redirecting the user. While the plugin would do what you want, you can’t control a third party website (one that you don’t own).

As an alternative, you could use curl in PHP to load an entire website in a variable and output it as needed, but this requires additional work to make sure all scripts, css, and images are linked and loaded properly.

As for your other question; this can be made into a wordpress plugin.

Hi! thanks for your answer !!! I’ll see what i can do! bye

This is one of the best plugins I’ve ever bought on Code Canyon and the support is amazing. 5 Stars!!!

I run a wordpress web design company and I want to create a multiple sub-domain based wordpress demo websites for different niches. I am looking for a site switcher to be incorporated into my wordpress sites which will help the visitors to switch between all the different demo sites (all of these will be on different sub-domains under the same domain)

Do you have a wordpress plugin for this JQuery Site Switcher? If not, can I use your JQuery product in my wordpress sites and achieve what I wish to achieve as mentioned above?

Please advise.



Sorry, but I never got around to making a wordpress plugin out of it. If you’re up for extending the plugin yourself to suit your needs, and have the appropriate license, by all means you can use it to achieve what you described. Let me know if you have further questions and good luck :)!