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Hi there , I’m using Window 7 “SimpleEmailExtractor” not working please help I’m trying to extract email but it doesn’t work ..

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very poor

People doesn’t read description. This application works perfectly.

friend, I did not …. it converts or extract facebook email, regular mail, is it? or need the link of the facebook pages of people?

This app can extract emails from pages containing email addresses. If a Facebook page contains an email address written on the page so it can extract this email. It can’t extract email from Facebook database.

Friend, I still do not understand ….. I would like to capture facebook groups of email addresses, but email servers such as hotmail, gmail etc and not facebook emails, the 3rd image he does it, but that should be put the sources box? would the pages of the face of the groups?

No you can’t do that. These emails are stored in Facebook databse. This application can extract emails only if they are present on the webpage.

I can’t get the program to run beyond 20 URLs without crashing.

With the 2 options unchecked, it crashes at 28 .. every single time.

Tried running it under XP, Vista, 7, even 98, even 95 compatibility modes. Exact same outcome.

Could you help? Thanks!

It seems that the problem comes from the component I use to manage HTTPS connections and not directly from my code. I’m trying to find another component without this kind stability issues.

I see. When can the update be ready? Within days possible?

tested with a list of validated http:// domains and the problem still persist. It now crashes unpredictably. All the domains are validated with http status 200 and not redirected to https:// or anywhere else

When will the update be ready and especially the ability to extract emails from facebook pages?

The tool is already able to extract emails from Facebook page but only if there are email addresses on the page, of course. It’s not possible to extract emails from Facebook database, this is not possible, no update can achieve that and no other tools can. Some people bought this app thinking it can extract email from FB database…

Facebook Emails Scraper Scrape up to 600 emails in one click

Don’t know this app. But it certainly doesn’t scrape emails from FB database, as it’s not possible. If there are email addresses on the FB page it scrapes, like my app ;)


Is this software working or not ? i just bought it and not able to scrap a single email i tried facebook twitter nothing, can you help

Hi, Yes the app is fully working. Are you sure there are email addresses on the Facebook and Twitter pages you tried ? This application can extract email only if there are email addresses on the page. Of course it can’t extract email from Facebook or Twitter users database.

Just purchased a copy, i will post review later hope its worth it

Yes, it works and worth the $5 :)

Hi, Is there any option to extract phone number from business directories as well ?

Hi, Not with this application but maybe with RegEx Extractor. It depends of the website. Sometimes these datas are loaded in parallel via JavaScript and can not be extracted. Feel free to send me an URL, I’ll give a check ;)

Site like or any site most site have email and phone number both. Gsa email extractor or boxxer have that ability I think. Need email for email marketing and phone numbers for sms marketing. Thanks

not work….back my money

no work …refund my money

Hello. Not working on which website ?

Great offer 5 bucks! Hope it works

Is this app working on win 10

Yes, the application is working on Windows 10. Let me know if you have any issue.

Hi, the last update was 2012. Is there any update coming up. It seems strange it will still work with Win10. Please confirm.

Hi, Yes it works on Windows 10. This app is developed in Delphi and doesn’t require expired dependencies ;)

Could you make a video of how this works. Maybe on different sites including social media sites. I know this may seem like asking for much but if you do, it can definitely help boost your sales especially if you show how it actually works so people can feel comfortable.

Sorry I don’t have videos tutorial. But it’s pretty simple, you have just to specify a list of URLs and the engine will parse the page and find email addresses. Be careful that the page contains well some email addresses and remember that the app can not extract emails from databases.


could you give me any URL that your app could able to extract from?

I purchased this and i am sorry but this does not work at all. Any suggestions?

On what URL are you using the app?

Hi ! Any video to see this app in action ?