Discussion on SimpleAuth : Very Simple Secure Login System

Discussion on SimpleAuth : Very Simple Secure Login System

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Is this tool offer Country List, Auto fetch state & city list based on selected country, SMS mobile verification, Mobile number with country code, Leads database, Waiting for your reply

No, sorry

hello I need help

What do you need ? Do you read the documentation ?

pre_purchase question: what are the username and password for demo

All accounts for demo is on the demo login page. Like admin/admin, ....

Hi there, i sent a support request and also emailed directly but have not received a response yet. Just following up here to see if the support requests have been received

Ok, I will see if your requests have been processed

▲ I have a script through which I edit and save the username and password in a php file called admin.php as:
$ username = 'admin';
$ password = '123456';
Tried to import the data into SimpleAuth.php using: require_once ("admin.php"); and in the user list:
    var $ users = array (
         '$ username' => '$ password',
    var $ users = array (
         $ username => $ password,

But it is not working. How can I use the values of these variables in SimpleAuth.php ?

I see nobody from support don’t respond…. Great Sent emails too but nothing.

Hello, You must follow the documentation and put your credentials to the simpleauth.php file directly.

Hi. It’s a brilliant script. Thanks so much. But I can’t change the theme. I followed the documentation but it is still the regular one. Would you mind helping me with that please? I’d appreciate!

Hello, can you send me your FTP access (contact form)

I already solve it. But hey, I was about to buy that modern theme for 6 dollars. But it seems that is no longer available. Is there any chance to get it yet?

Send me an email to arnaud[]

I dont know why codecanyon has unpublish this theme.

Hi. How can I pass the variable “login” to another PHP file? Thanks

Sorry, is it possible to do the same with the Password variable?

Sorry, you should never display a user’s password

You got reason. Thanks again.

Best wishes.

Thank you for this simple script. Bought, installed and very best.


Works with googlesite?

No, sorry.

Hi. Thanks for this great script. I have a question: How can I make Spanish the default language?

Yes, you can edit the configuration into the simpleauth.php file // Locale for translation 'locale' => 'ES', // Allow user to change locale 'localeSwitcher' => false,

Fantastic! Many thanks.

Hello, can i add reCaptcha in the form?

I have my site set up with a folder for each user and it works great. However, I have come across a bug of some sort that I do not understand. Sometimes, when I navigate from:


to lets say

- ,

it will ask to login again even though I am still logged in.

The strange thing is that this never really happened until the last month or so and only about half of the time. Would having the page not fully loaded have anything to do with this? Any suggestions?

This can be a hosting problem. You seem to lose the session randomly

What kind of hosting problem would we be talking about? Is there any workaround here? The strange thing is that it doesnt do that all the time. Sometimes it works fine and other times it will try to login again.

This small script sounds exactly what I am looking for, but… can this script redirect different users to different pages or urls after logging in?? for example: user1 goes to user2 goes to user3 goes to


I’m not a programmer, but this sounds relatively easy to setup. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

Yes, you can have : - (Your defaut login page) - (SimpleAuth core file) - (User 1 home) - (User 2 home) You make authentification of All user on index.php page and you forward to a dedicated space : <?php $simpleAuth = ${(require_once(‘SimpleAuth.php’))} -> protectme(); $client = $simpleAuth -> getLogin(); header(‘Location: ’.$client); ?>

After, you can allow only 1 user for each page. Put this script on each secure/clientXXX/index.php :

<?php $login = array_pop(explode(DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, dirname( FILE ))); ${(require_once(’../SimpleAuth.php’))} -> protectme(array( ‘allowedUsers’ => array($login) )); ?>

I can send you an exemple. Please contact me to mail.


Your ChangeLog shows an update 4.2.0 of 12/02/2019 but the download is the previous ver. 4.2 of 13/12/2016. Don’t know what the change “fix type” is?

Oups, It’s “Fix title”. I upload a new version 4.2.1. Thanks

hello…i wonder how can i echo which user is logged in on website once he is logged in page?? something like LOGGED IN AS: <?php echo $users;?> ????


You can have this information on the documentation.

If you are in a secure page, you can display the user login You can place this line to the place you want it to display the login of the user logged :

<?php echo $simpleAuthInstance->getLogin(); ?>

You can add custom information about your users. For example, you can add 3 new fieds (phone, email, skype) for 2 users ( and admin) You can retrieve information with the following code :

Phone : <?php echo $simpleAuthInstance->getMetas(“phone”);?>

Email : <?php echo $simpleAuthInstance->getMetas(“email”);?>

thank youuuuuuuuuuuu

Hi and thank you for creating this awesome script! I have a feature request / idea: captcha. I think that captcha will add an extra layer of security and will help preventing the brute force attacks.

I would like the login box (container not field) to be center of the page. Easy to do?

SimpleAuth Installation Problems …

Issue #1 : Content Before SimpleAuth Solution : Make sure that SimpleAuth is the first item on your page : OK

Issue #2 : BOM (Byte order mark) has been detected Already UTF8???

Strange, wrote again the same code in a new file and now it’s working ???

BOM can appear if you have edit the file with a bad text editor, or during the FTP transfert. To remove BOM, open your script with Notepad ++ editor and convert to UTF-8 without BOM.

Hi arnolem, I’m interested in this script to secure our internal staff page. How many users can this system support?

Hello, You have no limitation.

Hey there, can this be used for sub domains, like they sign in and then click a link to they need to login again. Is that possible? im looking to see if its possible so i can buy this script.

Normally, it works in subdomain but not in different domain. But I have not tested. Send me an email that I give you a test version if you wish


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