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By far the best ever password script out there. And easy as 123. Thanks

Oh… one question. I tried to eliminate the password (so only one field) I set the password to nothing : ”” I also changed in the hatml type=”password” to type=”hidden” Unfortunately it did not work. Before I remove it (or comment out) the field I wanted to ask if there is another possibility to customize it. Here is the link to the login site: http://olafernst.com/clients.php Thanks

Hi Olernst, Thanks for your rating !

If you want to use only login without password, you can set an default password like “pass” on simpleauth.php file and edit the template to hide password field :

Replace :

<input class=”field password” type=”password” name=”${‘password_key_name’}” value=””/>

To :

<input class=”field password” type=”hidden” name=”${‘password_key_name’}” value=”pass”/>

I sent a few support questions via the email support contact form several days ago and have still not heard anything. Would appreciate a response. Thank you.


wixiweb Author Team


I am really sorry for the response time. I will answer you today

Great :)


Hi. I am looking to get data from a remote server (for individual users with own username and password) then show it in the browser. Would there be a way to use your form for that? Thank you

Hello, this script is for the purpose of authenticate and display the information of the users present in the configuration of the script. You can edit it easily for your own need but you need to master PHP

Hi – do you know if this script is compatible with xcrud?


SimpleAuth isn’t specific build for a specific library but you can use it with all PHP applications.

You can secure an entire website by adding a single line of code to the “index.php”

<?php ${(require_once('SimpleAuth.php'))} ?> protectme(); ?>

Is there a user management screen? Can I see an example?

Hello, You must edit a file for register users

hello, can with this script login users hawe accesss to separate folders with files , example user1 when login go to folder1, user2 to folder2 etc… without access same folders and files/restrict. thanks in advance

thanks, just purchased your script, just tell me on whatemail to contact you for an example

I would need your email : https://codecanyon.net/user/arnolem

I was send trough support here on codec.few days ago. but i will do again now trough your profille form. Thanks


Tombs Purchased

How to call ?simple_auth_action=logout” from javascript

Hello, you must use “windows.location” or perform an ajax request https://developer.mozilla.org/docs/Web/API/window/location


Tombs Purchased

Ok Thanks, I will try to figure it out.

Hello! Great script.

Is it possible to invoke the groups of the current user (array) so I can decide weather to show/hide content of the page depending on the group?

Thank you very much


You can allow a group like this :

You can set and get meta like this :

To get Current group, you can try this :

Exactly what I needed. Thank you so much.

I have two questions:

1 – Does this protect individual pages on a site or the whole site?

2 – Once they visit a site and put in the password. Does it then ask the password everytime they visit the site or is the password now saved their cache and therefore they have to clear the cache for the login page to appear the next time. I’m looking for a script that asks for the login everytime the visitor goes to that page

It depends on your site. You can add SimpleAuth in one page but if you have a global include (like header.php or function.php), you can secure the whole site.

SimpleAuth uses a session. By default, it expires when the browser closes

Hey there, can this be used for sub domains, like members.mysite.com they sign in and then click a link to reportbot.mysite.com they need to login again. Is that possible? im looking to see if its possible so i can buy this script.

Normally, it works in subdomain but not in different domain. But I have not tested. Send me an email that I give you a test version if you wish

Hi arnolem, I’m interested in this script to secure our internal staff page. How many users can this system support?

Hello, You have no limitation.

SimpleAuth Installation Problems …

Issue #1 : Content Before SimpleAuth Solution : Make sure that SimpleAuth is the first item on your page : OK

Issue #2 : BOM (Byte order mark) has been detected Already UTF8???


Strange, wrote again the same code in a new file and now it’s working ???

BOM can appear if you have edit the file with a bad text editor, or during the FTP transfert. To remove BOM, open your script with Notepad ++ editor and convert to UTF-8 without BOM.