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are you willing to update it to work with android 7.0 please?

Hi, is now not working at version 7.0? its should be works at version 7.0.

Okay, thanks about that typo correction. city id number come from sqlite database, we collect it from web openweather site

here are the issues in 7.0: 1)The widget on the homepage is set to the default city, if a user adds a new city he cant change the widget to this city 2) the refresh icon on the widget does nothing 3) if the widget is clicked the app should open

questions: 1) how change the link to the app rating menu, its taking to your own app now 2) how can i setup multiple default cities, for example upon installation i need to have more then one city int he drawer

Awesome work, Ill be buying more of your apps,just need to calrify these things first.

1. Hi, the display at widget follow the display city in the app, so when in the app you select city B in widget should be display city B.
2.Actually I never test for version 7.0, maybe I need to test it later to make sure refresh button works or not.
3. Okay thanks about that suggestion.

1. For app rating link, after you change apllicationId when rating click it will direct to your app at google play(if you already upload it). Here may help you : http://blog.dream-space.web.id/?p=62

2. I think, multiple city at start hard to implement because its need to load first before appear al side list.

Thanks :)

This code does not want to installe when you collect APK

I don’t understand what you mean, can you explain more.

Hello, I’ve a presale question. Is Apk file, ready to use, included in download files or do I have to deploy it? Thanks

Hi, for apk you need to configure and generated by your own self.


All com.android.support libraries must use the exact same version specification (mixing versions can lead to runtime crashes)

How to fix?

if no, how can I give you solutions?

Tell me how? I will try with them.

actually I don’t understand what is your main question, Can you explain more clearly.

Hi app is not refreshing and crashing in 7.1 please fix, also can you please add admobbanner?

Hi, can I know error logs? I think not enough space for banner


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Hi i sended my problem to email thanks


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Hello, when I try to compilate the APK, it generates the apk successfully but it crash 1 second after opening. I got this error message in android studio: Invalid VCS root mapping The directory C:\Program Files\Git is registered as a Git root, but no Git repositories were found there.


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Hello, I waited some days and the app crash the same way. When I open the app, it inmediately crash in one second. I tested in some deviecs. I read this happened to more people. Can you fix the code?

please chat me in google hangout I will try to help

I cant get pass this error: http://openweathermap.org/faq#error401

whatever i do my API key is not working..

if error from app please try this demo, its works fine https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mslm.app.weatherapp

I tried everything and my app still crashes when i run it..

Hi, please contact me on google hangout, I will try to help over there

There are many problems with the app. 1. Whenever I add new cities, it shows only the default one. 2. The app crashes when I click on about. Kindly let me know how to fix them.

Please tell me what to do

Hi, I just send email from your profile page message, please check it :)

I replied to the email. Kindly let me know

Hi i bought and app keeps crashing on launch in android studio. any idea?

from our latest testing openweather API Key not directly active after generated, its takes time to be active, we don’t know how long openweather activate your API key, our opinion its take about 2-3 weeks, we didn’t found documentation about this. If you need API key for testing purpose only you can contact us

This app crashes from 5.1 6 and 7.0. As soon as you start the app it crashes. I have downloaded on 4 different devices with different android versions. As soon as app starts, app crashes. It compiles the signed APK but not usable app. Please fix source code. There is obviously an error. Mine is not the only one crashing

Please check your refund reply comment, I give you Api Key you must try.

I tried the API and it works, BUT that is nothing, if we cannot use this code with our API it is meaningless. Your API code can turn off tomorrow, and I am back to square one. So everything I changed works right except for an API. It is funny though you send an API and the source code responds. I want a full refund on this code. This should have worked right out of the download. It didnt and your documentation code for this is garbage. You explain absolutely nothing to anyone, if we didnt know how to edit source code this thread would have been longer.

Okay I will give you refund, sorry for my limitation