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are you willing to update it to work with android 7.0 please?

Hi, is now not working at version 7.0? its should be works at version 7.0.

Okay, thanks about that typo correction. city id number come from sqlite database, we collect it from web openweather site

here are the issues in 7.0: 1)The widget on the homepage is set to the default city, if a user adds a new city he cant change the widget to this city 2) the refresh icon on the widget does nothing 3) if the widget is clicked the app should open

questions: 1) how change the link to the app rating menu, its taking to your own app now 2) how can i setup multiple default cities, for example upon installation i need to have more then one city int he drawer

Awesome work, Ill be buying more of your apps,just need to calrify these things first.

1. Hi, the display at widget follow the display city in the app, so when in the app you select city B in widget should be display city B.
2.Actually I never test for version 7.0, maybe I need to test it later to make sure refresh button works or not.
3. Okay thanks about that suggestion.

1. For app rating link, after you change apllicationId when rating click it will direct to your app at google play(if you already upload it). Here may help you : http://blog.dream-space.web.id/?p=62

2. I think, multiple city at start hard to implement because its need to load first before appear al side list.

Thanks :)


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This code does not want to installe when you collect APK

I don’t understand what you mean, can you explain more.

Hello, I’ve a presale question. Is Apk file, ready to use, included in download files or do I have to deploy it? Thanks

Hi, for apk you need to configure and generated by your own self.


All com.android.support libraries must use the exact same version specification (mixing versions can lead to runtime crashes)

How to fix?