Discussion on Green Lines for WordPress - Manage and Sell Ad Lines

Discussion on Green Lines for WordPress - Manage and Sell Ad Lines

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Can I use a plugin which allows users to make a payment with cryptocurrency?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

This plugin not allert if I add 35 lines in admin and then buy 500 lines, it not tell there is too many line… How to change allert max lines?

In your example site there is only 1 line and 48 symbols in banners, so I thought I sell text symbols in one line… Can I limit symbols to 50 and one line somehow?

Thanks for idea to add parameter to limit ad length. I’ll add it in next release.

Thanks! That will be best thing :)

Can a string purchased at one site be displayed on multiple sites via iframe as with the banner manager?

Hi. Unfortunately, no.

Can this plugin be installed along side of your “Banner Manger for WP” without issues? Or can only one be active?

Sorry for all the questions but think it better to ask them now and not end up with something I do not need.


Hi. You can use both plugins on the same websites (like on my demo website). Please notice that with Simple String you can’t create different campaigns and show them in defferent parts of website (with Banner Manager you can do that, but not with Simple String). Only one Simple String box can be displayed on website (in most cases you need modify your theme file to integrate Simple String box).

Ok. Again thank your for fast reply and explaining.

do you have a php version? I would like to add a banner rotation option on my site

Hi. I have php version of Simple String:

I want to buy it, but I will buy this once you have an admin approve option. I don’t want my business competition putting adds in my page. Any words filter or URL filter could work for me. For example, ban obscene words; restrict “x”, “y” and “z” urls. Thanks in advance.

Hi. Thanks for interest in the plugin. Unfortunately, there is no such option.

Is it updated or in que now?


You should update plugin now, It slows down my site because of This file is not esxists. And it gives 504 timeout error.

Hi. Thanks for letting me know about it. I’ve released new version of the plugin and uploaded to CodeCanyon. It is waiting for approval.

Hi, I will buy this too once you have an admin approve option.

Hi. Currently, I don’t have such plans.

I think i found the problem, it is linked to a paypal account in the UK. I do not have a uk account with paypal.

No setting to change this?

Hello ichurakov, Thank you so much, i see. how do i process the existing pending order at this point?

ok it work! i just added the email address to my account, it was my old paypal account email address…

thank you so much and EXCELLENT! Plugin… 1/2 of it has already been paid, it’s paying for itself! :)

:-) Thanks.

Hello ichurakov,

Paypal payments are not being processed or sent to paypal?

Please help asap, before i get a cancel.

I agree with others who say an admin approve options would be awesome

Also, please, Please, PLEASE considering adding a shortcode to display the ad along with just the manual php insert. Thanks!

Hi. Thanks for ideas. I’ll include them into todo list.

I wonder if you can buy a plugin with protruding payment options, and when you enter data that just clicks “continue”, and the data is sent to the default e-mail. For this processing plugin would have paid an additional $ 10 more.

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such option.

A great plug-in! I wonder if you have a plan in one of the next updates set the option payment and bank account? Greetings from the Croatian.

Hi. Unfortunately, I don’t have such plans.

Hi, I will buy this once you have an admin approve option! no way can I take a chance on somebody putting something embarrassing or irrelevant on my site.

Thanks for idea. I will think about this feature.

Is there any plans on making this plugin responsive?

Hi. The width of Simple String box (as well as sign up form) is flexible. It takes the width of its parent container. :-)

Hi. This plugin looks awesome. But I really miss the admin approve feature. I would like to implement this on a regional news portal,that is quite liked and visited, so I can’t risk someone putting up an undecent, or harmful ad. Please consider putting an approve feature to this plugin. Thanks.

Hi. Unfortunately, right now I don’t have such plans. Sorry.

Does this support recurring subscription payments?

Unfortunately, no.

your Plugin is broken in my website please contact me

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin, Please provide URL . I would like to see the problem.


If the amount of minimum shows and the text in the form could be altered (without editing any code), I might consider buying this plugin. It looks really good!

Hi. Amount of minimum shows can be set via Settings page. But form wording can be changed by editing php-file.


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