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toc toc toc … anyone here?

If you have any question, please ask. Thank you

Thank you !!!

select id, barcode_num, station, date from check_in inner join (select barcode_num, max(date) as ts from check_in group by barcode_num) maxt on (check_in.barcode_num = maxt.barcode_num and check_in.date = maxt.ts);

I am trying to convert above query with DataTable in CodeIgnter but it’s not working. Can you please help?

After using above join, I am getting error “Severity: Warning

Message: Missing argument 2 for Datatables::join(), called in c:\checkin.php on line 37 and defined”

Please help!

Now I am getting this error in query.

       ->select('check_in.id, check_in.barcode_num, check_in.station, date')
       ->join('(select check_in.barcode_num, max(date) as ts 
          from check_in group by barcode_num) j', 
          'j.barcode_num = check_in.barcode_num', 'inner join');
           echo $this->datatables->generate();
Error message :

Message: Call to a member function num_rows() on boolean

It means there is no result found for the query. You can read about the database for codeigniter at https://www.codeigniter.com/user_guide/database/queries.html

Hi, Found Stock Alert is missing in the downloaded project. Am i missing something here or would you provide the same with update or new version. Thanks

Please see the bullhorn icon in top bar for stock alerts. Thank you

after adding a checkout and saving, i want to grant normal user the ability to edit checkouts, can you help?

You can check if (!$this->Admin) { in edit method of app/controllers/Check_out.php and remove the block. Thank you


zkasper Purchased

Hello, I have added the column’serial’, and when I try to check out item buy ‘serial’, it doesnt come by search becasue the autocomplete is not populated this new column, tell me how to populate this column in the search field. thanks.

You can add new columns to table as mentioned in the help folder. Thank you


zkasper Purchased

you seem not read my comment, please i want to make the new added columns searchable in check out – check in . thanks

Dear, you have the code and can modify it as you need and as per license. We don’t offer support for modifications and modified versions. Thank you


We are looking for a purchase & inventory management for restaurant.

Its no different than other inventory management system.

1. Manage Supplier 2. Manage Product/Item/Ingredient 3. Record purchase order – adding new stock

Since we dont have direct sale, we will adjust inventory every month end as consumed.

The critical part for us reporting.

Multiple supplier sending us same goods. we want to be able to compare price of same item from different supplier.

Price history of a particular item from past order. Example, in last 6 month Anchor Butter was purchased 16 times from 3 different supplier. We should be able to know which supplier sold at what rate and when.

Total Purchase report. YTD, Monthly. Item wise. Purchase by supplier

Can we use your inventory as our restaurant inventory ? or with minimum customization ?

I am sorry as I don’t this this item has what you need. This item doesn’t have any price but just the stock (quantity) only. Thank you


gaztag Purchased

Hello – PERFECT system – thank you!! How can I enter non-integer values? e.g. 0.25 or 1.5 etc ?

I am sorry as currently only integer integer values are supported. I will check about this in next update. Thank you


mitulv4u Purchased

Hi, I understand you make this software for wider use and have put multiple warehouse feature in advance version, but unfortunately we need only multiple warehouse feature and we need this Interface of Simple Stock Manager as it is easy to use for Warehouse team in India as they don’t have any formal computer training.

Would you be able to customize on paid basis Simple Stock Manager? – Need Multiple Warehouse feature with restriction of user to particular warehouse access

I am sorry as currently not accepting job. Thank you

Hi, I would like 3 column in print barcode (/print_barcodes). (ss. http://prntscr.com/j1fog4) Please help me. Thank you.

You can modify the print_barcodes method of app/controllers/Items.php as you need. Thank you

How I can use barcode scanner. I installed software on linux web hosting. Do I need any configuration in Software. Please guide me complete procedure How I can attatch and use barcode scanner. Thanks in advance.

Hi, Can you please check the barcode scanner manual to install. Simple Stock Manager don’t need any configuration to use barcode scanner. Moreover, once installed on your machine, you can start using it to add items to simple stock check in/out. Thanks