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Good day, I have being able to install the app but the process of using the app I notice that there is no report that gives general and total reports like dates, items in stock in/out, total of items in stock which would be highly needed in a company. is there any way you can give me updates, is there anyway I can get report?

If you visit the item page, you can see the quantity files that is the total stock. The check-in/out tables can be filter for date range or any other column. Please check them again and let me know if there is something missing. Thank you

I have 2 languages. But when I use second language then I can’t see our items or categories…

The language file might have issue such as syntax error or ’ or ” that could break the code. If your language file has ’ or ” please replace them with html entities. Thank you

hello. I have uploaded the files to the server etc but the login page just does not seem to display :/ All database details etc are fine, all the installation went to plan but nothing is displaying.

Would anyone be able to help?

Have you changed any thing in config? Mostly it happens when you change the url structure by adding the index_page in config?

Hi. Really appreciate your reply.

Yes i did change some info in the config file as it was the only way the stock manager displayed on the server

I have attached a screenshot of my config file below.

Is their anything out of the ordinary on here?


Please set it back to original and then resolve your issue with .htaccess file. Thank you

Hello, Just purchased the script and trying to login with the correct credential, it reloads the login page and unable to enter, any advise

Is there any error in your server log? It’s quite strange behaviour, have you installed it in wordpres directory?

quick question, is this based on core php? or you’ve used any framework?

The item page have details. It’s developed on CodeIgniter PHP Framework. Thank you

is the system send an email notification when the Alert on quantity is achieved ?

No, there is no email notification but only on admin dashboard. Thank you

Please help. I got your software installed just fine, then I changed the user details and no matter what I could not log back in even after resetting password .

So I went to myphpadmin and tried to update the user there after not being able to access. That did not work, so I deleted database and went to start again. Now I am locked out :| It says – Installer is locked! Please contact your developer/support.

Please help me I have time now to set up my inventory.

PS What I did see looked amazing

You need to upload the files again as described in the docs (help) to reinstall the item. Thank you

Hi there, I reinstalled and fixed my issue. I now need to know about barcodes, do I need a scanner or can I use my phone?

Hello, You can use any barcode scanner or just search the item by typing name/code. Thank you


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1. Right now you can only check-in with a supplier and check-out with a customer. Is it possible to check-in/out using customer or supplier? How can I change the code?

2. If a product is not in stock, the check-out still processes successfully. How do I change it to halt and avoid going into a negative value?


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3. When creating a new item with the Barcode Symbology set to EAN13. The saved entry defaults to code39.


1. you will need to modify the check in/out controllers (app/controllers/), models (app/models) and view (themes/default/view/) files.

2. there is no option to restrict overselling, I will add this in next update.

3. I have found this issue but the files are not yet update and will be updated next week.

Thank you


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Hello – Need some help 1. I copy all files create db and user 2. when installing I am getting this message:

Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: core/MY_Controller.php

Line Number: 6

3. I press Install Item 4. All green pass 5. Activation pass

Connection to MYSQL successful! Database config written to the database file. Previous Step Next Step

6. Next – base url: http://magazyn.mc-autoczesci.pl/

7. Next

Installation completed!

You can login now using the following credential:

Username: admin@tecdiary.com Password: 12345678


AND : No input file specified.

I done evething form error 404 giude in help line.

Please help

Please check the docs in help folder and search “No input file specified” You need to edit the .htaccess file and enable the godaddy line as mention there. Thank you


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Hi I have uploaded the installation files but when I run the installation url, I am getting errors on ’ Mysqli PHP extension missing!’ and ‘MBString PHP extension missing!’ I no idea how to fix this. Please help. I have create the database name etc but not sure where to input those details in your theme.

Please install/enable those, you can check with your host about this. Thank you


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I can not see the barcodes after updating system. I need urgently help.

Please look from this link: http://prntscr.com/gjlznp



Bextino Purchased


I’m using latest version. But I can’t see barcode. Please I need help. Also I sent to you e-mail. How can I fix this problem? :(


You can try to set ENVIRONMENT to development in index.php and they try to access the page, if there is any error? Please make sure that ini_set and ini_get functions are not disabled.


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Thank you so much.

Problem is solved


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can you please help me?

I need to clear the code completely (BAR, EAN etc.) so I do not need to enter it when I create a warehouse item.

Could you give me an advice please?

Please check the date filter in table footer at list check in/out page. Thank you


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Hi, check out does not have a data filter… :/

Please refer to this image. Thank you

Hey man, great work! I have installed the software, everything went fine. But when I was redirected to login screen I got the error.

This site can’t be reached localhost refused to connect. ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

http://localhost/www/ssm/login I’m using PHP 7.1.16 and 5.6.35

Do you know what is happening? thanks

Edit: I think that the URL should be: localhost:8888/www/... instead locahost/www/. Is it possible to install it again?

If you are using any other port then 80, your base_url in app/config/config.php should be with port number such as if you have installed it in sma folder than http://localhost:8888/sma/ or if it’s in main www/htdocs then http://localhost:8888/ etc the docs in help folder have more guide about base_url Thank you


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When can you do product copying function?

For example; like this http://prntscr.com/go7rmj