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I ve been trying to to make my own changes in the DB but I ended up corrupting it totally by making mistakes with phpmyadmin… silly me !

Is there someone who would be kind enough to send me a fresh backup of a demo database so that i can repair my install please ?

Thank you all in advance you are great :)

Please post on the item that you have purchased. Thank you


I have purchased this item yesterday. Now I had first installed the same on localhost succesfully & i checked all features. Now I’m trying to install the same on My Domain but its showing error ‘504 Gateway Time-out’ even though i uploaded htaccess files & the same zip file in downloaded very earlier with not a single change. Please help.

Thank you.

It’s gateway/network/proxy error. Please share the url. Thank you

Hi, The url of Simple Stock Manager – http://www.gridaxis.in/simplestock I have purchased Stock Manager Advance as well The url of Stock Manager Advance – http://www.gridaxis.in/sma/install/index.php

Both are showing the same issue though I’m entering the right purchase key.

Please refer the mail i have sent (at support@tecdiary.com, saleem@tecdiary.com & contact@tecdiary.com) to you in this regard with all the details. Please resolve this issue asap. Ty.

Please check with your host if they are blacking crul requests. Thank you


jparizi Purchased

How do I change the quantity of login errors to block login and how long it stay blocked?


jparizi Purchased

I can’t add, view or delete categories, itens, users or anything. I keep getting the message, “Leading data from server”. How to fix it?

Have you changed the url structure, specially index_page in config? Can I have the site url?


orison Purchased

hi can i print like my stock list form here like pdf ?

No, only html table from list item page. Thank you

i am getting internal server 500 error , it works perfect on apache but not on web , and i checked htaccess + set db but still nothing

Please email to suppor@tecdiary.com with site and server details. Thank you

can you confirm that you got my mail? i didnt get any mail from you since now

Was it regarding lsamusicshop, If so, then yes the issue is being checked. Thank you

i would like to ask how many photo i can upload and can i edit and add some field too

Currently you can only upload 1 image for each item. Thank you

Can I have two locations? Can a user only manage one specific location? Can I insert new itens by csv or xls. I’d like to import the first list as a xls.

There is no location feature available. Yes, you can import item with csv file. Thank you

Hi, Two images are missing in your package directory. 1. english.png 2. spanish.png

Can you share that images?

Hello, english.png and spanish.png Thank you

Can i use itf14 barcode

No, this barcode symbology is not supported. You can check available symbologies on live demo. Thank you

Can you add the option to export to excel, what price?

The item will be updated in start of Feb and there will be export option. Thank you

If i check the database, it only stores code39 even if i select EAN13

Did you test it on live demo. I will check this. Thank you

Hi, can you add unlimited categories for 1 product? I mean that product 1 can be in Category1|Category2|Category3 Because now when i try to upload the .csv file to SSM it show me an error, that category 27|44 didn’t exist. Or maybe you can help me fix this?

I am sorry as there is no such option. You can only assign single category to an item. Thank you

Hi, this inventory system is a good, but It would be perfect if it had, fast input and output with a simple view like this plugin > http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/inventory-tracking-warehouse-product-and-user-ma/full_screen_preview/2746425?_ga=1.57818794.1671085954.1484217389

I can’t promise but you will see the improvements in upcoming release in Feb 17. Thank you

I get Not Found The requested URL /apps/stock/login was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

...after install, everything went smooth until login.

Have deleted everything, not I get a error validating my purchase code.

*Now I get a error validating my purchase code.

For 404 error, I have told you the reasons and the docs will have FAQ about this. For the validation, please share the exact error or email your purchase code to support@tecdiary.com so that we can check it too. Thank you

Hello. I upload all files the server, and run´ing installer. but first error is Warning: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/1045): Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) in database_class.php on line 9 and SECOND problem is my index pages omaleht.ee/pood

Pleas help me.

Please make sure that you have provided the correct db credentials while installing.

For No input file specified, please check the docs in help folder. Thank you

After installation we taking white page in /login can you please help ?

Please try set the ENVIRONMENT to development in index.php and check if the page has produced any error? Thank you

I would like this one with invoice manage. Print ordownload invoices by date. Customers invoices history. Is it posible?

Please try the live demo. Thank you

Hi, i purchased your product..this is the second one from you. Everything works fine but i am not able to add more than 108 items using csv upload.. Need to solve it asap.. its urgent..i want to add some 3000 items…

You can import 998 products per csv file. Please share the detail what happen when you import the file and you have followed the insertion on import page.

hi.. its me again.. also the alert quantity is not working as it should.. when i set alert quantity to 1 it is showing only 13 items in the notification even there is more than 13 items less than 1.. pls suggest ways to solve this also.. looking forward for a faster reply..

The alert quantity feature will add the item to alter list once it reach blow the number you have set in the alert. If 1, it will only add the product to alter once it reach the 0. Please test it on demo ya. Thank you

Hi, That looks a great project. I want to know about it. I have some questions can you contact me on sermed47@gmail.com please.