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Any chance that this menu will soon be responsive to mobile devices and tablets? Next to that it’s a great layout.

Responsive? It is. Collapsible? Soon. Thank you for purchase.

I need to put FULL WIDTH menu here: www_cashbamboo_it (no is not full width)

Is it possible?

The theme is souffle mothemes

Thank you

You must adapt the menu for wordpress.

i bought this nice navigation, its realy stunning !

Thank you. If you like, please rate it :-)

i have a question, the buttons are 2 or 3 px smaller than the navbar check this: how can i fix it :S

Please, send me an email with this image.

I have troubles seeing the code proparly with Dreamweaver. Only applies in Live view. is it compatible with DW?

Not tested in DW.


I’m considering buying this Will it be responsive to screen re-sizing in IE8? and evolve to the drop down view?


Hi Marco. I appreciate your concern why. Strange as it may seem, I’m catering to a clients requirement. When you said “The tag appears now” do you mean it is doing the resize thing in IE8?.

It is true that IE may not be a mobile browser, but let me explain a scenario.

For the following operation, I will be using IE 8.

If I’m using a grid, the whole website will resize as I change the window size. But if I use this menu, the menu will not re-size along with the window. See my point? cheers

Now the tag “purchased” appeared in your name.

Fantastic, great price, great product. One simple question – I’ve noticed that the menu left aligns on my pages. I would expect it to center automatically or at least to be able to set automargins on left and right side to make sure that the menu isn’t always left aligned awkwardly when a window is opened to a large width. Any way you can suggest a good way to autocenter?

Only left alignment. Sorry.


Does is possible to get it semitransparent?

Best regards Nor

Just use CSS opacity.


How do you make the menu vertical like in the screenshot 6. ?

This is a responsive menu. When on mobile devices, the menu assumes the vertical behavior automatically. Thanks.

hello. great code here. the font-awesome icons are not showing up on iPhone. has that been fixed yet?

Do you checked the file references? Can you provide a link preview by email? thanks.

Post Date: 4-01-2014

Perfect, simple, cleanly designed menu system! Just what I’m looking for. I do however have a quick question. Maybe I missed it somewhere in the comments, but Is this menu system Iphone, Ipad IOS compatible?

I almost purchased this until I read through a lot of the comments. I don’t think you can design a responsive website nowadays without it being compatible with Iphone’s or Ipad’s. That’s particularly a non-starter when it comes to navigation. You can maybe live with other design elements that don’t work on Apple devices, but not a navigation. It’s fundamental to the site.

Can you let me know if this menu was ever updated after the comments below were posted around May of 2013.

I get very tired of buying stuff on Code Canyon and it is not ready for use and requires hacking or coding some of the features yourself. This is why I diligently read all the comments. It’s not about the $2 bucks. That’s super cheap and a great value. But it is absolutely terrible value if someone invests the time to build and code an entire site in a PC environment (like we use) and then go to testing and debugging phase, only to see that the menu system doesn’t work in a major chunk of browsers used on mobile devices. A menu system is inextricably linked to the design. So, that means possibly major changes to a design AFTER you spent weeks building it. That is where the value becomes negative. In fact it becomes extremely negative enough to where someone would be really upset. It is because of this that I feel you are obligated to tell folks about this downside in your description.

We are probably capable of making this thing work on Ipads and Iphones. We are coders. Is this a matter of CSS edits, or does Apple require Javascript for the drop-downs to work? I would find it highly unlikely that straight-forward CSS would prevent the Parent menus from not appearing. So my hunch is that the problem likes in the dropdown system.

I am typing this longer note in hopes that the author will update the description accordingly if it is NOT compatible with Iphones. This will save a lot of folks possible grief after they build a site and want to go live. I am more hoping that the author will say it IS compatible and I can type another comment below apologizing about this comment because I overlooked something and it will work fine on Apple mobile devices and tablets.

Thanks for your input.

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marcoarib Author 11 months ago Flag

I’ll try to find a solution to this problem, but not immediately. Sorry for the inconvenience. marcoarib marcoarib Author 11 months ago Flag

I’ll try to find a solution to this problem, but not immediately. Sorry for the inconvenience. Default-user tony8028 Purchased 11 months ago Flag

In the meantime, do everyone a favour and update the description – “does not work on iPhone / iPad” please.

Hi – What devices will this work on? Smart phones and i-Pads and iPhones? Thanks.

One thing missing – I noticed that when collapsed, you only see the menu icon but no site name or menu name. This text should be easy to add although I can’t seem to get it to appear to the right of the menu icon. Can you lend a hand? Thanks you in advance.

You can insert the text inside the items “toggle” and “hide”: So, you must insert some CSS to style the text.

Great menu. Is it possible to make the menu collapsible when used on mobile. It seem all the menu opens

what am trying to say is simple if you watch your screenshot 6,7,8 you can see that all the menus are open. Services, identity and branding etc instead of you clicking on them to open the one after the other. if you are confused just check your own screen shots 6,7,8 you will get me.

This is the default behavior (like shown at the video preview).

so what is the solution to my problem

so what is the solution to my problem

I don’t know what your problem.

eben1xx PURCHASED 1 day ago Flag what am trying to say is simple if you watch your screenshot 6,7,8 you can see that all the menus are open. Services, identity and branding etc instead of you clicking on them to open the one after the other. if you are confused just check your own screen shots 6,7,8 you will get me.

marcoarib AUTHOR 1 day ago Flag This is the default behavior (like shown at the video preview).

Look, the menu works this way. If the menu is collapsed, click on the menu bar and all options are displayed, if it is open, click on it and all options will be hidden. For the price it costs, I believe it is a good solution. If you want a more elaborate menu, a javascript-based solution would be more appropriate, but usually this type of solution is more expensive. I hope you understand. Thanks.

can you help me buy one that can solve my problem.

Hi marcoarib. The Dropdown-Menü do Not Work open on iPad with Google Chrome.

What’s your IOS version?


Hi, I have two questions:

1. I was too wondering if this menu can be auto collapsed when viewed on smaller resolution screens such as mobile devices. This menu as a responsive solution is awesome, but it’s a bit of a hassle when I click on the menu button on a mobile device, and all my second tier lists are showing, and I cant click them closed. Please help? Is this something I can turn on?

2. Also, I saw above that someone else asked about putting text next to the chevron icon which is what appears on the left hand side of the site when viewed on a mobile device. How can I insert the text, “Navigation” next to this icon? Where does it go – I am a noob in coding, so as much detail describing this change would be greatly appreciated :)

I am sure I am not the only one with these questions, and I look forward to the assistance.

This purchase was totally worth the cost for what you get – thank you so much for making such a great navigation bar that is so easy to integrate.

P.S. Here is the site I am working on:

Thanks, Summer

1 – It’s a pure CSS menu. So, there are limitations for “click” events in dropdowns. Unfortunately it’s not possible to have “click” events in cascade.

2 – You can put a text inside the “toggle/hide” items in the menu:

<li id="toggle"><a href="#menu"><i class="icon-reorder" /><span class="mobileText">Navigation</span></a></li>
    <li id="hide"><a href="#toggle"><i class="icon-reorder" /><span class="mobileText">Navigation</span></a></li>

After this, give some CSS to format the “mobileText”.

Thank you for the quick reply!

Bought and downloaded, but the installation fails from the zip file. What’s wrong?

Installation? Are you trying to install it on a CMS system? If yes, this is a conventional CSS plugin, not a CMS plugin.

Sorry, I thought it was a plugin menu to activate on WordPress.. my mistake. My site is hosted on GoDaddy with a WordPress installation, so I’m unsure on how to incorporate the menu, or even upload files. Any ideas? Thanks for the quick reply btw

Sorry, but I’m not a wordpress developer. You can contact the Envato Team to try get your money back. If this was a mistake and the product is not useful to you, get the money back is fair.

Hi. when i use mobile device (iphone, android) i can not see menu list icon

Hi, I need add logo to center menu but remaining responsive. I want left menu with float: right and right menu with float:left. The logo apper on descktop to center, but outside from height menu and to mobile device hidden or on name of toggle. It’s possible this? Thank you very much!

Unfortunately this is not possible.