Discussion on Simple Price Calculator

Discussion on Simple Price Calculator

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Can you tell me if your form would allow me to enter different prices for items depending on the quantity ordered? e.g. for up to 10, £2 per item, for 11-30, £1 per item etc. Also is it suitable for a responsive design?

The form doesn’t support conditional pricing but it is suitable for responsive design. However, It’s still possible to customize in conditional pricing if necessary. I have done it for a few buyers so if interested, feel free to reach out via e-mail.

Thank you for replying so quickly. I’ll have a go.

When I click the submit button I get ”Form submission has been disabled for demo purposes” How do I enable so that it could submit to an email address?

Thanks for your purchase! The best way to understand the e-mail functionality is to use the pizza-ajaxexample.html sample file. It also links to a php file called emailform.php. This should get you started but requires editing some items to get started (specifically the e-mail address in the emailform file).

Thanks. It’s working fine.

How to multiply <option> values? data-mult is not working.

Try using data-mult within the select tag. If you still have trouble, please e-mail me at with the code you are using so I can better assist.

Thanks for Your help. But I want to use select tag to multiply form. I don’t want to write it by myself. Can You help with that?


Can you please help me do a division with this? I need to divide a variable by another, I mean the value reached through a calculation by a value reached through another calculation

In the screenshot below, the days open per term is the number of days open multiplied by the weeks in 48 months. 156.429

I need to divide the equipment cost with the number of days open to find out the cost per day (and later I need to divide that with another value)

Really appreciate your help and support

No problem! Please e-mail for support with the calculator. To quickly answer your question, a customization to the calculator is probably easier but it’s also possible by using the data-mult-ids field. Just multiply with a fraction for division. The documentation provides some examples on how to use this attribute.

Hello wonder can you integrate to opencart?

The plugin is based on jQuery so it may be possible but a customization is required. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with how opencart works to assist you.

Hey, I want to add some forms in my website to get the emails of my users. You can check here my website. Can you suggest which style of form I should to use?

Sorry for the delayed response. I must have missed this message. The demo suggests 4 different styles so choose the one best for you but it’s always safe to go with the standard demo layout.

Hey. I just bought your script. There is a problem. Emails do not come. I used your standard form from examples. My email is set up in the emailform.php file.

I sent you an email 2 days ago. Will you help me?

I already responded to your email. Double check your inbox and possibly your spam folder

Thank. The email was in spam. I answered you. The message may be in spam. It contains an archive link

Hi, for how many users can use this plugin with a Single Regular License?

All single regular licenses are for one user on codecanyon. You would have to purchase an extended license to use on multiple sites

Thanks you for the script – how do you change the location of the details and the total shown in the side bar?

No problem, thanks for your purchase! Sorry for the delay as I missed your comment but you need to add/remove the fixed-total class to the sidebar depending on where you would like it to show up

sbakur Purchased

Hi! In the email, you can see from which page of the site the order was sent? And is there any protection against spambots? Thanks!

Hi, the email form is a basic template so it doesn’t show the page but you can customize it to. The same would go for protection against spambots.

sbakur Purchased

Hi! An incomplete script! It’s hard for those who are not very familiar with programming! Why are you not developing the project further? You could have more sales if you update it more often.

Thanks for your feedback. I plan on updating the plugin at some point but welcome any suggestions you may have. This is a JS script so it focuses more on the price calculator part. The e-mail is handled by a different programming language but I included a sample script to get users started.


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