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Hi, im interested in this plugin, but have a question about possible extended custom feature. Can I send an mail somewhere with an adress so you guys can have a look at it? Thanks!

Good to hear! You can send an e-mail to with any customization requests you may have.

How do you do a division? data-mult does a multiplication but how to divide? For example;

Height x Width x Depth in metres multiply by 0.7 and divide by 0.005

I have it getting the height x width x depth x 0.7 but how to divide the total?

Thanks for purchasing! I just responded via e-mail to your request.


I am looking for a simple price display code.

Can I have two drop downs ? and when selecting with the mixture of their values it displays the results ?

For Example:

DROP DOWN A with 5 values. – Area 1 – Area 2 – Area 3 – Area 4 – Area 5

DROP DOWN B with 10 values. – London Airport – Heathrow Airport – Luton Airport – Stansted – and so on.

So when user selects Area 4 and from second drop down London Airport, it should display the fare for that.

Is this possible with this ?


Thank you for the prompt reply. Yes I am looking for the specific price generated based on the selection. Like if Area A is selected from Dropdown A and then Location C is selected from Dropdown B then price for that journey should display.

Have a look on this under Instant Quote.

Can this be achieved through this ? If not, then do you have any other solution ?

Thanks once again.

Is the customization easy to carry ? Will I be able to do it myself ?

Sounds like you will need a custom solution. Please send an e-mail to to further discuss.

Email sent. Thank you. :)

Thanks! Just responded with a solution!

is it possible to set some fields to multiply by a quantity field and at the same time other fields only add a flat price and do not multiply by the quantity field? also is it possible to set quantity discounts for each field type and option?

This is the second time within a week I have been asked about only certain fields being multiplied within the quantity field so I will consider adding in a future update. For now, you can multiply multiple fields together similar to the sq footage example in the plugin demo.

As far as quantity discounts, that is not possible with the plugin but I have customized in the past for clients who need specific functionality. If you need any assistance with this, feel free to send an e-mail to to discuss.

This looks great! In the example provided you show it can figure out the square footage of a product given the width & height. Is it possible to also figure out the lineal inches (width + width + height + height) and then have it multiple the lineal inches with a price?


Also; Square Footage is (width x height) / 144 Your example form is only doing width x height.

Thanks for your interest!

Out of the box, the plugin works very similar to the demo where it can multiply different fields to come up with a sq footage number and then add that with the remaining fields on the page. It may be possible to add up the lineal inches if those are the only fields you plan on having but if there are other fields you need to add with it, you will be unable to do so without customizing the script (only recommended if you have js experience or have a developer that can)

If you need any assistance with this from my end or have any other specific questions, feel free to send an e-mail to

Does this plugin have the ability to charge a price per word… for example $4.00 for up to 20 words entered into an input field and then $0.20 per word for each word thereafter. Can your plugin do this?

Sounds like you are looking for conditional pricing which isn’t built into the plugin out of the box but it can be customized in by a developer. Let me know if you need my assistance with this as well.

Fantastic Script!! One the best I have purchased.

I have a question about the data-mult field and whether we can have multiple data-mult fields.

I have sent an email with the request.

Thanks again for such a great piece of work.

Thanks! Just responded back to your e-mail.


Does this have a file uploader also?

It’s not included at the moment but this can be customized in by a developer.

hhhmm.. how much does it cost?

For customization requests, please send an e-mail to with details of all the changes you need for an accurate quote.

Hi, I just bought the tool but I wonder if it the best for my needs:

- we have product A XXX $ USD taxes included, product B XXX $ USD taxes included, product C XXX $ CAD taxes not included, product D XXX $ CAD taxes not included.

Our USD products are “all taxes included” and our CAD products have 3 differents taxes (or at least one overall taxes)

Should I able to display a rate in CAD for the whole of these products?

Thanks for purchasing! It sounds like you want the form to conditionally calculate a tax amount based on the selected choice. If so, conditional functionality would have to be customized in by a developer.

If you would like further assistance in customizing, please send an e-mail to

Hey, i ve the wordpress Version of the Plugin. But is there a Version, which is working with Woocommerce too? So like to direct buy?

No Woocommerce version unfortunately. I actually started working on a Woocommerce version a while back but never finished. I may be able to customize using that as a starting point but have no plans to release an official version at the moment.

Every time I click the submit button I get “Form submission has been disabled for demo purposes” How do I enable so that it could submit to an email address?

Thanks for purchasing! I just responded to your e-mail with specifics on how you can modify.


mac-dan Purchased

Great but I think there is a bug with the ‘detailslabel’ where the descriptions appear in the summary – it is not rendering details for items from checkbox/radio buttons, but is rendering for select dropdown lists? The issue is evident in the example web estimate form (not on this site but on the downloaded files after purchase).

Thanks for purchasing! I just responded to your e-mail and I’m currently looking into the issue. The plugin was updated over the weekend so I’m pretty sure it’s related to that. I’ll update the files once resolved.


mac-dan Purchased

That’s fixed it. Great support, thank you.


mac-dan Purchased

Is it possible to have just a single input box where you enter a number, the total then shows the number multiplied by a set amount.

So for example it might be to allow the user to request 7 hours of support at $50 an hour. The user would then see in the totals “Support services: $350”

Yes, this is possible. With the latest update, there are now two ways to accomplish this as opposed to one. I’ll send you an e-mail with the details.


mac-dan Purchased



userbot Purchased

Help configure the script. Documentation did not help. Make a video example of setting up and sending a letter. Thank you.

Sorry for the confusion. I just responded back to the e-mail you sent and will provide support there to answer your questions.

Hello again – is it possible to access the total (essentially what is contained in <label id=”simple-price-total-num”> XXX </label>) and perform a further calculation on it?

I’m calculating an annual charge in the total and want to show how much it would be monthly – so just want to divide the total / 12.


Yes, this is possible with a customization. If you wish to only show the total divided by 12, you can modify the js file total variable to display the total/12 or if you wish to continue displaying the annual charge, I would recommend creating a separate div that grabs the total and then divides it by 12. Hope this helps but feel free to send me an e-mail if you need further support.


Kalarah Purchased

There is a bug. If you follow directions and remove the fixed-total class, it still adds the sidebar “Move total below form” when it should remove it completely. Is there somewhere in the JS file to remove it if the class is not present? As it stands, having the box to the side wrecks the site design layout.


Kalarah Purchased

Thanks for the reply. I will upload it to a live site as its currently on local machine. There is another problem too. If you create a long form and add a reset button to it (<input type=”reset” value=”Reset” />) the button will reset the form, but not clear the actual data from the Total Box.


Kalarah Purchased

Nevermind, I fixed it.

Your documentation is missing a variable. You have to also remove: <a href="#" class="changeside">Move total below form</a>

From the page as well.

I would still like for you to get an update to this project to include a Reset button that not only clears the form, but the Total box and included data.

Glad you were able to fix! The changeside class was only meant for the demo and not the example projects so I’m guessing that’s why you experienced some difficulty.

Regarding the Reset button, it’s something I will look into for the next update. Thanks for the suggestion!