Discussion on Simple Instagram Fancybox

Discussion on Simple Instagram Fancybox

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oOSpikeOo Purchased

Hi I’m intrested in this script have some questions please.

1. Can this be added to any website ? 2. Does this pull photos from given profile does it also add description of the phto? 3. If I have hrml/php site can you add this for me on my site if so how much you want for it ?

Thank you


Thanks for reaching out, I’ll be happy to assist you. See my comments below.

1. Yes, works on any website.

2. Yes, it included the option for a caption that includes in content and a link to the instagram account directly.

3. Yes, I’m an expert with HTML and PHP and I’d be happy to install this for you. This is a support forum but if you’d like to talk pricing for a custom installation, please contact us using the form on the profile page.


oOSpikeOo Purchased

Hi thank you for the info purchased I will contact you aoon about installation do you want me to use your profile to contact you or some other way ?


Yes, please contact me using the form on my profile page and copy and paste your request.



zee27 Purchased

Hello, I just purshased the instagram fancybox and I would like to know from where to get the “userID” and “accessToken” to use in the JS


You can use my premium token tool below.

Token Tool

Hi, I would like to purchase this script but I have a question to ask first. Does the access token need to be updated every 60 days every time?

I saw that you made this script as well “”

I am undecided on which one to buy, in addition to customization, what is the difference between the two?

Is it also possible to recall photos via hashtag?

Hi! I’ll be happy to help.

1. Yes, the plugin updates in real time within seconds. 2. Instagram element would give you a ton more features for a small price change. I would recommend that one.

Let me know if you need help getting started.


Thanks for the reply, I purchased the instagram item and successfully set it up in minutes. The only thing I didn’t understand is, who is in charge of updating the token after it expires?

Facebook got me confused on this topic.

The token will never expire. The only time people have issues with tokens is if they change access to the facebook page. As long as the user you used to generate the token stays on the account, you wont need to touch your token.


hi, is this plugin working right now? I see a lot of IG galleries failing

Hi! It looks like you may just have an old copy of the plugin. Please grab the latest version and you will be all set.

Hi I have purchased … exactly where do I add step 5. Activate the plugin.

$(’.element’).simpleInstagramFancybox({ mode : ‘user’, userID : ‘YOUR_NUMERIC_USERID’, accessToken : ‘YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN’, speed : 700, delayInterval : 80, appearEffect : ‘fade’, captionOn : false });

code it is blacked out anywhere on index


Thanks for reaching out, I’ll be happy to help you. As with any jquery plugin, you call/activate the plugin anywhere you’d like. Most will do it in separate .js file and some will do it inline directly in the html of the page. It’s up to you. Simply include the following if you’re doing it directly in the HTML.

<script type=”text/javascript”> $(’.element’).simpleInstagramFancybox({ mode : ‘user’, userID : ‘YOUR_NUMERIC_USERID’, accessToken : ‘YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN’, speed : 700, delayInterval : 80, appearEffect : ‘fade’, captionOn : false }); </script>

Hi, nothing is appearing when I implemented the code. Check the source code.


Yes, but you still must make sure the files are located where you are linking them to. Does this make sense? In other words, it looks as if you’ve just copied and paste from my demo however the files are not in the same location

The files are there. You can even view them. They are linked correctly. If you cannot help, refund me then. I noticed others too are getting the same issue.

Please send me an email using the form on my profile page and I’ll be happy to provide a quick solution for you.

Hi! I have a question, this tool automatically updates on the site what I publish from Instagram?

Thanks a lot, Federico

Correct! This is a live feed.



I just bought the package and have installed it on a test page. I have added the token & the numeric user id. I must miss something in the code, because nothing happens and i do not see any error messages in the console. Can you please help me? this is the test page: Tks Jenny


Thank for reaching out. I’ll follow up on your emails now.



So, I bought it today and I installed it. However, it is breaking my website and the feeds are not showing. Here is a test page:

So, I downloaded your file and extracted the folder in my public_html folder. I linked the necessary files according to your instrauctions on your demo page. I put both the CSS and JS files in the <head> tag.

I generated my tokens and user ID based on your instratuctions. I put the calling script after the tag of the element in my body. Check the source code.

The results are not good. My header, which is set as fixed on the top has broken and now it is not on the top anymore, as you can see it is appearing under my menu button.

Also, the feeds are not showing. It was supposed to appear at the last section of the page.

Can you please see what I did wrong?

Thank you!

OK it is working now! I solved by removing the demo css and js codes. Also, how to set a limit of 12 images to appear?


Thanks for reaching out. I’ll be happy to help you with this. For faster support, please send me a message using the form on my profile page.



I have recently purchased the plugin code as i need to display my picture gallery on my html5 website.

Do i only need username from my instagram account ? or do i also need to create an API key ?

Your quick reply will be kindly appreciated .

Kind Regards Charis Z.


I’ll be happy to help you! Yes, you can get your token from the link in my documentation file.


Thank you very much!

Hi, Can I only list the last 5 instagram posts?


Thanks for reaching out. I’ll be happy to help. I believe you contacted me via email as well and I’ve provided a solution. Please let me know there.


Hi again and sorry i solved the issue changing the FB account thank yoy again


Awesome, Cheers!

Dear Sir, I interest with your IG Feed. But before proceeding to buy it, I want to ask few things like below: - at your script there is value for access_token. how can I get it? I have tried to find at google, access_token must be changed every 60 days for long-live token. But I dont know how to create it, even I have tried to sign up ad facebook developer, create apps, but I cant find this.

- How can I display my profile name and profile icon? - How to limit the number of images shown and set how many images per row as well as the margin between images?

I cant see all that option at your javascript. so is it possible to do that just like JqueryInstagramFeed? I have to moved to other solution because jqueryInstagramFeed does not show the image anymore, may be it is caused by the new rule of Instagram.


Hi! I’ll be happy to answer. So this plugin does not have the ability to show the user’s profile photo out of the box but if this is something you need, I’d be happy to program it in as a custom update.

As for image sizing, this is a jquery plugin so the css customization is entirely up to you. I simply have my styles in there as a optional use case. I will be happy to provide any additional css to have this appear in the way you need.


Hi, I have bought your script. But I dont find the tool that you mentioned to generate the token. And about showing profile name and profile picture, is there any additional cost? Thanks.


Please message me using the form on my profile page so I can pass files easily.


Hi mate, i want to make it so their is 3 columns of images with 10px margin between colums, and for the images to resize along with the browser width so the 3 colums fit the full screen/container been playing with it and can’t get it right.. also how do i set how many to show ? / show more

Hi! Yes, please send me a private message using the form on my profile page!

Sorry, just seen your reply, I will do this evening once i’ve finished this print job i’m working on

Hello There,

I loaded to my website thank you very much like to ask you only display as pictures there are some videos but display as pictures.

And my main issue is how can change quantity how many to display?


Thanks for reaching out, I’ll be happy to help. Please send me a message and I’ll be happy to sort this out.


Hello, my Fancybox ever works fine, but now show this error: A 400 error has occured attempting to fetch your profile photo. Please check your credentials and try again.

Looking at your site, it looks like you have an unapproved token.

“Error validating access token: Sessions for the user are not allowed because the user is not a confirmed user.”

To resolve, simply go to my token tool and get yourself a new token.

Can you send me the link to your token tool?


Please send me a message using the form on my profile page so that I can respond sooner.


Tem como definir a quantidade de posts por linha para exibir?

I’m not sure I understand the question. Do you just want to setup how many photos on each row or photos in total?

Hello we can not create userıd and and via link of you gave, we created ourself by creating an app at developer.facebook, but it didn’t work. can you help us?


Please send me a message using the form on my profile page and maybe I can explain better.


Hello :-).

I just bought Simple Instagram Fancybox and filled in all the steps to get my UserID and AccessToken. However, it still displays a error 400 / 404.

I filled in my stuff on the demo page… Could you please help me?

So I have been trying. I received my Access Token and UserID, but the documentation is not really that helping. There is no “setup” in there.

When I fill them in on the demo page or any other page I always get the error: An 400 error has occured attempting to fetch your profile photo. Please check your credentials and try again.


Thanks for reaching out. I’ll be happy to help. I just responded to your email.



I just downloaded the latest version. Couldn’t find any documentation in the package I downloaded so I just upgraded the css and js and my token.

When I load the page this message appears?

A 0 error has occured attempting to fetch your profile photo. Please check your credentials and try again.

Any ideas?


Thanks for reaching out. I’ll be happy to help. I just downloaded the files to confirm but there is a folder that says “documentation” that is included with every download. Was this folder missing? Please advise so I can best assist.




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