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Hi, I’m using a plugin which is retrieving data from social networks and I cannot add ‘filterA’ inside my markup because is generated by a script. So, can I make this work like your search plugin but instead of having to type what I’m looking for, to have categories like in this plugin. Thank you !

Yes it works just the same. Are you having issues?


Thanks for the script. Question: i have used the script to sort the rows , and in this case the properties, by certain filters. Is there an easy way or filter I can use to sort the properties by price or in reality by a number – ascending or descending?



I’d be glad to help you. To answer your question, the plugin is designed to allow you to change content based on matched criteria. Moreover, it isn’t designed to organize data by price. However this is definitely something I can add custom for you.

Send me an email if you wish to discuss further.

Thanks, xxcriversxx

Hi, It will support the Russian language? And is it possible to delete rows “Add to cart” “Size” and “data”? It script will be used for determine (identification) hallmarks and stamps…

Yes, this plugin supports all languages including Russian. Also yes, you the extras can easily be removed. They were added for demonstration purposes only.


I’m running into a problem getting the plugin to work. I’m not sure if there’s an issue supporting tables or something? Maybe I’ve just been staring at the computer too long I’m using wordpress here’s a the important bits:

    jQuery(function ($) {        
            'sortingList' : 'table#loclist'
Then the html
<select id="selectbox">
    <option value="location">Any</option>
    <option value="restaurant">Restaurants</option>
    <option value="bar-or-pub">Bar or Pub</option>
    <option value="market">Market</option>
    <option value="retail-shop">Retail Shop</option>
    <option value="tasting-room">Tasting Room</option>

Then the table ID is #loclist, I’ve formatted the filters correctly as such:

<td filtera="location,restaurant">Amuse</td>

etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Ok update on the issue: I’ve run some tests and basically now I just need some help getting the sortingList to latch on to a series of td tags

Update 2: OK! Duh, I replaced all the ” li” in the js file to ” td” and now it works like a charm!

Awesome! I’m glad you were able to figure it out! Let me know if you need anything else.


Before I buy I want to make sure I can use both Sorting and Paging at the same time.


This plugin is only sorting. You will need to purchase Simple Content Sorting Plus to get paging.

Thanks, xxcriversxx

Hi scottlmarx, Thanks for purchasing jQuery Simple Content Sorting Plus Plugin by xxcriversxx

Now how do get both at the same time.

See email.

Hi, thanks for the great and easy to use script.

I´ve got one question.

I want to show all products on one website and filter them with different dropdowns. Is this possible? For example: Show all “blue” + “round” products. Or just all “blue” products or just all “round” products ?


Yes absolutely. The implementation is a mouthful, can you send me an email so I can explain further?

Thanks, xxcriversxx

can I use this for filtering people like in a dating website?

Yes, however this is done via JavaScript so the content would be filtered dynamically on the front-end.


Hi There I have a question Can I filter my property listings based on area by using your plugin?? http://www.industrialsam.com/ this is my website. If I can do this please let me know so I can purchase this plugin .


Hello, yes you can. I have other users who are doing exactly this. Let me know if you need help getting started.