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hello, I need load on a site external website not just html of the example on http://pymagen.com/loaderexternal/demo/ Could you tell me how I can do that?

Yes, this is possible with the plugin however this would require some customization. How savy are you?


The description is way misleading. I like the functionality it has (a simple way truly) but this is truly not a replacement for iframes. It’s doesn’t support cross-domain content loading. The description simply is misleading and nowhere in the documentation it mentions such thing.

The JS code doesn’t have anything regarding cross-domain in it. It simply gives a “Sorry but there was an error: 404 Error” no matter what I try to pull out. It has no code in it along the lines of “crossOrigin: true,” or Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * or $.ajax({ dataType: “jsonp”, or $(’<iframe />’, { id: ‘myFrame’, src: ‘http://example2.net' }).appendTo(‘body’); or anything on the topic of cross-origin / cross-domain functionality in the code. I wish this was explained better so I don’t waste 2 hours of my life trying to figure this out and learn all there is on the subject. Perhaps the author can consult here http://www.ajax-cross-origin.com/how.html and then update this loader to make it “true iframe replacement” or at least update the description so that it’s clear that this only works on loading images or text files from your own domain back into files hosted on the same domain.

Until then, I’ll have to rate it as 1/5 stars.


Thanks for the feedback. I take all ratings in consideration as I continue to support my products. This was one of our first projects so the copy can use some updating however there is a way to use the plugin as a true “cross domain solution”.

I’ve worked this out with a number of users and the solution was never to open your CORS to * as you said in your example above. Doing so would open up your server for anyone to access your files which is why the same-origin policy was put in place in the first place.

I see you already are frustrated so I’ll leave you be but next time, all you have to do is ask and most authors will be happy to get you situated.


Hi, it is plug-in, right? Do I need any program for using this as plug-in? And can I use this instead of iframe code or something? Sorry for the novice-like question…

Hi, yes this is a plugin.You don’t need any program, you can use this instead of an iframe to load in content on your site.

I’m still not clear – Is this capable of loading remote content from a different domain? And if so, are there special steps or additional coding that needs to be done?

Yes, however you would need to point this plugin to a server-side script that does the external call. I will be happy to help you get started.



I would like to ask if there’s an option with this plugin to show an external page so it’s full screen on my website. So I will see just the external page no layout, no menu, no footer nothing just the external page. :) I want to make a redirect but with no change of the link.

If it will be possible it will be AMAZING!!!!

P.s I hope it’s not that confusing

Thanks Valter

Hi, I will be happy to help. I would need a little more information but yes, you can load in whatever external page you’d like. You would just need to have some sort of serverside script to ping the external page. I can explain more detail and will be glad to get you started!


Hi, I need the plug in to load secured remote full page content. May I know the cost? Thank you.

Hello, no worries on the rush. I can have this for you today. Please send me an email using the form on my profile page. Include a copy of this conversation for faster service.


Hey thanks, send you an email shortly

Btw, awesome plugin, flexible, convenient and easy to use.

Responded! :)

Hi can you let me have the code from cross domain scraping please. We have two domains and I would like to grab content from our other domain. Also is this possible to use within a wordpress plugin (is the code easily transportable?).

Finally can the scrape be called several times within a single page / url?


Hello, I will be happy to send this over however our team is away on a vacation this week. I will assist you as soon as we’re back.


Hai, Can I use this script for domain masking ?

Hi, yes but this would need to be setup on your server.

for pre-sales question: is this working on ios and android devices?

Ok, let me know how I may assist you further.

hey mate, i bought your item but when i set things up it just gave me a blank page. http://login.southernindustrial.ca/dashboard/industrial-sales/tcl-500027-20-2/

Hi, no worries. I’ll be happy to get you started. Please send me a message using the form on my profile page!


Hi. Our site uses a CDN to improve speed of site; as most of the pages are the same. However, we need to show different content in a div if user is logged in. An iframe is an option. This plugin looks good! The CDN has rules so that some dirs are shown via cdn and others are shown via our server, but all urls are in the same domain. Will I be able to work it out with your plugin? thans for your time (sorry for my english, hope u understand!)

Hi, I will be happy to assist you. Your English is great actually. As for your question, this plugin is designed to allow you to pull in remote content similar to an iframe. The one advantage to this plugin however is that the content will be pulled into the DOM which will allow you to control things like style and javascript that you otherwise wouldn’t with an iframe.

Does this help?

Hi there, I am wondering if you can tell me wether this will work in my situation. I have a wordpress site with woocommerce. americasthunderfireworks.com I have also created a virtual tour of my retail store (test version of the tour). americasthunderfireworks.com/tour The site is running a VERY nice responsive template called flatsome. The template includes a cart button in the header which reacts (dropdown) and updates when an item is added to the cart from a any page built into the wordpress theme.

I have hired someone from Fiverr.com to help build a page to embed the tour into the wordpress site. I would like to have the tour on its own page to run fullscreen (within the browser window) using the themes’ header, no footer. He has been struggling for weeks trying to create a custom page template to allow this to happen using an iframe while retaining the true fullscreen(full browser window) display of the tour. The best example of his attempt is https://www.staging2.americasthunderfireworks.com/virttour/

First question is can your plugin be used to implement the tour on wordpress like we are trying to accomplish obviously without using iframe?

Additionally, within the tour I have created buttons which links to ?add-to-cart. The links work to add items to the cart but only in a limited way. Currently I have the tour setup to open a window to a simple cart page within the tour. The items add to the cart but only in the pop up cart in the window within the tour in the iframe. I would like to have the cart button in the header react when a link is clicked from within embedded tour. I do have the option to do a javascript call when a button is clicked within the tour, thus eliminating the need for the popup window. I am not a developer but I have one on hire. Thanks, Dennis


Thanks for reaching out. I’ll be happy to assist you with this. So this plugin is designed more as a front end interface for loading the content. For what you’re trying to accomplish, my other plugin called “Ajax Content Loader” will be a better fit. Essentially, this plugin allows you to actually load specific content in to a element. However, for what you’re trying to do you will probably need an expert to setup the connection between your Wordpress site and the external site to make sure the handshake is done properly. I will be happy to offer this service if you’re interested.


Hello! The task is to make a site on the page of which radio streaming works. The visitor should see the contents of the page, follow the links without interrupting the radio, that is, without reloading the page. Does your plug-in solve this task? Thanks!

Correct. There is a couple ways to achieve this but for what you’re describing and yes this will do the trick! Let me know once you have your copy and I’ll be happy to help you get started!