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For my clients who bought this file, there was an issue and it was deleted. Please send me an email with proof that you have bought it and I will send you the files, no need to buy it again.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Great Work! Good Luck With Selling :)

Thank you.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

very nice work, big sales to you :)

Thank you.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Dear Sir, iwould need this simple:


I am not sure I understand you request. Please be more specific.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Hello, A project I’m working on would require all of the files in the code to be placed in a single directory file. After troubleshooting the issue for hours, I couldn’t address all the dependencies in the classic black JS file and the lightbox for youtube videos didn’t function/

Is there a practical way to add the dependencies in the “skin_black” to the primary directory without any issues? Your help is appreciated.


Please send me an email at

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Hi. The overlapping of thumbnails is strange in ie11.


Please send me an email at .

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Version 1.1 Release Date 25.10.2017

  • Added lazy scrolling / loading, the posibility to initialize the coverflow on scroll when the product is visible in the page, this way for example if the product is in a section of a webpage that is not visible it will not be initialized / load images, instead the coverflow will be initalized / load images only when the user is scrolling to that section in which the carousel is added.
  • Added optional offset on y axis for all thumbnails, this allows fine tune control over the y position of all thumbnails.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Hi FWDesign

I just purchased the script and I am trying to change the settings over the coverflow. You say within the code that all settings are explained in detail in the documentation files. But I cannot see any documentation files. Is it possible that they were not included in the download?

Thanks for your help.

The file was approved so you can download it from codecanyon again. I apologize about this I am not sure what happened.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Brilliant. Thanks again for your quick help, Tibi. Just downloaded the script again and everthing is fine.

Great. If you can I would appreciate if it you can rate 5 stars to support me as well and of course if you need help with the installation or have questions write to me at

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Hey Tibi,

how to disable the lightbox functionality?



Just set the data-url=”none” .

Best regards, Tibi – FWD.

Thank you for the quick reply.

There seems to be a bug with the infinite loop + 2d display function. I’ve recorded it for you. How to fix this behavior?


I will look into this asap.

Beat regarda. Tibi – FWD.

Thank you. Do you have any news regarding this issue?

Please send me an email at

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

How do I get the code from this program when I buy it? Is it an app that runs on the computer? do I install it into a subdomain then generate embed code?


This is a js script, you will have to copy some html code from the provided examples into your page, it is a very simple process and also a detailed documentation will be provided on e the plugin is bought.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Hi, I would like to buy several items from you :

1) Simple 3D Coverflow (19$)

2) Vertical Ultimate 3D Carousel (16$)

3) Sticky Ultimate Video Player (28$)

4) Easy 360° Product Viewer (19$)

5) Ultimate Audio Video Sticky Grid (16$)

6) Mega Zoom & Pan Image Viewer (19$)

is it possible to have discount, or if you can create an specific bundle ?

Thank you so much to analyse my proposal – Best regards

Hi, ok, But I didn’t seen this specific script inside :

- Simple 3D Coverflow - Vertical Ultimate 3D Carousel - Easy 360° Product Viewer - Sticky Ultimate Video Player - Ultimate Audio Video Sticky Grid - Mega Zoom & Pan Image Viewer

Can you confirm me everythings are inside your bundle ?

One the bundle bought you will have access to all my current plugins including the ones that you want and also future files for free. I will add the new files if you buy the bundle if not Monday next week, I am waiting for another plugin approval to update the bundle.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD

Hi, Great job !!.. THANK YOU SO MUCH ! best regards

POOR SERVICE BY THIS SELLER! I accidentally purchased this and refuses to give me a refund. We ALL make accidents from time to time, but you are just greedy about it. NOT IMPRESSED MATE


I didn’t noticed the refund. About this mistake purchases I am getting tired of this I don’t know who is honest and who is not, is impossible to tell, please be more careful next time you make a purchase, if you are not sure about the plugin contact the author and he will confirm if it is what you need.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Hi. I would need the gallery to contain 8 items. Underneath the gallery I would need 8 text links and the abbility to move from one image to another within the gallery using the text-links bellow. Is that supported?


Please send me a graphical representation of what you mean at .

Best rwgards. Tibi – FWD.

There is no normal installation documentation, I bought the plugin, but I can not install it, it’s funny.

....script src=”/javascriptPlugin/FWDSimple3DCoverflow.js”.... !

this plugin is not activated in the instructions about the activation is not the word

in General, your instructions to install the plugin is impossible, give me the money, I will buy Simple 3D Coverflow Wordpress Plugin

I am not sure what you are trying to to but all you have to do is to copy some html and js text from the provided examples in your page. If you have wordpress you should have boight the wordpress plugin. Please ask for a refund and I will approve it you can try the wordpress version.

Best regards.Tibi- FWD.

Hi. I can’t find the option to disable modal when clicking on image. I just want to open a link, not in modal window. Help me, please. Thanks


Set the lightbox source to none.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Hi there, first thing first this application is awesome, i have set up my whole gallery in less than 1 hour (included images post) and it works like a charm, very well done guys!

Just a small issue here, i noticed that “infinite loop” dosen’t work as i seen on your demo, not sure if it may depensds from the number of the pictures but, with 10 pictures in my gallery i have set :

- numberOfThumbnailsToDisplayLeftAndRight:”10” (or 20 or 30 doesn’t matter), - infiniteLoop:”yes”

but can’t see infinite loop works…can you please take a look

Furthermore, is there a way to avoid thumbnail scroll with mouse wheel?

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards


thanks for your reply, i set up 3 on “numberOfThumbnailsToDisplayLeftAndRight” but still doesn’t work, please check

Any news about, a way to avoid thumbnail scroll with mouse wheel?

Thanks again

Best Regards

This is wired.

About the mousewheel you can disable it in your preset set Enable mouse wheel scroll to no. If you are using the js versions set enableMouseWheelScroll to no.

About the infinite loop something is not right, I think you have some transitions in your CSS that is breaking the carousel, please just for testing remove your CSS file let me know if it works.

Please write to me at

Regards. Tibi – FWD.


thanks for your reply, i sent you my answer at

Kind Regards