Discussion on Shoutbox

Discussion on Shoutbox

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Hello, how can you delete messages from the chat with this chat system that are older than 2 days?

ok i have find a code

hi why not a working live demo?

Can I do that every message has been paid?

Just saw this comment:

Sorry, but the item runs via a server-side PHP daemon, which many (including my) shared host doesn’t allow. This item was created with the intention of being run on a large site with its own server (with shell access).

It would be nice if you would mention this on the front page of the site.

Not working on my server (dedicated):stress:

If I don’t answer, I’ll open a protest ticket on PayPal

Maybe I realized that it should set config.php, but I don’t know what to write.

Can you help me?

Result server.php (config.php)

socket_bind() failed

public static $host = ’???’;

public static $port = ’???’;

Thank you

I have my own server but i was wanting to know if its possible to make a chat with all my sites, so i could have a chat room on all of my sites and they all connect to each other.

In regards to above, I got this to work! I actually used my IP address and another port in config.php. Works great! Thank you!

Installed just fine since I have my own server, ran command in shell. Everything seems to work but chat doesn’t work. Just says disconnected at the bottom. Ideas?

This will not run on my website that is hosted by others? Is that correct? I should have ask that before I purchased it. Let me know please.

purchased also.. and yes, should be nice if you could clarifiy the install

Purchased this.. Not really understanding the install. Can you clarify the install.

im having issues with this purchase

make this for wordpress and i buy it

any update?

Check your email.

I was wondering if I can set the username based on the session if someone is logged in. I am going to add this to my cms. And is there ay way you can add a mysql database for storing the logs?

Anyways if you can show me how to add it so the username is based on the current logged in user from a php session I would love to get some support on that.

And for it not to show the

This operates solely on PHP web sockets and does not require a database. If you would like to add a MySQL database for logging, you could, but this runs without a database. As for grabbing the username from the session and removing the username field, you could just replace the text field with a hidden field and populate the field using PHP to have a username based on the session. Keep in mind, this was created as a simple to use, out of the box set up with basic shoutbox/chat features. It could be modified to add database logging or auto generation of user names, but that would add extra weight to the shoutbox and may not be applicable in all installs.

I was planning on making just this for the competition, but clients attacked so I couldn’t.

Am wondering if database (MySQL) is needed to works, also if browser isn’t capable of html5 is rendered? Demo please.


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