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How to make around the content of such a dotted stroke of a certain color, thickness, at a certain distance from the content and with rounded corners?


I am using Shortcode Ultimate (version 3.9.0 and the newest SP Page Builder Pro plugin) together with SP Page Builder Pro. Using your shortcodes this way is a great working experience. Thank you for that.

There are two issues I need to tell you:

The latest Shortcode Ultimate should have more than 90 shortcodes. Only 83 of them appear in SP Page Builder Pro. I noticed because I wanted to use the new Post Block shortcode which is not shown in SP Page Builder Pro.

Post Grid is one of my most used shortcodes. You added a few more settings to this shortcode. Thank you for that.

Unfortunately the shortcode shows all articles of the selected categories regardless whether it’s before their publishing date or not and even whether they are published / unpublished or not. Please fix this. Thank you.

And could you add a sorting option by “published date” not only “created date”?

Another option that would be incredibly useful is related to the image selection of this shortcode. Right now we can choose the article image as an option. The guys that make the SP Page Builder Pro als make the great free Helix 3 (and now new Helix Ultimate) framework which are the perfect combination with SP Page Builder Pro. These have a “Helix blog option” where the Joomla article is marked as a regular, video or audio etc. article where the article image is replaced by, for example, a YouTube video. If you could add an option to choose this source (so for example the YouTube video or it’s thumbnail image) as the image source of the Post Grid shortcode preview image that would make this shortcode even greater.

Thank you for your great work.

Hello, Thanks for your message. Here your answer:

1. Yeah there only 83 because some items not need there such as row, columns etc and some item rarely used so i did not add them in addon.

2. Ok, I will review it and fix it if any bug really there. I will add add published sort option.

3. I will check and try to integrate it the media selection option but not sure it’s possible or not.


Thank you for your support.

Welcome :)

Have you added a shortcode “Callback” to your new version plugin? I’ve been waiting a long time …

I am sorry, I can’t manage time for callback. because it’s have lot of work :(

How in the shortcode “Marker” insert a small any custom image in the Header and / or in the Description and set the width and height of this image in pixels or% (For example, the image width is 50 pixels or %, and the height: auto)? If now there is no such possibility, could you add this opportunity to this shortcode?

1. Please add the shortcut “Icon List” to the shortcode, as in the example below. Go to the link and go to the website and click the mouse to the icon in the shortcut “Icon Sheet” – a menu will appear where you can navigate the mouse cursor and follow the link. Can you also do in the shortcode “Icon List”?

2. I still have not received a response-instruction for my post, which I posted 17 days ago. Could you give an answer? If there is no such option in the latest version of the plug-in, could you add such a shortcut to the plug-in? I mean the contour stroke around the content at a certain distance from the edge of the cntent (padding / margin). Read my post:

3. Add, in the shortcut “Icon List”, the ability to set the “margin” and “padding” parameters for the icon, for the title and for the content, so that can specify the distance for each element of this shortcode.

4. My admin panel Joomla has a Russian-language interface and therefore almost all the settings in the “Shortcodes Ultimate” plug-in are displayed in Russian. This is very good, but sometimes I need to switch only the interface of the plugin “Shortcodes Ultimate” to English, and then back to Russian, and the Joomla interface should remain Russian-speaking. Is there any switch in the plug-in that allows you to switch only the language of the plug-in interface without leaving the plug-in? If not now, can you add such a switch, if possible?

Hello, bdthemes! Please add a new shortcode to the plugin to copy certain text from the text field, as in the example below: for example, the online store wants to inform users about the coupon, with which you can get a discount by applying it in the shopping cart. The user should click on the “Copy” button next to the text and the code will be copied. After clicking on the “Copy” button, Ajax should show a message that the code (or any other text) has been copied. After that, the user can insert the copied coupon code in the shopping cart and get a discount. The essence of the shortcode is that the user does not have to manually code (text), but simply click the button to copy it. It’s fast and convenient.

Screenshot: A real example for testing:

Can you add this feature to the nearest version of your Joomla plugin?

Hello, As i told you before i am so much busy with another project so at this time i can’t add any new features in shortcode ultimate but if you fetch any bug or security issue so please inform me i will fix that as soon as possible.

By the way can you please renew your subscription?


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Hello, SP Page Builder Pro has just been updated to support inline editing of text on the front-end. It would be great if Shortcode Ultimate for SP Page Builder Pro supported it too. Will we get that feature? Thanks.

Thanks for your feedback, We will try to add this feature if possible :)