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ggpanta Purchased

URL in Icon List in the latest version (3.3) doesn’t create a link.


ggpanta Purchased

all the js in /plugins/system/bdthemes_shortcodes/shortcodes/icon_list_item/js/icon-list.js is commented out, uncomenting it fixes the issue.

Issue fixed in 3.4 please wait for approved it :)


Hertak Purchased

I update the plugin on my site and social locker don´t work, i use only social locker shortcode, i unisntall de plugin setup again facebook on plugin setting make the new shortcode and nothing facebook simple no work.

Sounds good :)


Hertak Purchased

I try to say. I think the social locker is fixed beacuse you update the plugin. I don´t understand the problem on like you give me not have this problem and social locker works fine. What pdate on the shortcode? before update don´t work after update not work. What update?

I told you before:

Yeah, it’s not working now. we used a 3rd party plugin ( for this shortcode. when they update the script we also update it in our shortcode plugin. you need to wait for it.

we are so sorry for this inconvenience.


faracms Purchased

Hi there, How can I create a page like this page”" please give me shortcodes, if possible.

Hi, we used some shortcode combination for this page.

body the code look like:

[panel border="1px solid #e5e5e5"]

<img src="images/sampledata/contact-us1.jpg" alt="" />

[spacer size="15"]

[panel border="1px solid #e5e5e5"]
    <h4 style="text-align:center; margin-bottom:0px;">PLEASE CONTACT WITH US</h4>
    [divider color="#d9d9d9" icon="icon: envelope-o" icon_color="#D0D0D0" icon_size="10" width="35" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="15"]
sidebar module 1 code:

<h5 style="text-align:center">We reply on all questions within</h5>
<span style="font-size: 65px; display: block; text-align:center">24/7</span>
<h6 style="text-align:center">We offer support for our customers<br /><strong>Mon - Fri 8:00am - 6:00pm (GMT +1)</strong></h6>

[divider color="#d9d9d9" icon_color="#282dbc" icon_size="20" width="100" margin="10px auto"]

<h4><strong>Support forum</strong></h4>
<p>Quisque lorem tortor fringilla sed vesti bulum id, eleifend justo vel biben</p>
[button style="soft" url="#" size="5"]Go to forum[/button]

<h4><strong>Contact form</strong></h4>
<p>Morbi urna vitae libero. Proin nunc lacus, congue non, feugiat sagittis sed</p>
[button style="soft" url="#" size="3"]Write us[/button]

<h4><strong>HD video tuts</strong></h4>
<p>Integer lorem non enim fringilla orci. Morbi eleifend ipsum consectetuer at</p>
[button style="soft" url="#" size="7"]Go to Youtube[/button]

sidebar module 2 code:
<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes</p>

[icon_list_item title="BdThemes Limited" icon="icon: map-marker" icon_border="2px solid #cccccc" icon_radius="80px" text_align="left" icon_size="24"]Lathifpur Northpara, Bogra 5800[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item title="Official Email Address" icon="icon: envelope-o" icon_border="2px solid #cccccc" icon_radius="80px" text_align="left" icon_size="24"][/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item title="Official Phone Number" icon="icon: phone" icon_border="2px solid #cccccc" icon_radius="80px" text_align="left" icon_size="24"]+880-1718-542596[/icon_list_item]


Greeps Purchased

Hi, I have one page PDF, but flipbook add a second blank page. The previous version (3.3.2) did not have this problem?

p.d. Still wainting the fix for the nested spoiler problem posted 2 months ago.

Can you share your site link?


Greeps Purchased

I’ve created a post on the support page to display the link privately, txs

Is it planned to filter all the elements on a tag base too? Actuall i can use the category everywhere but no tags so often i have to switch to another filter plugin or use both on the same site. would be great if every filter would be work with tags out of the box instead of categories too

Not yet, we don’t have plan now but we will add in future. it’s now you use only category.

Hello, I cant download new verison 3.5.0

Hello, please wait for published it. It’s still on envato review queue :(

Is it possible to give “blur” effect to photos? If no, I think it can be a good feature.. For example. blur %30 or for more blur %60 etc.

Thank you. You are the best !!!

For which shortcode? can you explain more about it?

A shortcode that using while adding image..

Result example:

But this shortcode can has adjustable blur rate. It can be like this :)

(blur %80)<image src =’/images/t1.png’ />(/blur)

Hmm, it’s not shortcode work. we made it by photoshop anyway it’s possible we will try to add in next update :)


In your latest update Version 3.5.0 [29th December 2016] you mention that you included support for SP Page Builder.

How they work together. Can you give an example?




After install the shortcode ultimate page builder addon you will see all shortcode elements in page builder page and you can use them as page builder element as well :)

Latest version 3.5.0 still on review queue, please wait for approved it:

Oh my God!!! Version 3.5.0 is amazing !! Quix & SP Page Builder Supports are very useful. You are really the best !! Thank you for your priceless labors.

Thank you for your feedback :)

If SOCIAL LOCKER don´t work and you can´t make work. Why don´t remove from plugin?

We are apologies for it, it’s a 3rd party script for that reason we couldn’t fixed it. when they fixed it we also update that script very soon. in this time you can remove it from your site.

Hi ! No support for SP Page Builder PRO version ??

Hi, SP Page Builder related support you get from and we must provide support if you fetch any problem with our shortcode ultimate plugin.

I hope you understand it :)

Do you mean works with pro version? why not? it’s will work with both version :)

Great work !! How can I use it with SP Page builder ? I have installed the addon sp_page_builder_addon but i still cannot seem to make it work

Hi, you need to download and install it. for more details please take a look at this tutorial:

Hi, how can find the full detail list with name of “Line Icon” ? thanks !

Look at default shortcode generator.

I don’t understand … another problem with this icons, in SP page builder, when i choose an line icon, it’s disappear on save …

Can you send me a snapshot?

It would be REALLY nice to have something like a pricing slider added. See

Ok, we will. Yeah Joomla component is making is best way to do that.


baparks Purchased

I have another suggestion for an addon Domain Checker (e.g.

I have it installed but I think it’s not working because of sp pagebuilder. But if it was included as a shortcode…

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. we are always try to add some most essential element in shortcode. but i am sorry to say it’s not a essential or popular things.

Hi, I have a suggestion for the plugin: “video preview when you hover over thumbnail with mouse”

Thanks for your suggestion :)


Greeps Purchased

Hi, I have some issues using SuperTab shortcode, I got this message:
JSMin: Unterminated RegExp at byte 129581: /g.test(a)&&0<=r.PInt(a)&&r.PInt(a)<d},n=[],v=0;v<d;v++)n.push(v);for(var z in b){var v=b[z],u;h(z)&&h(v)&&(u=m.inArray(r.PInt(z),n),c(n,u,r.PInt(v)))}b=n}else if(1<d&&m.isArray(b)&&b.length==d)for(n=m.extend([],b),v=0;v<d;v++){if(c=



Greeps Purchased

excuse me, where can I find the answer?

Hi, a problem about pricing table currency. For example, in pricing table settings, “before=empty” and “after=TL” but always there is $ character before price. So, result is this: ”$ 19.99 TL” (shortcode version is the latest.

use before=”” so dollar sign not visible:

NOTE: please buy support for get support in time.


Could you possible post the full switcher style 1 code?

The shortcode on your site is missing the Homework tab code and this is the one that loads the image to the left which is what I want.

Thanks Danni