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Why there is no changelog entry for the 3.7.0. version ???

Please check now


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1. In portfolio if I switch between different k2 category in front-end, plugin show only 1 or 2 items, but I have more (10-12 items), and I need to click 4-5 times on load more button to show all images. Can you integrate preload function to all items and than if switch to different category filter can show all items in that category, but not show all items in all items tab? Problem is showing only if I have huge number of k2 items and all of them need to be loaded in all item tab to show instantly on other category tabs. Than I have long page and preload is need long time to show.

2. Can I disable “all items” in portfolio? Than filter can show only k2 category in filter with auto load more function for items in that category. This is now solution for my problem, but can be temporary solution.

3. In showcase I show item inline below of item-image (include_article_image) and introtext. Can you integrate function to popup image to full resolution from that position, now plugin show only static smaller image.

Hello, sorry for late reply. Here your answer:

1. You can change the click method for example: show_more_action=”auto” so your item will on when scroll to bottom. We are trying to improve loading issue.

2. Sorry it’s not possible by default but you can do it by write custom css for example: display: none for all item tab.

3. Use large image for article so it will show correctly.


Hello! I bought this plugin 2014-06-25 since then it’s been a long time but I’m still getting updates and now version 3.7. I watch the development, bother the developers with their requests and see how they are implemented. I am very grateful to you, my dear developers! You have made my life easier! I have been doing SAT since 2001 and using your plugin since 2014, I do not see a worthy alternative at the moment! Honor to you and praise!

Many many thanks for your feedback :)