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Hi, it’s urgent…. I bought this but I am having a problem to change the stuff in it. I wanna change the first page where you got a menu for all the stuff and also the item stuff. could please specifically describe how to change ???

we don’t work on weekends so we may assist you on next week, but you must just make your own categories images and add rows in your Categories class of your Parse Dashboard, as the user guide explains


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I understand that but as i i did connect and it says that its connected!!! but then it doesnt not save it ? i dont know why ? i did step by step as it explain in the guide… and if you could please help weekdays??? would be grateful thank you

your explanation is a bit confusing, sorry… what does the app not save? please contact us by our profile’s contact form and send us more details about your issue and your login credentials for back4app on next Monday


ua1 Purchased

Hi, I am trying make some changes to the application but it does not let me and says its unauthorised and does not connect to database. before it was working perfectly but now it stopped all for sudden. i even download the old version and the one you gave me add database but it does not work?? dont know what it happening :( what is going on? i have only got 2 weeks to submit my work??? and if it does not work on the last minute will fail!!! can you do something about this??

my parse id is cgnJZPRcuCmRv6×4kF6TBQu4RzIeUM1AeaFDOdKR cliente id is YxGXyPpbBr4l8O8Fr7i0IksSy07mLi7wNLvchRbr

can you check please??? regards

hi, if there’s an issue on back4app you may chat with those guys on your back4app dashboard, there’s the chat button on the bottom right side of the screen


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there is nothing wrong with the back4app because i am using that for other app which is working perfectly. this one was working perfectly yesterday and now its just say unautorized

ok but if you haven’t changed the code, it means there’s a server issue on that app on back4app, otherwise there’s no other reason :)

Hi does the products not have an area to enter a description? Thanks

No, they don’t, it’s just a modern UI concept we applied to this app

you’re welcome


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Hi do you have something else similar to this??? i need one more??

Hi, no, I have woppy as a shopping app, but it doesn’t have payments involved, it’s like a classifieds app with chat and video preview integrated: https://codecanyon.net/item/woopy-ios-universal-listings-chat-app-template-swift/19477906

Guys u need to change the home page, its to simple for a shopping app :(

It’s a modern design we’ve got inspired from one of the top dribbble designers in the world, so it’s a good design and it will stay as it is ;) Thanks for your suggestion anyway.

HI, am new into application. i have few questions please before purchase. 1- i already did the ecommerce site on WordPress that has many items and categories.; is there a way i can integrate these items and categories into the application or it should be uploaded individually to the application.

2- i already hosted my website…the application works the same way? i can host it in the same location as the website

thank you for your answers.

1. this app works with Parse SDK, so it’s not possible to connect your Wordpress website to this app, nor your mySQL database to the Parse Dashboard on back4app.com
2. No, as mentioned above, this app needs Parse Server, no php/mySQL server side, it can’t get data from your website, sorry, it’s indipendent.

can i add (cash on delivery) as an option with paypal ?

how to add “cash on delivery” and “bank transfer” ?

you may add an Alert when you press the checkout button that will show the 3 options, then you need to add some code and UI elements to show cash and bank transfer data. it’s just an idea ;)

HI, please change the homepage with banners and this app will be a big hit :) Cheers looking to buy it after some updates.

if you want to add AdMob banners to this app you may check this out: https://codecanyon.net/item/ios-universal-admob-banner-interstital-ads-template-swift/10583397 ;)

Hello, Rather than using PayPal, when a customer checks out I would just like it to send me an email of their order. How do I get it to do this?

Hi, I’ve just replied to your email ;)

Hi loving the app, have you updated this to swift 3 yet?

yes, long time ago :)

hey, i want to buy and integrate to your app, however we using objective c. i able to understand swift code. do you provide documentation so we able to integration with our current project?

Hi, in the User guide of this app there’s no explanation about how to merge this app into another project, because this is a full app template so it’s supposed to work alone, it’s impossible to explain how to merge apps because it’s a process that changes based on the projects you want to merge, it is different every time :)
Also, this is a Swift project, so your ObjC project should be converted to Swift language.


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i can help with the parse part. I made a windows 10 desktop app for folks who wanna sync data. can sync with ebay amazon shopify etc. would this be helpful to you guys? Very weill written app, good job

i don’t need help with that, anyway thanks for your feedback!

I’d like to sell books via Amazon’s merchant programme, so each buy link links out to the Amazon app/website, and I get a percentage of the sale. Does this or any of your other apps offer that functionality? Cheers, Sam

no, any, sorry

can i install it somewhere else? i mean not in heroku

back4app, sashido.io, or other servers, but i don’t offer support for that, you must check the official documentation here: http://parseplatform.org

Could you make it work with Firestore as a backend?

no, because Firebase is not flexible and easy like Parse Server, plus Google charged some hidden fees to some users, which is bad. I don’t trust Firebase and it doesn’t have a dashboard like the Parse Dashboard ;)

Hello, where can I change the color scheme for the categories of the items ?

in the Configs.swift file by editing the items of the colorsArray

Work in woocommerce

No, it doesn’t