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I found a error in

Say: Fatal error: Call to undefined function getSelected() in /home/admin/public_html/cmspro/admin/modules/shop/admin.php on line 111

And not the button “save changes” appears. The same is true in my installation

Please tell me how I fix this thanks

It seems I forgot to update some files. Please send me a quick email from my profile page, and I will provide fix for it.

Hello, few days ago I wrote to you by a small bug in a module, today I have a question about how to change the currency symbol that is not US or CA but to my country? I searched the source code in the language file, the modfique in payment gateways, but always takes on US prices.


I have replied to your email. You can change currency code from configuration page.


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I hit below error also, Please email me the fix

I found a error in Say: Fatal error: Call to undefined function getSelected() in /home/admin/public_html/cmspro/admin/modules/shop/admin.php on line 111

And not the button “save changes” appears. The same is true in my installation

Please tell me how I fix this thanks

So what email do you want me to use, I have replied to your codecanyon email


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Anyway, Thank you for your reply. I got the email already. As I always search for the gewa13 for your email(but it is different name when you reply) and the email is trapped by spam. I’ve got it back. Thanks for your help

No Problem.

at the shop category editing page I edited a category and save. after that edit, i tried to edit another category. and i got that error: System ERROR! DB Error: You have selected an Invalid Modname Method More Information: Date : December 30, 2016, 1:37 pm Function: Filter::getModule() Script: /cmspro/admin/index.php?do=modules&action=config&modname=&maction=catedit&id=28 ‹ Go Back to previous page

Notice: Use of undefined constant DEBUG - assumed 'DEBUG' in C:\xampp\htdocs\cmspro\lib\class_filter.php on line 442

for the first category editing, the URL is:


after i edited that category. the second shop category editing url is:


realized that its not writing modname in the URL. FYI

Yes, the second url does not have module name included. If you refresh the page does it help?

the only thing helps is that if i go to another page and come back to category editing.

I like this product very much. Is this multi seller? How do I add products?

Do you have a seller login demo?

No, it’s not multiseller, only admi can add products. The login is the same as cms pro.


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Hello, I would like to know if you can have product options with different prices?

thank you for your reply


Sorry, that’s currently not possible.

Hi Alex, I’m getting an error on the Configuration page. you had a download fix on the site, but seems to be broken, could I get this file thank you

Sure, please email me from my profile page

hi , i want multi-seller system , can you modify some Features such as paid membership for seller and buyer ,order form, E-mail/ sms alert when buyer make order ,

Please contact me from my profile page with your request.

Hi! I bought it yesterday and installed the Shop module. I think it’s very nice and I had no particular problems during installation but I noticed two things: - In the module’s configuration page I do not see a button to save the settings. - When I click on Checkout (Vai alla cassa) nothing happens … the link pointed to is: (double slash?)

I saw it in the Shop page on your site there is a link (Download Fix 0.1) but does not work …

Am I doing something wrong? ... Thank you!

Could you please email me from my profile page?


susanu Purchased

Hi, I need help, am I? I bought your product and I read errors. Thanks

I got your email. and I will reply shortly.


susanu Purchased

I already sent you a sms in private with my data;)

I got your email. and I will reply shortly.


susanu Purchased

Thanks and I’ll be waiting;)


susanu Purchased

Hi, please, I already answered your Verfice;

I have replied to,your email. You will need cms pro in order to use shop module.


susanu Purchased

Done I have already answered your email I hope your answer;) Thank you

Reply sent.

hi there ,

i am developer my client bought this script i am working on it we getting problem when we creating new type url in shop i am followin your existing urls steps but all redireting 404 you have any specific document for this ?


Sorry, I don’t see your proof of purchase. Can license owner reply here, or contact me from my profile page.

Hi Alex,

How do I view transactions on the dashboard?

Like the digishop

Thank you for your help


If you go,to,shipping page,,you will find address, and all,the other info.

normally yes

But I discovered a small bug or a small operating error.

When a customer chooses the shipping method This opens the delivery information with the method of payment

But the customer, if he does not fill the delivery information, can directly click on offline payment and it works

I did the test

Is it possible to correct that?

If that happens, you can contact client and have him provide shipping address. Since offline method is selected, you would still need to,wait for payment before you will ship items.

I have two issues, one is I get this error: in the configuration page:

error in Say: Fatal error: Call to undefined function getSelected() in /home/admin/public_html/cmspro/admin/modules/shop/admin.php on line 111

Two when trying to check out an item, it doesn’t go anywhere, it seems that page links back to the shop page not to PayPal checkout.

Please download fix, and unzip to /lib/ folder

Hi Alex , i there a possibility that you can put ideal in the payment gateway so i can use it in the netherlands regards Marco

Yes, I can do that, but I will not be able to do it anytime soon. Most likely I will have some downtime in July.


Hi! I bought the Shop module and it works very well. (my purchase code is: 8474e38a-dd6f-4551-83ac-d6398a237a62)

The customer asked me to pay with Satispay… is there a way to integrate it into payment methods?

Thank you! Stefano Gandolfi – Web Advertising

Ok! Is this something I should provide you? Because I just received only a link from Satispay … Do I have to hear them first or did you say in general? Thank you!

If you have working php api, send it to me.

Mmh… I don’t know …. Satispay Staff sent me this link:

Hi, i just purchased this shop module for cms pro Purchase Date: 2017-06-04 12:04:53 UTC. after installation done when i go to it says Configuration file is missing. Upgrade can not continue. and i couldn’t find the Configuration file? please reply as soon as you get this. Thank you

You don’t have cms pro installed in, instead it looks like Drupal install.


-Denis- Purchased

Hello, alex, i have send email about checkout before to be sure customer submit the shipping address issue (In fact this i ask 2 years ago , but did not get support until now), the second problem about the Coupon code, once the order finished, but this code status still can use, please give a solution to fix up this 2 bugs , thanks. and i am waiting your email , thanks