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always a big fan of Gewa13!!
Can we make module bypass the login or register to purchase items?
I think it would increase sales for customers.
Also, most of the customer’s information can be saved during checkout, name, address, contact email, mailing address, and optional payment information…. Similar to GoDaddy’s Ecommerce.


Yes it is doable, Im not familiar how godaddy ecommerce works, but at some point user will need to be logged in, and information collected regardless.

Oh that would be awesome! Youre absolutely correct. Data will need to be collected. Most ecommerce let customers opt to check out as a “guest”.

This means the website would collect the needed data during the checkout process.

Let me know if you provide this as an update or if I would have to outsource you for.


If youre not in a rush, I’m currently working on new shop version for cms pro 5, so I can do both at once.

Alex, Did you received email about the shipping cost bugs ?

Yes, I got it.

any update for that ?thanks

Please we still use CMS 4.1 , need solution


8deep8 Purchased

Hello, I have a bug with the “ADD TO CART” button, and of dropdown menu, when you change the view of Shop. ( I sent you a mail ). Please do you have a fix for all issues about the shop plugins for 4.1 version of CMS,

I;m looking into it right now.

Hello, I haven’t this information ” < code > phone in this page :

.../admin/modules/invoice/admin_class.php !

I have that : public function renderInvoice($token) I researched on all the website this code, But i didn’t find it !

thank you to help me.