StockUpp - Shipping Packages For WooCommerce

StockUpp - Shipping Packages For WooCommerce

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StockUpp Shipping Packages For Woocommerce allows splitting a cart into separate Shipping Packages. The products inside each package will be shown separately on the cart and checkout page. This powerful plugin splits items in the cart automatically into multiple packages based on the category, products, and location of the products etc.
Based on your needs you can use the advanced conditional logics to create packages with the products you want.
As per the Packages you have created the customer will see the separate shipping options for each package.


WooCommerce Shipping Packages Plugin Automatically Splits cart based on condition/ Rule setup in backend.

As of now, the plugin supports 3 types of Conditions (Cart, User and Products) to Split the cart into shipping packages.

1. Cart: Subtotal, Subtotal ex. taxes, Tax, Quantity, Contains product, Coupon, Weight, Contains shipping class
2. User Details: Zipcode, City, State, Country, User role
3. Product: Width, Weight, Height, Length, Stock, Stock status, Category, Name

Unlimited shipping packages.
Set address for each shipping package. You can send each shipping package to a different destination.
Create Conditions for shipping a package (AND /OR). You can create separate rules based on conditions.
Create new address at checkout, customers do not have to move from checkout to create new address
Split package by location. Compatible with WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management

This WooCommerce Shipping Packages plugin easily sorts products into packages using rules. Every package gets its own shipping method choice on the cart and checkout pages. Plus, you can set limits on shipping methods for packages with different shipping classes, making things simpler and easier to manage.

Packages based on Products Rules

  • Products
    • Specific Products /  Product Name
    • Product Variations
    • Product Categories
    • Product Attributes
    • Product Quantity In Package
  • Product Dimensions
    • Product Width
    • Product Height
    • Product Length
  • Product Price
  • Product Weight
  • Product Stock
  • Product Stock Status
  • Product Stock Quantity
  • Product Shipping Class

 Packages based on Cart Rules

  • Shipping Cost Based On Shipping Address
    • Shipping Countries
    • Shipping States
    • Shipping Cities
    • Shipping Postcode / ZIP
  • Shipping Cost Based On Cart & Package
    • Cart Total Quantity
    • Package Total Quantity
    • Number Of Cart Items
    • Number Of Package Items
  • Shipping Cost Based On Total
    • Cart Subtotals
    • Package Total
  • Shipping Cost Based On Items In Package
    • Products In Package
    • Variations In Package
    • Categories In Package
    • Tax Classes In Package
    • Shipping Classes In Package
  • Cart Tax
  • Cart Quantity
  • Cart Contains product
  • Cart Coupon
  • Cart Weight
  • Contains shipping class

 Packages based on User 

  • User / Customer
  • User role
  • Customer  Zip Code
  • Customer  City
  • Customer  State
  • Customer  Country

Use Case Examples

Partial free shipping
To set certain products as free shipping products you can split the cart and assign the shipping method to make the process of shipping easier.

Separately ship heavy products
You cannot use the regular shipping options to ship heavy products. With StockUpp shipping Packages you can give different shipping options to customers for such products.

Ship items from different origins Ship items from multiple locations

If an order is being shipped from multiple locations, it will inevitably have double shipping costs for you. Splitting the cart allows you to charge your customer for the products that are shipped separately.


Benefits of the WooCommerce Shipping Packages Plugin:

  1. Automated Cart Splitting: The WooCommerce Shipping Packages Plugin automatically splits the cart based on customizable conditions and rules set up in the backend.

  2. Multiple Split Conditions: The plugin supports three types of conditions (Cart, User, and Products) to split the cart into shipping packages.

  3. Unlimited Shipping Packages: The plugin allows for unlimited shipping packages to be created.

  4. Customizable Shipping Destinations: You can set a different shipping address for each package, allowing for greater flexibility in your shipping operations.

  5. Advanced Rule Creation: You can create complex shipping rules based on conditions, including specific products, product categories, and user details.

  6. New Address Creation at Checkout: Customers can easily create a new shipping address at checkout, without having to leave the page.

  7. Location-Based Splitting: The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Multi-Locations Inventory Management, allowing for splitting packages by location.

  8. Product-Based Rules: The plugin allows for rules to be created based on product details, such as product dimensions, weight, and stock status.

  9. Cart-Based Rules: The plugin allows for rules to be created based on the cart’s total quantity, subtotal, and tax amount, among other factors.

  10. User-Based Rules: The plugin allows for rules to be created based on user details, including zip code, city, state, and country.


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= Version 1.0.5 = January 1, 2023
[Fix] Delete All Rule button to delete all the rules in the All Packages like stockupp advanced shipping.
[Fix] OR' text is displayed when we delete the OR rule.

= Version 1.0.4 =
[Fix] Minor UI / UX fixes and enhancements 

= Version 1.0.3 = 
[Add] - Added Multicurrency compatibility
[Add] - Added Cost based on date
[Add] - Added Cost based on date Range
[Add] - Added Cost based on Time
[Add] - Added Cost based on Day
[Add] - Added Cost based on Users Order Count
[Add] - Added Cost based on USer Order Total
[Add] - Added Cost based on User Ordered Product
[Add] - Added Cost based on USer Last order ddate
[Add] - Product Author
[Add] - Product Volume
[Add] - Product Subtotal
[Add] - Product Subtotal (Exluding Tax)
[Add] - Product Surface    Product Surface

= Version 1.0.0 =
Initial Release

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