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very nice work :) wish you all the best for your sales !

Great work! I like it

Hello, is it possible to get back the Settings in the “Live preview” ?

Yes, sure. I removed them because I thought it may be too complicated or overwhelming for people or it might slow down a bit the animations of the gallery. I thought I would try a simpler preview for a while, maybe simpler is better.

But I have added a version of the preview files for you with the settings on at the following link:

Thank you !!!!! Great work! I like it

Your Live Preview is showing a 500 error right now, FYI.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll look into it now.

It’s back up now. It was a server side error.

Hi, I really like your work and I’m thinking of buying it but I have a question.

I see that all the images in the examples are in horizontal format.

What happens if you put one upright?

Would it break the whole set or would it show up a part in the small photos and the whole picture in large size?

Having a thumbnail with different dimensions is ok and would not break the layout.

There is a setting called “thumbImageScale” which controls how the thumb images are scaled. It can be set to “fit” for the image to be scaled to fit and centered within the available area. In this case, the whole image will be visible.

Or the setting can be set to “fill” which will scale the thumb image to fill all of the available area, while maintaining the aspect ratio. What is out of bounds, will be invisible.

Let me know if this is clear enough and if you have any other questions.

Thank you very much. For the moment is what I needed to know.

A new update was implemented, version 2.0 is live.

I made a series of updates. Among other things, I updated the templates, improved the scrolling animation, fixed a few issues, added some new settings, added version numbering.

For a complete list of changes, see the Updates section on the project page.

Interested in this script. But unfortunately here there is no explanation how to use it. How the admin process. Give me a link to try it out.

This is the jQuery version. Are you interested in the WP version? If so, you can find it at the following link and you also have admin screens available in the preview:

Hi, in the large image how can I adjust to the height a vertical image. It leaves me a very large space below, about twice the height of the image.

In the small image I have solved it.

Sorry, download the new version and it’s fixed.

thank you – very nice and exactly what I wanted – I noticed that there is a collapsing of the thumbs in the second row after a refresh of the window – I played a bit with widths of thumbs and borders etc but still there is this collapsing – please advise

1. By default, you have 2 options for margin between thumbs: small (3px) and big (5px).

If you want a different, custom space, you can edit the CSS file.

You can search for styles with the “sg-big-space” class to see an example of how to change the default 3px space.

2. I have tested different thumb dimensions and I have no problems on my end.

Please use the contact email from the guide and send me the JS settings that you are using for your gallery. Also, make a screenshot of the problem and attach it to the email.

In the first message you mentioned collapsing of the thumbs in the second row. In the latest message you mentioned the second thumb in the second bottom row loses its margin. It is best if I actually see what is happening.

I will get back to you once I get your email and test.

am happy with having set margins = 0 for “sg-big-space” – and again: thank you for this beautiful gallery

Glad to see that everything is well now. I presume you figured out the thumb width problem since I didn’t receive and email from you.

If you have any other questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Can the images in the stage open up to a lightbox?

No, the images do not open in a lightbox.

A new update was implemented, version 2.1 is live:

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the thumb columns not to display well in some remote cases.
  • Added a query string parameter called “sgimage” to be able to specify an image to be opened by default through the URL (?sgimage=3).