Shark (TWA)Trusted Web Activity

Shark (TWA)Trusted Web Activity

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Trusted Web Activity is a new way to open your web-app content such as your Progressive Web App (PWA) from your Android app using a protocol based on Custom Tabs.

There are a few things that make Trusted Web Activity different from other ways to open web content from your Android app:

Content in a Trusted Web activity is trusted—the app and the site it opens are expected to come from the same developer. (This is verified using Digital Asset Links.) The content rendered in a Trusted Web Activity comes from the web: they’re rendered by the user’s browser, in exactly the same way as a user would see it in their browser except they are run fullscreen. Web content should be accessible and useful in the browser first. Browsers are also updated independent of Android and your app—Chrome, for example, is available back to Android Jelly Bean. That saves on APK size and ensures you can use a modern web runtime. (Note that since Lollipop, WebView has also been updated independent of Android, but there are a significant number of pre-Lollipop Android users.) The host app doesn’t have direct access to web content in a Trusted Web Activity or any other kind of web state, like cookies and localStorage. Nevertheless, you can coordinate with the web content by passing data to and from the page in URLs (e.g. through query parameters and intent URIs.) Transitions between web and native content are between activities. Each activity (i.e. screen) of your app is either completely provided by the web, or by an Android activity To make it easier to test, there are currently no qualifications for content opened in the preview of Trusted Web activities. You can expect, however, that Trusted Web activities will need to meet the same Add to Home Screen requirements. You can audit your site for these requirements using the Lighthouse “user can be prompted to Add to Home screen” audit.

Today, if the user’s version of Chrome doesn’t support Trusted Web activities, Chrome will fall back to a simple toolbar using a Custom Tab. It is also possible for other browsers to implement the same protocol that Trusted Web activities use. While the host app has the final say on what browser gets opened, we recommend the same policy as for Custom Tabs: use the user’s default browser, so long as that browser provides the required capabilities.


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Features Splash Screen Download Any File Media Support JavaScript Support Navigation Drawer Detect No Internet Connection ScreEN App Rating & Share RTL support JS Alert Pull to Refresh Social media Accounts Support Fast Load speed Cache Saving Build with Android studio latest version With Trusted Activity through Chrome Extension

Demo Url :

Play Store Link :

Please Note : The product needs digital verification from playstore and you need to have play console account to use this application without toolbar.

Regular Licence : Regular Licence supports only single app building through the source code with limited support.

Extended Licence : You can build number of applications through the source code and we provide brilliant support to build every application.

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