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Hi, the color customizer doesn’t work under IE. when you click on get css it prompts the modal but it’s empty.

Hi Geedmo,

regarding this:

That should be simple, add an input and in the script call the function setColor using the keyup event. Like this

$(‘input’).on(‘keyup’, function() { var color = this.value; setColor(color); })

You can also find a snippet to validate the hex format before calling setColor.

I placed that script after this:

$('input.input-switcher').on('keyup', function() {
                var color = this.value;

                defaultValue: '#50a846',
                position: 'bottom right',
                change: function(color) {

And this is my input box:

var themeswitcher = $('<div />').attr('id', 'themeswitcher').html('<p><strong>{L_SELECT_COLOR}</strong></p><div class="input-group"><span class="input-group-addon">#</span><input type="text" class="form-control input-switcher" placeholder="Hex color code"></div><div class="space10" />')

But nothing happens.. Any help on how to get this to work would be really appreciated (i’m not scripting savy :-/ )

The first thing that come to mind is that the element doesn’t exist when you attach the keyup event.
Try with a live attaching
$(document).on('keyup', 'input.input-switcher', function() {
                var color = this.value;

Never mind. It did work with your first code. I forgot to enter the sign ”#” before the value. I guess I’ll use the placeholder as example so the ”#” is not missed. Thanks again for your time.

There is no index.html on the demo 9 (as u say in the documentation) .. just a heads up =)

Just encountered a weird problem on Firefox.

on the input field with attached button, the button is sometimes 1px too high. But that seem to be happening only sometimes. When reloading the page i sometimes have it on the one where the button is attached left and sometimes right. In mobile width all seems to be fine. Very weird. And only in Firefox (latest version).

This is the code for the input/button I am talking about

<div class="input-group"> <input type="text" class="form-control"> <span class="input-group-btn"> <button class="btn btn-default" type="button">Go!</button> </span> </div>

Hi, thanks for report this.

Seems to be a round problem with the line-height. A fix for FF breaks on chrome so as a quick solution you can do the following

Using LESS, edit file input-group.less, scroll to line 137 and append height: @input-height-base; to > .btn {

Using CSS (in case you are using only the compiled version) use the following rule

.input-group-btn > .btn {
  height: 41px;

As you can see, both solution forces the height of the button when used in a markup for input-group

Hope this helps,

if I want to generate a code for any element ?

Please make a compatible with Odoo CMS thanks

Awesome work! But… where are the HTML files: bootstrap.html and template.html. I bought the skin but these two files are not in the download! Thks for your attention.