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Hi, nice job, just what I need, congratulations! I need to alight the ”.seria-landscape img” (the expanded image) to start from the top. Now the image always shows by the center. Can you helo me pls. Thanks. Miguel

Thanks!! Regarding your question. To do this you need to set centerImages plugin option to false. This will align images to top-left corner

Excellent, solved. Thank you!!

hello flGravity,

Is there any way to convert the transition (easing) from slide to fade.?

No, it’s not possible.


I’m using jquery 1.7.2. Is this compatible with that version?

Yes, it works fine. Just checked!

Forgive me for a very dumb question, but how do i set the slider to autostart? btw i rated 5 stars for a job well done

Unfortunately you will need to emulate timer using plugin’s API methods – oneup() or onedown(). Here is how to do this

   duration: 500,
   onReady: function(){
       var s = $(this);
           $(s).trigger("seria", "oneup");
       }, 2000);

That worked well thank you!

No problem! :)

Hi, I purchased this not realizing it was not a WordPress version. Do you have a WP version I can exchange this for? Please advise.

No, I don’t have WP version for Seria plugin. You can contact support and ask for refund.

Hi – It looks great. Does it work on ipads and mobile devices?

Hi! Yes. You can try and see how it looks!


Our one of slide is Google calendar page.

Can we insert Google calendar in the slideshow?

Can we set the preview slide image on bottom of the page?


Hello! I think Seria plugin is not right tool to display calendars. The idea of Seria plugin is to display photos where every photo has description. Basically it’s good for galleries, online shops etc.

Any auto play option on this?


no, plugin does not have autoplay feature. But you can achieve this by using window.setInterval with plugin API function rewind()

rewind(n) - method to scroll to particular item by index (zero-based index)

I purchased this not realizing it wasn’t a WordPress plugin. Is there any way to alter it for WordPress use?

Hello! Unfortunately no. You can contact Envato support and ask for refund for this item.

I just purchased this and was wondering if you can help me change the caption to the right instead of the left and just show the image that is active. Basically make the whole thing 300px height. Can you help me?

Thanks for purchasing my plugin! Could you tell me what example in my demo you want to modify? 1,2,3,4,5?

HI! the file purchased by this site cannot be installed. “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”

Hello! You should unzip package first and inside you will see which you should install as Wordpress plugin.