Discussion on Sendy Widget Pro

Discussion on Sendy Widget Pro

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Hello, is possibile translate the widget?

which string you want to translate? Please send email to

Hello, is possibile translate the widget?

Hello, how this plugin is working – i have to add the api key (wich is bad because the api key is shared between all brands in sendy) or i just need the list id?

Thank you. But for me that’s bad for security. Just the list id would be fine but also the api key wich is shared between all brands in sendy is very bad.

API key is used for authentication same as all other email marketing companies requirements for using their API. Some companies also implements OAuth but it’s more complicated.

you can read more on Sendy API page

Yes i know. But to add a user to a list in sendy you just need the list id – there is no api key needed. I also opened a ticket with the sendy developers – maybe they integrate api keys per brand. Because in my case every brand is used by different peoples – when all use the same api key it’s not so intelligent.

Hi, where is the sendy url to please and do I need sendy, cheers.

Hi Yes you need Sendy App installed.

Sendy URL is the url where your sendy app is installed.

Regards Aman

Hi, is it possible to use this with Sendy on an external server (as I think the text suggests we can’t)?


Yes you can install Sendy on any server. The plugin works with Sendy API so it’s not required to be on same server.

Regards Aman

Hey guys, are you still developing and supporting this plugin? Looking to purchase for few sites. Thanks!


Yes it’s fully supported and regularly updated.

Regards Aman


SDM_UK Purchased

Keep getting API key invalid even though it’s correct. Sent a support ticket, no reply, can you get back to me?

Is this compatible with Elementor?

yes it’s compatible

I mean if I can use it to create custom page and add it on Homepage through Elementor?

Please update changelog to 3.6.2. Thank you.

Hi, do you plan to add auto-add to email list by brand / product tag. I think that would be a great feature for automation. Thanks

Is this still active. I see no activity in last 4 months


Yes it’s supported.

Spammers shouldn’t be able to subscribe directly. Yet this happens. I use Sendy Widget Pro without any forms, but just to subscribe new users automatically when they become members (PMPRO plugin).

When ReCaptcha V3 support? Been promised an update via email two weeks ago. Should we still be waiting for V3?

Thanks a lot for this much needed update! How do we test that it is actually working? I do have the reCaptcha icon and able to submit the form, but sometimes I get “The security code entered was incorrect”. The reCaptcha never popped. Thanks!

Looking to buy. Will this sync new user signups who do not make an order via woocommerce to sendy lists? The signups could be using wordpress system or via facebook or google logins

Hi It can add user which register via wordpress registration form

What about social logins using Fb and Google Login. The social logins create a user in the wordpress system as well . Will it sync to sendy lists automatically? The user will not be making a purchase on the website as well

I like to see an example page of the woocommerce product list connection with sendy.

How to switch to ReCaptcha v3? The form gives me Error for site owner: Invalid Key type which most likely means the plugin is configured to accept V2 keys. Is there a way to make captcha invisible? Switching to invisible V2 still has the Checkmark present. Thanks!

How do we get our questions answered? I filed a support ticket and there is dead silence..


Please check your email.


Pre-Sales: I use Sendy as an add-on service for several different clients. Is it possible to use you plug-in for each without having Sendy on the server for each client?

Is there any way to centralize a form on a page? I’ve managed add some custom css to centralize all the form elements, but for the life of me I can’t get the whole form to stay in center when embed on a page. Would you consider adding centralizing abilities to the new form editor? It makes the forms look much better when embedded in the middle of a page of text. Also, please add the ability to change the button colour on hover. Mine kept fading to white and disappearing until i added a CSS override in my wordpress theme. Thanks

Presales question. Can i use the same form at multiple locations on a page. My page content is very long and i would want to use it at the top, middle and bottom sections.

The form should work at all the locations.


yes you can use it on multiple locations.

How do you add a heading in the widgets, like shown in the screenshots? Or like in the free version of the plugin?


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