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We’re no having any luck getting your Scroll Triggered Box to display a box. We’ve tried on a couple of different Drupal installations.

Thanks for getting back. The site doesn’t display any errors.

We’re using Drupal 7.38 and the Stability theme (http://themeforest.net/item/stability-responsive-drupal-7-ubercart-theme/7555904).

We have a number of modules installed: admin_menu, adminimal_admin_menu, blockexport, ckeditor, compact_forms, ctools, draggableviews, elfinder, entity, exclude_node_title, fb, features, file_entity, fivestar, formblock, imce, jquery_update, link, md_slider, media, module_filter, nikadecs_cms, node_export, oauth, pathauto, pathauto_menu_link, quicktabs, retina_images, rules, scroll_trigger_box, shortcode, slidead, stability_cms, tb_megamenu, token, twitter, ubercart, uuid, views, views_load_more, votingapi, webform and webform_references.

Hey, Templago: Any ideas what my issue might be?


Because the plugin works on clean environment, we’re sure that the issue is caused with some kind of JavaScript conflict with other plugis(s) but not sure what. Could you please provide any URL where we could try to investigate the strange behaviour?

Hello , I have now bought this plugin , but this does not work in Drupal 7.38 and 1.10 jQuery !! How do I make it work ? There is a solution or ask a refund of payment .. ? !

hello , sorry but your version of Drupal is 7:39 ( the last one) and the version of jQuery run by jQuery Update 1.10.2 .. I am using other active modules in CMS and the theme is ” porto ” http://themeforest.net/item/porto-responsive-drupal-7-theme/5219986 ..

Hi, we’ve also tested the plugin on Drupal v7.39 and everything works fine.

Have you tried the plugin on clean environment? And can you provide a demo url? We cannot take responsibility if 3rd party plugin and/or theme breaks javascript code, but we’ll do our best to try to help you to find the cause of the issue.

Hi , I have tried several times to resolve the error of the plugin , without good results … I ‘m planning to ask for a refund of the purchase of Envato .. I do not want to throw money

Could you please let me know how I could send you a private message with the email address? There isn’t a contact form on your profile?

Hi , I thought that using this form ( see attached photo ) I could write a private message … I have posted in the comments for error .. I want to send a private message the IP address of the server , so you can study what does not work … can you give me your email ? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/71620181/2015-09-18.jpg

Please find our comment bellow.

Hi Minimique, Templago. Did you resolve the problem? I’m running D7.39, same version of jquery with Envato’s Pressa template, and I cannot get it to work either. No error logs or messages at all. Thanks.

Hello, I cannot get this to work on my site. Using drupal 7.39, jquery (tried many versions with jquery update) and am using envato theme ‘pressa’. please help.

i’ve followed the intructions and have created a stb, but it looks like that box is not being created and/or placed on the page. Sorry for the duplicate message. I need to get this working asap. thanks!!

The problem is, indeed, that adding a scroll-triggered-box does not write the code to the site. The js and css are there, but the code that contains all of the box information is not being written to the page. I manually added the div code copied from the source of one of your demo pages to a block on my page, and that worked.

So what step is missing from your instructions? How does your module place that div in the html? Do I need to change permissions to any directories?

Please let me know. Thanks.

Please find our comment bellow.

I’m finding the same thing as mulderjoe mentions above – copying the code from demo works but otherwise nothing is being written to the page. Please let us know what we need to do to get this to work.

Please find our comment bellow.

Hi all,

It seems that theme(s) you’re using doesn’t have some regions (even the required, as we can see in the theme’s .info file).

Because we don’t have particular theme, could you please make the following changes to scroll triggered box module and test it:

1) Open file scroll_triggered_box.module in an editor

2) In the function named scroll_triggered_box_page_build(&$page), find the line 237:

$page['footer']['scroll_triggered_box'] = array(

3) Replace it with:

$page['page_bottom']['scroll_triggered_box'] = array(

It should work with these changes, but please let us now here and we’ll create new official release (with some other improvement we’re working on).


Hi Templago,

The correction you made above does, indeed, work. I looked at your code but never would have guessed that ‘footer’ was the problem.

Thank you!

Great! This fix will be included in the next release.

While I’m here, I have a feature suggestions for you (unless it already exist and I just missed the documentation): support for Tokens and/or Entities.

Thanks again.

Well, that exactly what I’m doing right now, support for text formats, i.e. you’ll be able to choose between Full HTML, Plain text, Filtered HTML… This feature will automatically include support for processing tokens, shortcodes etc. Thank you for your suggestion!

Oooh, please tell me the next release is tomorrow…! :-) I need the Scroll Triggered Box to display a form I built in drupal. I’m attempting to use an iframe at the moment. Thanks!

It’s seems you didn’t apply any updates yet, can you please provide us with a demo user? I want to know can I make that Triggered box a block form my current blocks? .. and can I make it as a view and adding filters toi my view and relations so if there is content related to this content the triggered box will show up.

I’m trying to think to automate this module. Thanks for your time.

Thank you for your suggestions, but scroll triggered box currently doesn’t work as/with views.

Updates were provided a couple of weeks ago and we don’t plan to create live admin demo environment because it’s very hard to maintain.

I tried using the triggered box and followed your instruction but when i navigate to admin/content/scroll_triggered_box I don’t see any content. I expected to have the content (code) included and provided with the module. I’m looking for a solution similar to the Image Scroll Box but I’m not a coder and don’t know where to start. Thanks.


There’s no need to use the code to display a scroll triggered box. It needs to be created in admin/content/scroll_triggered_box before it appears on a site/page.

So, when you navigate to admin/content/scroll_triggered_box you’ll see nothing if you didn’t create any box before. After you create some, they will be listed with appropriate links for editing, deleting etc.

Please read the documentation how to create and configure boxes.


The latest update has helped a lot. Thank you. I have one more request: For Position, you have Top (left, middle, right) and Bottom (left, middle, right). Can you create a third option for Vertical middle of the page, with left, middle & right? Thank you!

Hi Templago,

I have a problem … I wish (the page in the background becomes dark with only the top box center) .... how can I do it? Here’s an example of the result I want: http://www.ricmanx.com/esempi/copriscopri/index.html


Unfortunatelly, it’s not possible to create screen centered modal dialog in this version. We’re working on scroll triggered box for Drupal 8 and planning to implement this feature for both versions.

Well done! Good job!


may you tell me how can i use the language preferences in the triggered box plug-in? I can not set the boxes by language. This is important becouse i using this module one dental surgery site witch using 3 language. Thank you!

My code: 19b735c6-6814-4aea-96c5-d31d3302ffe4


The current version doesn’t support translatable content of the box so the only way to achieve this is to create new box per language and restrict their appearance to certain pages.

For example, Sample_Box_EN could be used for English language and would be displayed only on blog_en/* pages, Sample_Box_DE could be used for German language and would be displayed only on blog_de/* pages etc.


Interested by you module I’d like to know if there is a way to test it on my test website before to purchase. I know this is not a big amount but I’d like to try before to tell my company to buy it.

Thanks in advance

Was not able to wait for a test. I bought it and it work perfectly on our Drupal web site directly out of the box


I want to embed a marketos’ form in the popup. This work perfectly when I’m loggedin to the website. But when I come as an anonymous visitor I just see the text and not the form. I’m supsecting a permission access but not able to find where. This happen only in the scrolling popup otherwise contact form are displayed in pages. I’m using node permission by role. Do you think there can have an interaction problem?


Have you tried to clear the cache and reload the page as an anonymous visitor after that? Are there any reported JavaScript errors in the browser’s console?

Hello Ye sof course. Apparently the problem don’t come from your module but from Drupal. I tried with a classic page and this is the same so this is not coming from your module. Thank you for your quick reply!


My box is now working perfectly. I just need to know if there is a way to display a thank you page in the box after filling an external form. What I tried redirected to another page. I just want to have in the same box a “thank you message covering the form. Is it something possible?