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Thanks for the script – it looks great. With that said this is pretty hard to figure out to someone who is not very good at code (I’m a designer primarily.) Is it possible you could make a very simplified example and include it with the purchase? For instance for the script “superscrollorama” there is a very basic example included that allows the user to really understand the absolute basics. Again, thanks. But the “how to” is a bit lacking.

Thanks for your feedback, i will add a simple example in demo page soon

Added a quick start example on demo page and i include the example in the file for downloading, now is pending for review, hope it helps

Please delete this post. I made an error.


This looks interesting but is lacking information. The preview is cool but how easy is customization? What kinds of customization can be done? Can you add additional examples on using your plugin? So that we can see various ways of using it. I would also suggest creating your own web page with multiple pages showing examples and some tutorials on how you created them. Thanks..:)

Hi paaljoachim. thanks for your comment. basically you can add any content to your page, the extension is responsible for giving life to each block you choose. The side menu and the bar that changes color are generated automatically, you can customize the showing animation, color and content of the bar and the menu text, background animation of the page (clouds in the preview), and the type of navigation (vertical or horizontal). I will prepare another example.

One more thing. What about making a tutorial on how to use the Presenter with Wordpress? Then you can add some text into the description that says that it also works with Wordpress…:) I would also suggest to make a video while you are creating an example so people can see how it works.

great idea, thanks for you suggestion

HI there, I am wondering if with your scroller I can accomplish something like this? http://www.ctrlaltdeletebook.com/ Thank you for your time.

hello jcuriel, presenter is not designed for that level of customization, is a bit more generic since it manages interactions such that you would not have to write any kind of code. To achieve that level of customization would have to be necessary to adapt the code to a specific page.

Hi thanks for your job ! Is it possible to delete the menu on the left ?

Many thanks


hi Yuun88, there is not an option to hide it, but yes it is possible via css or by removing a single line of code, please contact me via my profile.

That’s OK, I found the css and line of code to custom. Thank you :) !

Glad to help you, do not hesitate to contact me if have more questions

Hi, Really like this, couple of things I’d like to do if you could help? - Edit the parallax effect transition (change the direction of the bottom menu, slow down the background) - I’ve got quite a lot of content down the page and need the vertical scroll bar to show as normal to increase usability, is this possible? Thanks, Matt

Hi Matt, yes it posible, please send me an email via my profile http://codecanyon.net/user/arkord so we can talk

Does this support forms? I’d like to use this to walk people through filling out a form that uses perl.

Is this possible?


Yes, it supports any html content

Hey Arkord. Just purchased it and was wondering how do I show the scroller. Now you have to roll over the right-side for it to appear. Same with the bottom navigation. I would like those to always show and turn off the left side navigation. Any help appreciated.

Hi bdhibbs, please contact me via my profile http://codecanyon.net/user/arkord so we talk with more detail

Quick question:

How do I call the method that triggers the scroll when you click on the arrows at the bottom? I need to trigger the scroll-down from another object the first time someone visits my site.


Two more questions:

1. How can I change the color of the list menu at the bottom left, the red color is not very appealing in my site. 2. I tested it in IE 10 and it doesn’t work, well, the transition is not very good, is there or will it be any update to fix this?

Hi noisemastering. 1. Please contact me via my profile http://codecanyon.net/user/arkord, so I can explain more detailed how to change the colour of the list. 2. The transitions work, but are degraded for IE, I’ll update the script to take advantage of the new features of IE10 and IE11.



Yeah, I could see that the transitions are degraded, IE is incredibly annoying, I’ll wait for that updates. As for the menu I’ll contact you through the link provided.

Thanks a lot.

Hi there!

I love it. I just have a few questions.

1. How can I change the menu from vertical to horizontal? 2. How Can I place the menu on the top of the page? 3. Where can I stop the menu to FadeOut when mouse is not over?

So far i think this is it. I hope you can help me.

Best Regards. Marco Ruiz

Hi Marco. You can change the menu from vertical to horizontal adding this css rule on line 21 of the css file:

.nav-menu li {

You can place the menu on the top of the page changing, the propertie bottom from top on line 20:

.nav-menu {
   position: fixed;
   top: 72px;
   left: -20px;

works offline???