Discussion on Scroll Animation WordPress Plugin

Discussion on Scroll Animation WordPress Plugin

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Is your plugin capable to do everything and exactly like this scroll animation?

Getting it to work

I really do not know what to do in steps 2 and 3 of your instructions. I have 3 imaged that i want to animate as i scroll down my page. What should I do to get that to happen?

Thanks a lot


a pre-sale question:

Can the animation be disabled for mobile devices? If not, do you plan to add this functionality soon?

I am interested to buy the plugin only if this feature is available. Thanks.

Hi there – first off, great plugin! I have it running on multiple sites without any issue. However, I would really like to be able to turn off the animations on mobile just as others have asked before in the comments. Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi I am using this plugin (Version 1.0) with Instant WP 4.1.1 and having some problem with Jquery Conflict I think. My Template generated using Artisteer.. The issue is, it worked once only after installation. After adding some of my tags, it doesn’t anymore. Can anyone advise me or is there and update version of this plugin? I like it very much because I think is cool.. Looks kind of Harry porter News paper… Thanks

Does this plugin still work with the latest WP? It’s stopped working since I’ve updated and I’m receiving no errors. Disabled all other plugins and switched to 2012, still nothing. I ask because your demo uses WP 4.0.1.

My next step is to do a test with a fresh install of WP 4.1 and no other plugins installed to determine if it still works.

I’m using ver 1.0 of scroll animation and ver 4.1 of WP

Hi, is there no way to target a class or id individually? And is there anyway to change the easing on certain class or id?? It looks like everything that is done to a class or id has to be done globally. You can’t have one thing fade left only and one thing fade right only..

Hi, right now the animation is global, you have to customize the code to add individual animation support.

please don’t laugh at me lol, but i bought this plugin cause i thought i would look cool on my site, but i have no idea how this works and where to start. Could someone explain to me real quick thank you.

Hi Sike, please upgrade with a option to disable plugin on mobile devices.


Hello ! I’m searching for a plugin which allows me to make text (tagline) and image arrive on the home page with a transition (like your demo page). Can we create this sort of transition on every page or only on post and article ? Thanks for the anwser !

Thanks Sike , works fine ;)

I to (like tukano above) would like to deactivate the effects when viewed on mobile phones.

Can this be done with CSS @media screens iPhone horizontal or less?

Response appreciated, thanks

First off, Great job, Excellent Plugin.

I do have a couple questions: 1. Is there a way to slow down the animations, this could a global setting?

2. Based on what I have coded, and your demo page, the content animates in random order, until you scroll down. Then each content animates in order as you scroll down, which is what from the beginning of the site.

So this is my question: Is there, something I could modify in the code, a way to declare an order for those initially visible items that display immediately to animate, like it does as you scroll down?

Example: I want the lines to animate in the order I write them in the page: (1)








Then they would in that animate in, 1,2,3,4
I’m not sure why you haven’t responded to me, but I found a work around for my question. If you could please answer 1 simple question: Why isn’t my animation following the direction I included in the code, per your instructions, I just copied your code, but my animations come in random, even though I put the exact code you did. Here is my site, can you please take a look at it, and tell me if I have done something wrong. The top part is a slider, but everything below it is based on your code.

And again, if you could tell me if there is a way to slow down the animation I would appreciate it.

I am not used to not get support for products on this site, as I see others have gone unanswered as well. Please let me know something asap

Does this plugin work with Visual Composer? I want to assume it does since you are a VC plugin author.

Any chance you would integrate this plugin with the All in One VC plugin you have?


Hi, it work standalone, which means can work with the Visual Composer. It’s a global setting, so no need to port it to a VC plugin.

Hi, is there a way to deactivate it in mobile mode? With Chrome mobile on Android it breaks the rendering of the elements. If I deactivate the plugin everything work fine.

Love this plugin. Slight issue at the moment – the plugin doesn’t load and causes all forms on the site to break when testing in ie8. There don’t seem to be any ways of forcing a plugin not to load based on user agent.

How about an ignore user agent field where you can type in user agents that you don’t want the plugin to load for? Or even hard code it to ignore ie8 and below as it’s not an option to have the site not working for all ie8 users unfortunately…

everything is perfect, it works like a charm and it’s very very easy to setup.

The only thing I would add is the possibility to assign a different effect to each .class or #id

Hi, thanks your feedback, maybe add this feature in the future update.

Hi Sike,

I have some problems with the Scroll Animation…

1) With Firefox 27.0.1 & and Safari (old version) the text or object are load in the page, then disappears and then appears again this time with the effect movement that your plugin gives. What I was expecting is that the text or objects appears in the page with the effect without loading first.

2) Then I update to the last version of Firefox (v. 28). Is worse, no effect in any section.

3) With Chrome Version 23.0.1271.95, don’t make nothing, no animation in almost all the web, only in the section “Caroline” but bad, because load first, then dessapears, then aappears again with the effect.

You can see what I’m talking about in As you see in this web, only the section “Caroline” works fine.

If I look your demo works fine. So I don’t understand why happens this in my web. Do you think there is a solution?

When I say in my preious post:

"You can see what I’m talking about in As you see in this web, only the section “Caroline” works fine"
I was wrong. Doesn't work fine in Firefox last version, because load the images, then dissapears, then appears again with effect.

I’m desperate…

Hi, please use tool like Firebug in Firefox to inspect which element you want to animate.

Hello, firstly, great plugin! It works really well on my site. I have removed the random delay effect purely for my own preference really, but I’m really impressed with it so far :)

One question, how do I exclude the animation on a single page/post?

Many thanks

i want to scroll back to top from a javascript function. How could i do that? now if change the attribute top to 0 its not working..


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