Discussion on Save for Later with WooCommerce

Discussion on Save for Later with WooCommerce

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Congratulations, Nice Work, GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Too finicky, I purchased ( the first sale) I was skeptical because I was the first to buy, I should have listened to my gut and passed. This plugin in doesn’t work properly, it also redirects to the wordpress login which doesn’t look good to a customer, this could be solved by allowing a visitor to save for later without being logged in. It also leaves double instances of the saved cart. I was told that its my theme and that no refund can be given since its not their fault so I guess I am stuck spending $16 for something I cant use. Funny though that the replacement plugin works just fine. I would stay away from this one!!! If it doesn’t work they will just blame your site.

I am sorry you were not satisfied with the plugin. I tried to explain and help further than our support guidelines state, including provide the solution to your theme which wasn’t loading the cart template correctly. I explained why we use both the cart and empty cart template as it’s a better use.

In regards to the login link, I also explained how we can’t assume the login page for every site as every site is different. We use a built in WordPress variable “login_url”. This by default is set to the WP Login url but it’s easily changed using the code provided or in many premium themes. I also added that we would put an additional settings field to make it easier to change this in the future, we just hate to be redundant. In most cases where users have a custom login page the login_url variable is already updated. Because of this the new field in our settings will be optional, not required.

I hope you’ll give it a try again in the future, especially once your theme has fixed their JS issue. We code our products according to the highest WordPress standards and use as many internal functions as possible to ensure future compatibility. This can be seen in the quality and reviews of our other plugins.

This plugin seems fantastic but two missing functions I like to adding before I purchase it.

1. Stock Status – It shows product if it does exists in stock before move to cart. Easy for customers to know this.

2. Non-logged guest – There’s visitors that don’t want logged/registered their account in the shop, it do sound like as shop owners forces them to log in and it feels unpleasant. Visitors can leave the site if they feel compelled, bad for business reputation and lose visitors – increase abandoned cart.

This missing functions of your plugin does exists in another similiar plugin and I want buy this plugin because statistic function.

I appreciate the feedback. The stock status was actually added in 1.1. I apologize for any confusion, it would seem the demo site was not running the latest version but I have since corrected that.

In regards to the non-logged in save list, it’s possible and I have gone back and forth on this. The main purpose is to encourage users to register an account so that you have a way of communicating with them and bringing them back. This can also help reduce abandoned carts, depends on the customer.

Not all sites allow this but you are right that some do. The difference is that the saved items are stored on the user’s computer if no account is found. There is no point otherwise in having it stored on the server because you cannot act on this information, nor can it be accessed from other computers without an account.

So it’s possible in the future that this would be an optional setting, however it would have to come with a footnote that products saved this way are excluded from statistics.

It is good that stock status has added. I understand what you mean about non-logged guest and hopefully you are gonna to add this in future. Perhaps I will buy this soon.


I successfully integrated the plugin into my project. We are using the save to cart feature along with add_action( ‘woocommerce_check_cart_items’.... to alert the consumer about the products that need to be checked out separately from others. The consumer simply adds the products that need to be checked out separately to the save for later list.

So far the plugin works perfectly. I have confidence and will merge into production site soon.

I usually do not leave reviews so soon after purchase however after integrating the plugin with such ease I wanted to make this note of it.

Good Day

Thank you for the positive feedback! It’s nice to hear how some users have utilized it in their sites :)

If you have any questions or other feedback please reach out again anytime. And if you would like to leave an official review on CodeCanyon it would be greatly appreciated!

If customer save the cart, does the system deduct the stock quantity? Example, if my stock level is left only 1, then a customer save that product for later, will the system mark the product as out of stock?

No, stock quantities are not affected unless the customer purchases it. Saving an item is a way of bookmarking your interest in a visible place. Users may save the item but never come back and purchase it. There’s no obligation so you wouldn’t want it to affect your inventory.

Does it able to show the Save for Later on every single product page?

No, this is a cart specific feature similar to what you would see on websites like Amazon and Target. Something that appears on the product page would be more like a ‘Favorites’ or ‘Wishlist’ system. There are many of these available including our own tied in with email alerts: