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Hi, I have couple of questions:

1. Is it possible to disable/hide the option of commenting on a question? If yes, how do I achieve this? Commenting on an answer should however stay available.

2. I would like to disable/hide a sorting option (newest first, oldest first, etc.) just for answers (single question page). Everytime I tried to do this using CSS, I also disabled the sorting option for questions on the page where all questions are shown – and this is not what i wan’t to achieve. Can you help me out with this one?

Thank you in advance.

Regards, DS


1. You can add the following CSS rule to your theme style.css or a new file at wp-content/sabai/assets/style.css which will completely hide the comments section for a question.
.sabai-questions-comments {
    display: none;
.sabai-entity-bundle-type-questions-answers .sabai-questions-comments {
    display: block;

2. You can try prefixing your CSS target with #sabai-inline-content-answers so that your CSS rule is applied to answers only.

Thank you! It works perfectly :)

Invalid Token error:


I received many complains from user that they received “invalid token” error when they try to post questions. This error doesn’t have any fixed way to get reproduced on the server. When they try again, the question is posted. What all are the reasons for this error?

Site link: https://edugorilla.com/questions


That occurs when you take too much time before submitting the form, by default 30 minutes after the form has been loaded, for security reasons. You can increase it by chanting the 1800 part in wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/SabaiFramework/Token.php


Thanks for the solution. Is it possible to change it through an action/filter? The changes will be lost in next plugin update.


Unfortunately currently there isn’t any feature there however we will see if we can add one in the later version of the plugin.

Does sabai discuss using wordpress media liblary , or still sabai media system ? . I asked because I had to remove sabai due to lack of options and really bad compression.


Unfortunately no.


I do have the same issue :

Error message E_WARNING: Illegal offset type

Stack trace .../wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/Sabai/Addon/Entity/Helper/ Bundle.php (12) in Sabai_Addon_Entity_Helper_Bundle::help called at ? (?) …twork/wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/SabaiFramework/Application/ HelperBroker.php (27) .../wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/SabaiFramework/ Application.php (44) .../wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/Sabai/Addon/Taxonomy/Helper/ Terms.php (9) .../wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/Sabai/Addon/Taxonomy/Helper/ Terms.php (9) in Sabai_Addon_Taxonomy_Helper_Terms::help called at ? (?) …twork/wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/SabaiFramework/Application/ HelperBroker.php (27) .../wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/SabaiFramework/ Application.php (44) .../wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/Sabai/Addon/Taxonomy/ FieldFilter.php (158) .../wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/Sabai/Addon/Taxonomy/ FieldFilter.php (158) .../wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/Sabai/Addon/Taxonomy/ FieldFilter.php (88) …_network/wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/Sabai/Addon/Entity/Helper/ FilterForm.php (22) in Sabai_Addon_Entity_Helper_FilterForm::help called at ? (?) …twork/wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/SabaiFramework/Application/ HelperBroker.php (27) .../wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/SabaiFramework/ Application.php (44) in SabaiFramework_Application::__call called at ? (?) in Sabai_Web::Entity_FilterForm called at ? (?) .../wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/Sabai/ Controller.php (43) …rk/wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/Sabai/Addon/Entity/Controller/ ListEntities.php (158)

I have cleared the cache, verify all the add-on, and their version is 1.3.36, and this haven’t resolve the error

Thanks in advance for your reply


First please try updating to version 1.3.38 of the plugin which should hopefully resolve the issue.

Hello onokazu,

Thank you, that have resolved the issue

Kind regards

Can you limit the number of listings that different users can create?


Unfortunately currently that is not possible but we do plan to add that feature to the later version of the plugin.

I there, I have a full anonymise site so guest users can create questions and vote. What cind of limitation is there: cookie or IP-Adress? When there is blocking the IP address, how can I remove this? My problem is that much users have the same IP adress (proxi server). Kind Regards Michael


Yes, IP check is there if anonymous users are voting. In order to remove that, you can try removing the following part in wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/Sabai/Addon/Voting/Helper/CastVote.php

if (!empty($ip)) {

Presale Question : Hello! Your plugin is great for Q&A forum, however it is not fit for community site.

Do you have any plan to make forum like this?


It would be easy to tweak some Sabai discuss to make like that.

Thank you.

Sabai supports two ways : Answer and comment. In case of answer layout, it is not fit for community forum. And in case of comment, it is not suitable for replying to that comment.

Sabai is perfect for Q&A but not suitable for forum layout.

It would be great if you can describe in more detail how it is not suitable?

Presale question : Is it possible to show daily l weekly l monthly popular topics by widget? I hope there’s a time frame in options.


Thank you for your interest in the plugin. Unfortunately currently that is not possible.

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I found a bug in the latest version. Where do you prefer I report it along with a fix for it?

Pre-sale Questions

1. Is there any way to charge a user before letting them asking a question ? 2. Is there any way to give a certain amount to the best answer of individual question ?



Thank you for your interest in the plugin.

1. Unfortunately no, however we do plan to add that feature to the plugin.

2. The plugin gives reputation points to users who submitted the best answer. The amount of reputation points can be configured from the backend of the plugin.

I want to trigger some functionality when one answer gets accepted. Is there any hook for it?


Yes, you can use the sabai_questions_answer_accepted action hook which provides up to 4 parameters to callback functions, for example:

add_action('questions_answer_accepted', 'my_questions_answer_accepted', 10, 4);
function my_questions_answer_accepted($question, $answer, $score, $timestamp) {
    // Get question ID:
    $question_id = $question->getId();
    // Get answer ID:
    $answer_id = $answer->getId();

hi, presale question: Is possible to set the plugin so that ONLY administrators can answer questions?


Yes, you can simply grant the Add Answers permission to your administrator roles from the backend.


sjk005 Purchased

Hi onokazu,

I have been using the free version of DW Q&A plugin and was planning on purchasing the Pro plugin available on CodeCanyon. However, the author is very unresponsive so I started looking for alternatives. I have a few pre-sales questions.

1) I use Visual Composer. According to THIS LINK, for the questions page, I can design my page in VC and drop in the [sabai-discuss-questions] shortcode. That’s perfect!

However, my concern is about the single question/answer template. I would like it to have the same layout I designed for the questions page (e.g., same menu, same site banner, same location, etc.). I understand I can modify the template files directly but how would I implement the VC layout for the single question/answer page?

2) Are there any pre-made resources or css stylesheets for different ‘looks’ other than the standard? The standard look is quite bland when compared to other plugins like DW Q&A. I understand I can edit the css manually through my child theme. I’m curious if you can point in the right direction for any pre-made css code.

Thank you! :)


1. You can design the pages with VC by following the instructions in the FAQ below, without modifying template files or relying on shortcodes: https://codecanyon.net/item/sabai-discuss-plugin-for-wordpress/3455723/faqs/25325

2. Unfortunately currently no since our plugin needs to be able to fit into all those theme out there. However we may be able to add some kind of “skin” feature to the plugin in future versions.


sjk005 Purchased

I went ahead and purchased it. Will use it for a while and if I have any questions, I’ll bug you again. Will leave a review after. Thanks! :)


Is it possible to use Disqus as a comment system?


Currently no, however we do plan to add that feature to the later version of the plugin.

Is there a way to add an icon per category like in Sabai Directory?


Currently that is not possible unfortunately but planned for the later version of the plugin.

Hello, I can see there is a recent update for PHP 7.1 . we are using the previous version on pHP 7.1 and we have not seen bugs. can you tell more about this compatibility ? thanks in advance.


It should fix the deprecated error messages that appear when you have the debug mode enabled.

Hi, we need yout help!!

Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to Sabai_Addon_Field_Filter_Boolean::fieldFilterGetForm() must implement interface Sabai_Addon_Field_IField, null given, called in /home2/zackate/public_html/gto.travel/wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/Sabai/Addon/Entity/Helper/FilterForm.php on line 22 and defined in /home2/zackate/public_html/gto.travel/wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/Sabai/Addon/Field/Filter/Boolean.php on line 81



Please make sure that you are currently using the latest version of the plugin and also try clearing the cache from Settings -> Sabai.


sjk005 Purchased

Quick question. When I create a custom field -> “Advanced Settings” -> “Default Value”, how can I make that field disappear when the user clicks on it?

With normal HTML and JavaScript, I used to do the following :

<input name="Name" value="Enter Your Name" onfocus="(this.value == 'Enter Your Name') && (this.value = '')" onblur="(this.value == '') && (this.value = 'Enter Your Name')" />


<input name="Name" placeholder="Enter Your Name" />

I can’t find how to make any of these custom changes under the advanced settings.

Thanks! :)

EDIT : Here is an example someone did online : http://jsbin.com/azehum/2/edit?html,js,output


sjk005 Purchased

One additional question, please. Is there a way to show a randomly generated Gravatar if the person posts anonymously?


sjk005 Purchased

Also, my Gravatars are not showing up, even for registered users. Any idea why? Thanks a bunch.


As for your 1st question, unfortunately currently that is not possible out of the box with the plugin but may be possible with custom javascript code.

> One additional question, please. Is there a way to show a randomly generated Gravatar if the person posts anonymously?

You should be able to configure avatars from Settings -> Discussions in WordPress admin dashboard.

> Also, my Gravatars are not showing up, even for registered users. Any idea why?

We do need to actually look at your site since we are not able to reproduce the issue. Also if you are using some other plugin on your site that is generating custom avatars or adding a similar feature, it may be that there is a conflict with that plugin. If you need further support, please contact support with the URL to the page where we can take a look at the issue. https://codecanyon.net/item/sabai-discuss-plugin-for-wordpress/3455723/support


canyond Purchased


Is there a shortcode for unanswered questions? I am trying to show them as a separate page since tabs are gone!

Also, why did you remove the tabs in 1.3? :/

It looked much better before and it was easily accessible (unanswered, featured etc) Is it possible to bring it back so if people want to use they still can?

Thank you


Unfortunately we currently do not plan to put it back as it does not fit very well with quite a number of themes in terms of design.

I understand… how about the themes it fits it with and people who wants to use it? :) maybe you can make it optional (enable/disable tabs).

Also my initial question: Is there a shortcode for unanswered questions? I am trying to show them as a separate page since tabs are gone!

do you support a free license for non-profit organization ? its about religious facts. Thanks, Rashedul Alam


Unfortunately since licenses (purchase codes) are generated by codecanyon.net we are not able to provide any for free.