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HI, I’m using Sabai Directory, latest release with Avada theme, latest release and I’ve got some treubles with Ajax search wich wan’t work (https://www.veterinariitaliani.it/add-directory-listing/) What I can do? Thank you so much in advance


The URL does not seem to be accessible at this moment. Please contact support with another URL or procedures on how we can take a look at the page. https://codecanyon.net/item/sabai-directory-plugin-for-wordpress/4505485/support


vidal Purchased

Is it possible to add another column in de Admin Panel , for example I want to quickly see if some Listing don’t have a website address.



That is technically possible, however will require custom developed code.


vidal Purchased

Hi, when I’m logged in as admin and viewing a listing, Is it possible to directly edit this in the Front-end as an Admin ?

Or is there a way as admin to have an Extra option To Edit the current listing in the Admin, The EDIT PAGE is always editing the page, but not the listing itself.


vidal Purchased

There should be a way to quickly edit a listing as an Admin, I don’t want to search 1000’s of listings and then edit. Just a Quick edit on front-end which takes us to the Edit listing and not Edit page

For now, you can do so by adding the following code to a new file at wp-content/sabai/functions.php

function my_wp_before_admin_bar_render() {
    global $wp_admin_bar, $sabai_entity;

    if (isset($sabai_entity)
        && $sabai_entity->getBundleType() === 'directory_listing'
        && get_sabai()->getUser()->isAdministrator()
    ) {
        $bundle_name = $sabai_entity->getBundleName();
            'id'    => 'edit',
            'title' => 'Edit Listing',
            'href'  => get_sabai()->Url(array(
                'route' => '/' . substr($bundle_name, 0,
strpos($bundle_name, '_')) . '/' . $sabai_entity->getId(),
                'script' => 'admin',
add_action('wp_before_admin_bar_render', 'my_wp_before_admin_bar_render');

Wishlist: include the directory entrys in the wordpress default search results… !!!


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Immediately after updating to 1.3.44: When adding a new listing without a location, it forces a lat/lng of 0,0 and the map icon appears on the new listing.

After manually removing the 0,0 value from the lat/lng fields, it does not save.

I experienced the same issue a few versions back, and it was addressed as a Bug in the next release.

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1. Is it possible to customize the design of the search bar? I like the smooth and clean design of the search bar on this site: http://afterschool.my/ There’s other search bar designs like it in different forms but it looks so clean.

2. Is there a way to customize the look of the search filter of the directory? Can I add more to it? If I wanted to add text next to the filter box, is it possible? (eg: Search by Location: Location 1 Location 2 Location 3)

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How do I properly delete and remove all files for the Sabai plugins?

Best Regards

Today, I tried exporting my database after updating the plugin via Wordpress -> Update and also via Settings -> Sabai. Also cleared the cache. When I pressed Export (with the Show progress box checked), it did not let me download the file like it usually did in the previous version. It also did not show the progress of each listing being exported like it did in the previous version. I went into wp-content/sabai/CSV/export and saw a file there but why do I have to go into the server? It should let me download the exported file via the dashboard. I press the Export button and the in-progress animation appears on top of the button for several minutes, then disappears. Then nothing happens.


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I was going back through the comments history to discover how to change the color of the buttons. Is it still a case of figuring out all the css thingy or has a more practical / easier approach developed? If you could point me in the direction of the applicable homework!


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I’m getting database errors – did email you a few days ago, any reply would be appreciated.

Plugin looks good, documentation however is severely lacking. Video tutorials would be a nice addition.