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Hi. Could I use other map service, like bing, for the website since our country cannot access google’s services? Thank you.


Unfortunately no. Can you tell us which country that is blocking the Google Maps service?


jcolome Purchased

I see a lot of bug fixes but no new features since a very long time. Any reason for that ?


We don’t plan to add new features to the 1.3.x branch since we plan to make it as stable as possible.


jcolome Purchased

Where can I purchase MyPlaces theme ?


You can try contacting the theme author from https://www.myplacestheme.com/.


aceriker Purchased

Have been using this plugin for a couple of years now, it’s really great for running a local business directory. I love that it’s still in active development. The only thing holding me back from renewing the support is the lack of new features over the last 12 months.

It would be great to know what the roadmap for this plugin is.

One feature I would like to see is an omni-search bar. People should be able to search by business name or location from a single search bar. It might be technically unfeasible, but I’d love to know if it’s possible or not!


Thank you for your comment on the plugin and your suggestion!

We do plan to add a similar feature like that, however we are not sure how we can actually implement it. It may not be easy to detect if the user input is a location name or a business name, or should it search both by default?


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Is it possible to limit the number of listings that different users can create?


I want to add the alt attribute value to the no image src code for the Recent listings widget, I think it’s code is in sabai-directory/lib/directory/widget.php

Could you please let me know how can we override the code written here, or will I need to edit the core plugin file?

I have a custom field using Checkboxes. I can filter for a checked item fine. I would like to filter if there are any checked items in that custom field. I see the query string in the address bar.. I want to do something like this: filter=1&field_namexxx=any


i have cloned my directory and set for each directory different Listings default views but that’s not work.

Directory 1 Listings default view is grid Directory 2 Listings default view is map

If I go to directory 1 page and set List view and visit directory 2 site now the List view is also set allthough the standard should be map.

I have test on your demo page and it’s the same problem.

please can you help to solve this?

regards Andre

Hi, I need for my two directorys different Introduction texts. And the text should only visible on this specific pages not on detail listings and not on category listings.

can you help me

regads Andre


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I got an email from my hosting provider, at www.wpengine.com, letting me know that they have php 7 and that helps the site to improve. I have a question if I upgrade to php 7 there will be no problems? Has a plugin that verifies if it is compatible or not and I throw this data. Name: Sabai The plugin/theme was skipped as it was too large to scan before the server killed the process. Name: Sabai Directory PHP 7.0 compatible. Name: Sabai Google Maps PHP 7.0 compatible. Name: Sabai Paid Listings FILE: /nas/content/live/sabanaurbana/wp-content/plugins/sabai-paidlistings/lib/Stripe/lib/Stripe/Object.php --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOUND 0 ERRORS AND 2 WARNINGS AFFECTING 2 LINES --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 239 | WARNING | Method name "Stripe_Object::__toJSON" is discouraged; PHP has reserved all method names with a double underscore prefix for future use 254 | WARNING | Method name "Stripe_Object::__toArray" is discouraged; PHP has reserved all method names with a double underscore prefix for future use ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hello, We can’t see the Google maps cluster images anymore and I think the problem appeared when we moved to https. I tried the following: - updating the plugin to the last version then using https://[Your WP URL]/wp-content/plugins/sabai-googlemaps/assets/images/markercluster in the Settings > Map section - copy the image files under https://[Your WP URL]/wp-content/plugins/sabai-googlemaps/assets/images/markercluster It didn’t work. The code is still using http://google-maps-utility-library-v3.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/markerclustererplus/images/m1.png. Could it be because we are using customized templates in [Your WP URL]/wp-content/sabai/assets? Obviously these templates are based on a previous version. The following templates are customised: directory_custom_fields.html.php directory_listings_single_full.html.php directory_listing_single_summary.html.php directory_listing_tab_sample.html.php directory_listings_map.html.php directory_searchbox.html.php

Thanks again for your help!