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flyhead Purchased

Hi, do you have a timeframe yet as to when the csv exporter will be ready?


Not exactly, however if you are interested please contact support.

Hi Sr. onokazu

In Directory/setting/email we have: Lead Added Notification Email

Now we need use this tag: {order_plan}

Of course the others tag in this place are useful. But we need to know users PLAN listing

Can you help us please?

and the other point: If I check this choice (Enable this email notification), we cant send this email notification ONLY to selected roles. Can be good add some choice to enable notification ONLY to admin and not to listing owner



Unfortunately those are currently not possible however we will see what we can do for the later version of the plugin.


touren Purchased

Hi Kazu, I have a field in my listings called field_offen …. now after 1 year I want to reset all settings referring this field to 0. what do I have to do? I think it has to be done with a sql demand, am I right? Can you pls. tell the code for this reset!


In order to do so you should first delete the field and re-create it from Directory -> Listings -> Fields -> Manage Form.


touren Purchased

thank you! that worked!! I have another question… is it possible to use my costum field_open in a shortcode – I tried out [sabai-directory-listings ffield_open=open] but that does not work

Just sent you an email too – not sure which you check quicker … Just launched a site moving it from a dev domain to it’s main domain and now saving anything in Sabai breaks the directory. The client is very unhappy – need to fix ASAP.

We get this error:

Here’s the error: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Unsupported operand types in /home/anitrawo/public_html/spencermainstreet/wp-content/plugins/sabai-directory/lib/Directory/Controller/Listings.php:413 Stack trace: #0 /home/anitrawo/public_html/spencermainstreet/wp-content/plugins/sabai-directory/lib/Directory/Controller/Listings.php(400): Sabai_Addon_Directory_Controller_Listings->_getAddonSettings(Object(Sabai_Context), Object(Sabai_Addon_Directory)) #1 /home/anitrawo/public_html/spencermainstreet/wp-content/plugins/sabai-directory/lib/Directory/Controller/Listings.php(9): Sabai_Addon_Directory_Controller_Listings->_getDefaultSettings(Object(Sabai_Context)) #2 /home/anitrawo/public_html/spencermainstreet/wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/Sabai/Controller.php(36): Sabai_Addon_Directory_Controller_Listings->_doExecute(Object(Sabai_Context)) #3 /home/anitrawo/public_html/spencermainstreet/wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/SabaiFramework/Application/RoutingController.php(107): Sabai_Controller->execute(Object(Sabai_Context)) #4 /home/anitrawo/public_html/ in /home/anitrawo/public_html/spencermainstreet/wp-content/plugins/sabai-directory/lib/Directory/Controller/Listings.php on line 413

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent in /home/anitrawo/public_html/spencermainstreet/wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/SabaiFramework/Application/HttpResponse.php on line 96

If it helps to know, I’m using the “Go Live Update URLs” plugin to update the URLs in the database when changing the URL on the website.

I’ve been troubleshooting this all day while awaiting your response… I did another restore from the original after trying your suggestion to save the settings – since that broke everything again. And then, re-updated the URL for the site and ran the “Go Live” plugin again – this time not check marking the Sabai tables in the database to be updated within that plugin. This seemed to do the trick. There must be something in your plugin that automatically updates things when the URL is changed. And things go haywire if someone tries to do an auto update of the URLs rather than allowing the plugin to do it. So I believe we can mark this as solved, but I wanted to share the solution in case anyone else ran across this problem when trying to launch a site with your plugin on a different URL than where they developed the site.

Thank you for sharing the info. Our plugin does not store URLs in the database in order to prevent from the URLs being invalidated upon site URL changes. We do not have any knowledge about the Go Live Update URLs plugin, but it does seem like that the plugin updates or modifies data used by our plugin which causes the fatal error.

So what is supposed to happen when an advertiser no longer wants their listing on my site? I thought I would just delete the listing, but this causes 404 error if someone tried to return to the page via bookmark or a link on an external site. Then I tried doing a 301 redirect to the home page via Redirection plugin but it does not work (these are the ONLY redirects not working with the plugin). I’d rather not clutter my htacess file every time someone cancels their listing. I feel like I’ve missed some instruction because I don’t see any other comments about it. Thank you!


You’re right that currently it will be 404 error since the listing will no longer exist but we will see what we can do and have them 301 redirect in some way.

What is the best way to edit the HTML / CSS of the template pages, without losing the changes when the plugin is updated?


If you place your custom template files under wp-content/sabai/assets/ then those template files will never be removed by updates.


if i customize the format of address settings on location field settings than the street number comes before street. In german the street number comes after the street name. generally it works but not if i customize the format of address allthough i have set the german location code “DE” in the settings.

regards Andre


You’re right that happens when you customize the format since the street address comes with both street number and name by default. The only way currently to resolve the issue is not to customize the format unfortunately. We will also see what we can be done for the later version of the plugin.

Hello onokazu, regarding the small Google map on the detailed listing page:

1) By default, Google Maps forces mobile users to move the map around with two fingers. I would prefer they move the map with one finger. Apparently this can be chosen via the “google.maps.MapOptions object specification” and choosing “greedy” for the gestureHandling. Is this possible to do with Sabai directory?

2) On mobile devices, it is very difficult to close an open listing on the map by tapping the tiny grey “x” in the top right corner. Instead, is there a way to let the user close that window by tapping on the map area outside of it?

3) Sometimes on small Google maps I see a clickable link to “View larger map” which takes the user to the Google Maps website to see a bigger map. Is this possible to do with the map on the detailed listing page?

Thank you!


Thank you for the info you’ve provided regarding Google Maps and we will see what we can do for the later version of the plugin.

Can location be a dropdown predefined location list???


Unfortunately not, however it is possible to display auto-suggest city, region/state/province, zip code, country values that are currently used for the listing in your directory, from Settings -> Search -> Location Search Settings.


Recyclart Purchased

Hi, Just to let you know that your plugin does not work with php 7.1.1. Any update planed?


We will release compatible version with the next update of the plugin.

What is easiest way to add a section where a listing owner can list items for sale and their price. It does not have to be full classified plugin, but just ability to add this to the “create a listing” option, but only it make it available as a paid feature? Im just looking for easiest way to do this


Unfortunately we’re not sure how that can be done however the closest thing you can do is to create a Paragraph Text type field, let users enter their item details and have that field available to certain paid plans only.


iRolf Purchased

I found two issues in the country search: one is concerning umlauts: if you search for entries in an country like “Österreich” no entries were found. searching for “Osterreich” will do this job, but no german speaking user will use this.

the second one is about the results of entries when searching the entries of a whole country: e.g. searching “Osterreich” will start in the geographical center of that country with the standard radius around that point, needless to say that not many results where shown. is it possible to ignore the search radius for such a unprecise search? or at least to stretch the radius?

thank you, rolf


> if you search for entries in an country like “Österreich” no entries were found.

We’ve tested it and seems it does work fine as you can see here: https://demo.sabaiapps.com/sabaidirectory/restaurants/?address=%C3%96sterreich

You should be able to use any language characters as long as Google Maps is able to recognize them.

We’re not sure if we really understood your second issue, but you may want to set the default search radius to “None” under Directory -> Settings -> Search -> Location Search Settings and see if that fixes the issue.


iRolf Purchased


thanks for your reply. as I tried to used your address parameter with the link of my site I could figure out the umlaut problem, mayby helpful for others:

the iThemes Security plugin was configured to intercept URI with obscure characters. without, everything is fine.

for the radius part: if I set it to none and search for the whole country the result is okay. but it doesn’t show a result when using location based services, ‘cause there is no entry in a radius of 0 km around me.

> thanks for your reply. as I tried to used your address parameter with the link of my site I could figure out the umlaut problem, mayby helpful for others: > > the iThemes Security plugin was configured to intercept URI with obscure characters. without, everything is fine.

Thank you for sharing the valuable info!

> for the radius part: if I set it to none and search for the whole country the result is okay. but it doesn’t show a result when using location based services, ‘cause there is no entry in a radius of 0 km around me.

The “None” option does not mean that it will search for listings within radius of 0 km (or mil). It tells Google to calculate the best search radius based on the search input. For example, if the search input was a street name, then the radius will be auto-calculated to fit the area where the street is on the map.


ayron Purchased

Hi, Maps do not work. I have created and includes the Google Maps Javascript keys API browser key and Google Maps Geocoding API server key, but an error message always appears: Oops! Something went wrong. This page did not load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. Can you help me?


The error message indicates that the Google Maps API key settings are not correct or not being loaded properly for some reason. Please check your Google Maps API settings in Settings -> Sabai -> GoogleMaps.


ayron Purchased

The settings are correct. However, it works on the front end, but not on the backend (admin).

That may happen if there is some kind of javascript conflict with another plugin on your site. You can check the browser console to see if any error on that page.

Hi there. I’m just following up a support request I sent to you yesterday. I didn’t get an acknowledgement by email, so I thought I’d check you got my message. It’s to do with the import function not working. The field matching all works fine and then it seems to execute – no error messages are generated – but nothing actually gets imported. Thanks.


Yes, we have received your support request so please wait for a reply from support.

Great – thanks. No problem waiting, but I think an email in response to each initial support query would be reassuring and maybe cut down on the number of responses you need to provide. Just a suggestion :O)

Good afternoon. You support free maps “OpenStreetMap support”. Tell me where you can see it before buying your plugin.


You can the map selection dropdown button on the map and select “OSM”, then the map will change to OpenStreetMap. You can also configure the plugin to display OpenStreetMap by default.

Ok, I choose OSM, the style of OSM appears. But the cards are still from google. What am I doing wrong?

You’re not doing anything wrong. It simply renders map tiles from OSM and that is how it works.



Hi If I want to change the author of one announcement in the admin it is noted “undefined” before the name of the author Can you me tell, please, what is happening Thank you Manuel



I did a test by entering a new user and by creating an annoncement that is the same prolem

Anglais Français Italien I did a test by entering a new user and by creating an ad that is the same

The user is anais and I read in the admin :

local agent: “undefined Anais” Author: “undefined Anais”

Please, why undefined ?

Thank tou




Sorry, It is just a wordpress problem with user avatar Best regards Manuel

Great, thank you for the update!


Callipus Purchased

Hello, how can I remove the box which ask the reason for deletion when user wants to delete a listing? Actually I prefer that he can be able to delete his listing directly. Thank you.


Unfortunately this can not be deleted at this time however we will see what we can do.


vixice Purchased

How can I disable redo search on map by default ? ( make it unchecked )


It is disabled by default, however it is cached in your browser using a cookie. If you clear the cookie in your browser or restart your browser, then it should be unchecked again.

Hi!! On a buddypress site, can users associate themsellf with an existing company aka “i work here” . If ione user writes in his profile “company field”: “coca cola company” Will then “coca cola cola” will show up and be associated with this user? (If it exist in the directory of course)

Or how does it work on buddypress ?

Thanks for your answer! Cheers. :-)


Unfortunately there is not such feature like that however that sounds like a very cool feature.

The BuddyPress integration feature simply lets listings/reviews/photos/bookmarks of each user to be displayed on their BuddyPress profile and activity stream. Please take a look at the screenshots below:

Right, thank you so much for your answer! Well, yes. That would be a very neat feature!

Cheers! ;-)