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Hello. And in this plugin you can integrate Yandex maps?


Unfortunately no.

Hello, My webpage for sabai plugin is https://sacekimleri.com/sac-ekimi-merkezleri/

My problem is The pages tab is not working. Like 1-2-3-4-5.. And the search section is not working. Could you please help?


The problem is that sacekimleri.com and www.sacekimleri.com are considered different domains in javascript request and since your site has www.sacekimleri.com configured as the website address, the plugin is not able to load content when you are viewing the site from sacekimleri.com for security reasons. You can see that the URL https://www.sacekimleri.com/sac-ekimi-merkezleri/ works fine. You will need to configure your server so that any request to sacekimleri.com is automatically redirected to www.sacekimleri.com.

Hi, my directory using sabai geolocate doesn’t ask to share location on my localhost. is there any solutions? it appear only listing.


The geolocation feature works only when your site is hosted under https. For further support, please use the account that you used to purchase the plugin.

Hi, We have purchased this for our client and so far its nearly working as we want it to! Just two quick questions..

1. For some reason the review system is not loading on our site when you click into a listing. Its just a white empty space under the tab with no review?

2. How come the contact forms wont show unless a user is logged in? We want the listing system to just work for guests to view listings and contact the listing when they want but the form only shows up if I am logged in (as admin). I have checked the permissions in the back end but nothing there is working when I make changes to them.

Can you please advise? Thanks :)

I have also checked console and I have no javascript errors? I just dont get why the reviews wont show up and my contact forms only appear for the admin when logged in? Thanks again


1. You may want to try enabling the debug mode by following the instructions in this FAQ: https://codecanyon.net/item/sabai-directory-plugin-for-wordpress/4505485/faqs/17467

2. In order to let guest users submit messages through the contact us form, you will need to grant the Add Lead permission to the Guest user role from Directory -> Settings -> Access Control.


gnfb1234 Purchased

There is a very clever little plugin called Browser shots https://wordpress.org/plugins/browser-shots/ You embed this shortcode in a post [browser-shot url=”http://link-to-website” width=”600”] and you get an image of the website. Is there away this could be used in creating a record? Lets say you were creating a directory of websites and it allowed you to have a image of site in the record.


We do plan to add the feature as an option to the later version of the plugin.


bm2 Purchased

Hi ! Could you give answer on my question ? https://codecanyon.net/comments/16239454

I want to buy, but i need a small bug fix.


We don’t think it is a bug, however it is possible. Please see the reply there.


bm2 Purchased

Thank you ! I will buy script today. I hope, that if I can not make it by myself, your support will help me with this !


bm2 Purchased

I bought it ))

Onokazu, what file i need to edit and what exactly ? In admin part there are no such settings. Thanks !

P.S. https://codecanyon.net/comments/16239454 – about this


We’ve replied to your question, please continue on the discussion there. If you have already replied there as well, please wait for a reply there as well.


jtny10 Purchased

I have searched through the comments and saw a few posts from 3 years ago that said you were adding a way for someone to pay before they post a listing.. I cant find if you did add this or anyway of finding it in the plugin. Any update on this? The goal is to have someone pay for a listing first before they fill out a form.


Unfortunately this is not yet possible. It is however still on the planning stage.


ayron Purchased

Hi, Export feature for when? Thanks


We do plan to add the feature to the later version of the plugin. For details on later version of the plugin, please contact support as this section is for providing support with the current version of the plugin.


Denise2017 Purchased

Hi, is there any option to connect a new listing to a buddypress group? I would need to see the information, that there is a new listing related to a group in the activity stream of a group. Thank you!


Unfortunately there is no such option with the plugin at this moment.


I sent a reply to an email a few days ago, but haven’t gotten a reply yet. It is regarding hooks for categories to be preselected and an Google Maps API issue.

If you have answers for that, it would be great!

However, I also have another question that needs urgent attention.

I have thousands of categories and multiple subcategories within subcategories. I allow for wildlife sightings to be added, and need them to be sorted in a taxonomic way, where every species is a subcategory in a hierarchy. For example: lion needs to be under cats, which is under carnivores, which again is under mammals. This is great for listing searches. However, it is not very good when it comes to finding the correct species when adding it on the form, as my members need to go down one category at the time and need taxonomic knowledge to find what they are looking for. A lot of species are not self-explanatory. This is very inconvenient and lots of members are put off by this.. My website is just now going live for the first time, and complaints about this inconvenience is flooding in..

I need it to be possible to have some sort of search function for categories when adding a form, similar that on the search function in the front end, where you search for listings. So that people can type in what they are looking for, and the correct category (species) suggestions comes up. Then they do not need to traverse the maze of subcategories to find what they are looking for.

Is this possible to add? With code, then how? This is a crucial aspect of my site and I really need it sorted out somehow before I loose members.. This issue is also one of the reasons I want hooks for preselected categories. However, a search function would solve this issue big time! The rest of the plugin is great, and the very best I’ve come across for my purposes (and I have tried a few), but this one thing really is holding me and my website back at the moment..


Hi there,

I would like to hide the directory listing from public view that is i want to hide “http://websitename.com/directory/listing” from public view but edit function needs to work as usual : “http://websitename.xyz/directory/listing/listing-name/edit?dashboard=1”

My goal is to keep the user dashboard just with edit option..is it possible?


Hi, is it possible to create multiple directories within one installation and can they be styled different? For example one directory for local business with adress fields and map, another one for jobs with contact data and another one for tools with screenshots, url and description?

Suggestion: add a next listing and previous listing in the listing editor allow quicker editing

Bug: In my listing there are fields that are only available when you select a certain category. I fill in all the fields. Afterwards when the user wants to edit the listing at the frontend he have to reselect the category so that the fields become visible. (Firefox Browser 52.0.2 (32-bits)

Also the google map bug is still present. Look at previous mail some months ago.