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Any plans for a future update of the directory to be GDPR compliant? Or any suggestions on how to make the directory GDPR compliant? I have tried to add a checkbox to user reviews and for new listings but the ip address is still stored along with the email address, even for a user that is not logged in.


IP address is stored for votes and comments only. We will see if we can update the plugin so that they are either encrypted or can be removed from the database.

That would be great, thanks. But it’s all personal data stored so the email address and name also. And, there needs to be a consent checkbox and when they check the box giving consent it needs to be stored that consent was given or maybe they cannot comment unless they give consent. That might be easier. GDPR compliance is pretty involved. Here’s a short article about it: https://www.superoffice.com/blog/gdpr/. It’s worth doing some research on. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what needs to be done on my site for comments, contact forms and email subscribers. It’s not fun. :-(


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Suggestion – search widget


The plugin doesn’t have the search widget however instead you can use the [sabai-directory-search-form] shortcode in a text widget.

Hello! Do you have a translated .po file for german language? Thanks!


Unfortunately no.


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Hi Onokazu,
I’d like to add a specific class to some custom fields (sabai-directory-custom-fields) e.g. to have a label with different color. Is it possible?
Another question:
Custom email fields don’t have email as a link but is shown as a text. Is it possible to change it as a link (mailto)?
Thank you


Each of the custom fields does get assigned a CSS class sabai-field-name-xxxx where xxxx is the machine readable name of the field, e.g. field_price.

> Custom email fields don’t have email as a link but is shown as a text. Is it possible to change it as a link (mailto)?

That will require modification to the email() method of the default field renderer class (wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/Sabai/Addon/Field/Renderer/Default.php). You can loop through the $values array (which contains one or more e-mail field values) and construct a mailto HTML link for each e-mail address.


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I’m trying to create new cloned directories and I need spaces in the names (e.g. “Eating Out”. However it comes back with an error “The input value did not match the regular expression: /^[a-zA-Z0-9]{2,}$/”. Is it not possible to have spaces in directory names? Seems like a pretty basic feature?


Directory names can’t contain spaces. You can simply change the page title of the directory index page for the directory since that is the title of the directory shown in the frontend.


We’ve used this plugin in the past for a standard directory, but we’re considering it for something a little different. Is it possible to disable linking to the individual listing pages?

What we want to do is use the searching and GPS functionality for them to find a location nearest them. But then, rather than being taken to the listing page, we want to direct them to a different internal page on the website.

Does that make sense? Is that doable with this plugin?