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Hi There,

A friend of mine purchased this plugin, and they have few questions: 1) When a listing expires, can the listing be set to draft/pending/ or not public when it expires rather than trash? 2) When someone has renewed the listing & paid through paypal, will a email be sent to the admin to inform that they have paid? How will the admin know that the account users paid for their renewal?



1. By default listings become unclaimed and are still displayed publicly with less features.

2. Our plugin does not send out such notification so you will need to see if there is any that can be sent from your paypal account.

For further support, please use the account that has been used to purchase the plugin on this site.

Hi Kazu!

This is kind of a pre-purchase question. If purchased, how would I go about importing a list of stores that I already have the data for stored in a csv. Am I looking at a lot of work or is there a seamless/painless integration method.

Thanks for the reply. A friend of mine purchased your plugin a while back and he showed me the basics of importing which takes a minute to figure out. The bad part is none of the ways to import images work. The script will upload the image but for some reason it does not associate the image with the listing no matter what option you use. This is unfortunately a deal breaker for me.

We are not able to reproduce such issue so if your friend is having issues with import, please have your friend contact support with details so that we may be able to help out. https://codecanyon.net/item/sabai-directory-plugin-for-wordpress/4505485/support

I will let him know. Can you tell me where the template files are that each listing uses when generated dynamically?


simplecup Purchased

Hi I’m trying to figure out – does this plugin feature automatic renewal on a monthly basis? So that it charges their card automatically via Stripe and keeps the listing going without sending an expiration email etc? I’ve noticed that people are getting renewal emails and they are having to go in and renew it. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!


It is automatic if the payment plan is a recurring payment plan (supported with Stripe and PayPal only). If not, then users will need to manually renew their payment plans.


fluxar Purchased

Hello, I am trying to sort my listing results based on plan priority. We currently offer 4 pricing plans. Our platinum will need to show first, then gold, then silver, etc etc. How do you do this with your plugin? I’ve been searching everywhere but can’t find it. I would also like to associate a badge with each plan. I’m currently just adding an imagine field, but I have to then select the image each time. I’d rather just have it be if this plan, show this image. Less maintenance that way… Thank you for your help!


fluxar Purchased

Hello, I’ve sent a support email and this comment about my issue… can you please address my issue? I need to present this to my client soon. Thanks


We’ve replied to your question regarding the listing sort order by e-mail some time ago so please check your e-mail.

As for showing a badge, unfortunately there currently isn’t such feature with the plugin. It is technically possible, but will require custom developed code.

Hello, I still have not received an email. I checked all spam folders and nothing.. I will send you an email so you can forward it to my personal address. Thank you.


mewigo Purchased

We are trying to import some entries via csv. The import is successfull, but the entries are not visible on the maps UNTIL we go in the backend, open the entries and press the “find on map” button manually for all entries…the full location adress is imported correctly and looks like this (example):

Am Ort 6, 24340, Eckernförde, Deutschland

Any ideas?


When importing, have you checked the “Geocode address” option in the 3rd step of the import wizard? This will let the importer query the Google Maps service and fetch lat/lng coordinates for each listing. It seems like those coordinates are missing for your listings so perhaps you have not enabled the option when importing?

Hi, I requested support previously about removing the button that has appeared that allows people to click between the different directories. After adding a second directory this button has now appeared on all pages created using a shortcode for listing results. You recommended editing the shortcode used to remove this but I have created far too many pages to be able to manually edit each pages shortcode. Is there something I can add to the functions file or something to remove this button as it is not relevant to switch between my directories and is causing all pages to link to pages with no results. Please can you help me remove these buttons as I do not want them anywhere on the site at all? This is also causing Google to index irrelevant pages with no results.

Hi, you have not provided anything. The select button is the one that comes with Sabai to switch between different directories. I just want to remove this select option completely as is causing issues. Is there something I can add to the functions file to remove this?

As we said, please tell us in more detail which select button exactly you are referring to. There are many of them in the plugin and without knowing which one exactly you are referring to, we can’t provide you anything. Can you tell us on which page we can see the button you are referring to?

Hi, you can see this here where the select button is below the search input bar: https://www.lawfirms.co.uk/london/


SeoiAleks Purchased

How to add your social network, or replace one of the existing


You can use the custom field version of the Social Accounts field which supports more social media sites than the default one. You can add that field from Directory -> Listings -> Fields -> Manage Form.


temptel Purchased


We just to install the plugin and we have a problem with the maps. In the front end, the control to zoom ( + – ) or the option to move the map with the mouse doesn´t work.

Also, in the control panel, the map to add the address of a listing doesn´t work.

We have added the Google api key, so, we don´t know where is the problem. Here you have the url:



We’ve already received your support request with the same issue, so please wait for a reply from there.


temptel Purchased


Ok, we are wating for the reply, we need to fix that issue.


Hi, you previously made an update that would redirect urls so they either all had a trailing slash / or they did not so that there is not 2 of every category and listings page when indexed by search engines. This seems to have stopped working. Can you check this? There are quite a few seo issues with this.

Hi, I have to say that was not very helpful at all. I have also just checked the demo site and that too is not forcing the trailing slash as you can see using the below demo urls: https://demo.sabaiapps.com/sabaidirectory/businesses/categories/architecture/


without the slash https://demo.sabaiapps.com/sabaidirectory/businesses/categories/architecture

plus another example showing a listing:

https://demo.sabaiapps.com/sabaidirectory/businesses/listing/the-american-institute-of-architects/ and without the slash https://demo.sabaiapps.com/sabaidirectory/businesses/listing/the-american-institute-of-architects

The trailing slash feature of the plugin does not automatically redirect to URLs with slashes. It has never been like that in the plugin, so you will need to rely on .htaccess to redirect to URLs with a slash. It is most likely that the .htaccess file on your site has been modified if it was working previously.

why does it not redirect like wordpress does as this means there are 2 of every category and 2 of every listing? The urls can be indexed by Google as different urls so causes duplicate pages.


jalmz Purchased

How to separate Reviews from (Map and Picture tabs) ?


Unfortunately reviews need to be inside its tab.

What do I do to create a page where the customer can add a restaurant and a review for it?

In other words, I am looking for the technique that enables a customer reviewer to add an unlisted restaurant?


Users can submit listings from the directory dashboard in the frontend. You can also add an Add Listing button to your site using the Add Listing widget from Appearance -> Widgets.

Is there an option that free listings can upgrade to a paid listing later on without having to resubmit a listing? How do you do this?


If the listing is already claimed, then the listing owner can select a paid plan when the current free plan expires, from the directory dashboard page in the frontend.

That seems silly they have to wait until the plan expires. Until that option is added I cannot buy this, hopefully you add this function in.


leszekem Purchased

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jalmz Purchased

How to Activate flash uploader? I cant see the flash uploader anymore..


Our plugin doesn’t have such uploader built in by default. Is it something added by another plugin?

How do I give a new user (non-business) the option to create a review for an unlisted business? A user should be able to create a review for a business not in directory yet.