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Hi Kazu. Can you please tell me when will you launch conditional fields features in Sabai directory? I saw your comment from past that it is on your todo list. Conditional field will allow dynamic custom fields to appear depending on the selection (On/Off, or checkbox) of a field in frontend.


This is still on the planning stage unfortunately, however we will see if we can give it a higher priority.

Thanks Kazu


how is it possible to modify the whole detail listing? The template directory_listing_single_full.html.php only contains the body, but the tabs are not included in this file. Where can I modify the content of the css ID sabai-content?




Tabbed sections are rendered separately from the main part of the single listing page. They are rendered programmatically and unfortunately not possible to modify through template files. Which tab specifically are you trying to customize?


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Is there a way to hide the “add listing” button in the dashboard page with CSS.

Thanks in advance.


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I really need your opinion on this, how complicated is it to customize Sabai to work with WP media? I know you are not planning to do this soon so I’m thinking about doing it because I want to use WP Offload S3.

Also, do you think it’s easier to customize WP Offload S3 Lite to work with Sabai.

Please let me know what you think !


Unfortunately there isn’t a specific CSS class assigned to the button on the dashboard, but you can hide the button if you remove the Add Listing permission in Directory -> Settings -> Access Control, if that is what you are looking for.

> I really need your opinion on this, how complicated is it to customize Sabai to work with WP media? I know you are not planning to do this soon so I’m thinking about doing it because I want to use WP Offload S3.

All we can say is that it is very difficult with the current version of the plugin.


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Is there a way to add terms and conditions to a free listing? I set up a $0 listing option, in addition to a paid one. The paid one lists the terms & conditions, but the free one does not. How can I add this?


Unfortunately that is currently not possible.


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I am having a very frustrating experience trying to develop my Sabai Directory. Throwing hours at it… unsuccessfully. I have found Support and/or Detailed Documentation to be non-existent. While it looks simple enough… it isn’t. Turning features on and off (via checkboxes and radio buttons) often has zero effect. Now, in an effort to wing my way into an aha moment of understanding… I now am unable to display any directory at all. IOW, my test site is completely broken, even though the database still has my two test entries… there is no displayed directory.

I have attempted to reach out to the (what I presume is) one person support dept… all to no avail. No response to numerous emails and a posted request (from this site).

The docs are woefully lacking. For a plugin that has been in existence for ‘years’, I find that quite surprising. Sabai also sells a Support Plugin (to build your own support site). Why in the world there is NOT a community support site for Sabai Directory is a head-scratcher.

I am close to giving up on this plugin. Appears to be a waste of my time (and $).

If this sounds like a ‘rant’... well, it is. And I am a very patient developer…


We do see 6 support requests you have sent us in the past 24 hours or so. We’re sorry for the late response however they will of course going to be replied soon. We are experiencing very high load with support and usually takes around 2 days to get back with the requests.

Thank you for the reply. While it is good to understand your normal response time (2 days)... I must say, that is a borderline ‘eternity’. When I commented that you folks would be well served to create a community forum, I’m wondering… is THIS it? If so, I would encourage you to rethink that strategy. You know as well as I that speed is everything when it comes to support… and the lack thereof is a bullet straight to the foot.

I have other comments and questions but need to factor in a 2-day conversation before proceeding.


Which files do I need to edit in order to add Authorize.net recurring payments?


You can find files related with Authorize.net payment under wp-content/plugins/sabai-paidlistings/lib/AuthorizeNet and a file at wp-content/plugins/sabai-paidlistings/lib/AuthorizeNet.php

Is it possible to make the plugin WPML-ready? This feature request is due for over 4 years now, and i wonder if there are any attempts on fulfilling it?

Or can you shortly describe a way on how to translate a directory another way?

Thanks for you help, -d.


> Is it possible to make the plugin WPML-ready?

Unfortunately currently that is not possible.

> Or can you shortly describe a way on how to translate a directory another way?

Are you simply trying to translate the phrases used by the plugint? Then please se the following FAQ for details: https://codecanyon.net/item/sabai-directory-plugin-for-wordpress/4505485/faqs/15147

Hi, Is there a way to allow mobile to view as grid and desktop to view as list?


That is technically possible but will require custom developed code.

Is it possible for listings to have a first and last name? My directory is a listing for doctors. Our client wants the ability for people to be sorted by last name (which makes sense), but I don’t see how this is possible since there’s only one field for the listing title. And if possible to have first and last names, is it possible to sort by last name?


Unfortunately as you mentioned, if you are trying to use the title field for last and first names, that is not possible since it is a single text field. It may not be what you are looking for, but it is however possible to create a custom field for last names with the Single Line Text type field from Directory -> Listings -> Fields -> Manage Form. Then yes you can sort listings by that field (last name).

Hi, how do I update my Sabai plugin? In my plugins dashboard, Sabai it is written “A new version of Sabai is available. Show version 1.3.42 details. Automatic update is not available for this plugin” Please explain the process to update.


Can you first tell us which version of the plugin you are currently using? If it is version 1.2.x, then automatic update is not possible and will need to be updated manually. https://codecanyon.net/item/sabai-directory-plugin-for-wordpress/4505485/faqs/23798

Thumbnails don’t show on recent listings but they are ok on older ones. We did not make any changes on the site neither on the plugin settings. How can I fix this weird issue?


Unfortunately we are currently not sure since we are not able to reproduce the issue. Please contact support with the exact URL to the page where we can see the problem. https://codecanyon.net/item/sabai-directory-plugin-for-wordpress/4505485/support

Hi presale questions – do you support WPML?

Hi, I posted a comment awhile ago about being able to add some content / text after listings on the category pages. You mentioned that this might be in a future update but after updating I still cannot add any text after the listings on the category pages. Would it be possible to add another input box that could then display some content below the listings on category pages as at the moment I can only display text above and would like to add more to these pages but keep the listings higher up the page so is not possible to do this at the moment. These are really important pages so being able to customise these a bit more would be really useful.