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I am wondering why the lightbox effect only works for my 1st image (feature image), but not any other images.

On your demo the lightbox applied to all images, but I can not find any options to configure them.

On my listing, one first image use lightbox: https://fastenerkey.com/directory/listing/new-fastener-llc


We’re using the PrettyPhoto plugin by babar. If you are not using this plugin you may want to try it ant see if that resolves the issue on your site.

Looks like the Stripe API updates back on Feb 5th broke your stripe payments option. Any ETA on when it will be updated with the new API: https://stripe.com/docs/upgrades?since=2018-02-06#api-changelog


Can you tell us what error message you are exactly seeing on your site? We will have a closer look later with their updates however we just tested on our demo site and we were not able to find any issue for now.

Is there anyway to change the Paypal charge description for paid listings? Right now the paypal charge just shows as $9.95 (Per Year) and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change it on any of the plan settings or Paypal settings. Customers paying for annual recurring listings often forget what the charge was for with such a vague charge description.


Is it that you wish to change the price of your payment plan? If so, you can change it to anything you like by editing the payment plan from Directory -> Listings -> Plans.


touren Purchased

is it possible to use the adrotate plugin ( https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/adrotate/ ) automatically injected into the listings after the first paragraph?


We don’t think there is currently any automatic method without some custom developed code.

I would like to add a Facebook Messenger button on the single ad listings that allows customers to message the author of the listing via Facebook messenger. I hit a few different roadblocks trying to accomplish this.

-First, I cannot figure out how to insert the the code found here (https://www.labnol.org/internet/embed-facebook-messenger-website/29136/ ) into the ad listing form. When I place it in the HTML field, nothing shows up.

-My second issue regards placing the ad listing author’s Facebook id into the link. Ideally they type it into a field on the form and it would be inserted into the code above.

Is any of this possible?


If you are trying to customize the frontend display of listings instead of the add listing form, then you will need to edit template files. If you are trying to show your custom content on the single listing page, then you will need to edit the directory_listing_single_full.html.php template file. For more details on customizing the display with template files, please see the following FAQ: https://codecanyon.net/item/sabai-directory-plugin-for-wordpress/4505485/faqs/15151


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I have a question for you, Is there a way to link the search for my subject with the search for Sabai? Because it confuses users to have to see two search engines.


Unfortunately this is currently not possible, however we may be able to provide you with a code snippet so please contact support for more details.


HDCms Purchased

Hello, I will need a plugin 100% compatible with buddypress

1 / search page with shortcode
no members displayed
2 / choice of a city (auto complementation as google)
3 / Expected result: display of members on the map
[By default, the administrator gives limit of the maximum number of members (30) to display AND the default radius (example less than 10km).
The administrator can specify the maximum radius (example: 100 km)
The member can increase the radius size but never exceed the maximum given by the administrator
4 / if I click on the member’s icon on the map, I am redirected to the member’s buddypress profile

The input field of the address must be an xprofile field like https://www.buddyboss.com/product/locations-for-buddypress/

B) Less important to see on a tab of the profile its location and on a group



Does this mean that you are looking for a solution where you can search members by locations?

Hi guys, prepurchase. Can you add in price fields etc to make a directory listing like a classified listing?


Yes, we do think that is possible by using custom fields available with the plugin. Do you have any particular features that are required to build a classified site instead of a directory website?


jesseowc Purchased

Hello, I have selected YES for “Hide post counts on category list page” But how come my website still shows post counts from all categories, even after I clear cache? something I might have missed? My categories are on the homepage > https://fastenerkey.com/