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tshwanom Purchased

Hi I am experiencing problems with payment type not displaying even though I activated 2checkout and manual payment

also when you click on the image do not open within the listing but opens directly from the image file itself please assist


If you have only the recurring payment option enabled, then those 2Checkout or ManualPayment will not display since they do not support recurring payments. Is that the case on your site?

As for the image issue, please see the following FAQ: https://codecanyon.net/item/sabai-directory-plugin-for-wordpress/4505485/faqs/23477


I am using Sabai Plugin here: http://www.viatrading.com/resources/flea-markets/

The issue is, when I look for something (e.g. Los Angeles) on the search bar, the results don’t change and the search bar gets duplicated. Do you know how can I solve it?

I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin and checking with another WordPress theme…



It seems like request parameters like __ajax is being ignored on your site. Is there any security related plugin on your site that may be filtering request variables sent to your site?

We haven’t, I tried deactivating our plugins one by one. Could it be a server issue?

That is possible. Does your server has some kind of security feature that blocks certain request parameters sent?


gnfb1234 Purchased

How do I edit the word “Listing” from the add review form?


You can try the Say What plugin and then translate only the “Listing” word. Make sure to use “sabai-directory” as the domain when registering the translation. Also you will need to reload add-ons from Settings -> Sabai.


valuser Purchased

Is it currently possible to configure the map module to allow for zoom / full screen display for (say) single listing ?

Like for instance some of the directory themes. Example: http://www.vantagetheme.com/listings/blue-bottle-coffee/ see top right of the map widget.

If its possible to do this with your plugin could you please show me how.

If its not possible, at the moment, would you please consider including this in the next update ??? At least in the widget that could be shown on a single listing.

Your plugin is pretty awesome as it is – this would really top it off!!


Thank you for your suggestion, and yes we will see if we can add the feature to the later version of the plugin.

Brilliant! Really hope you will be able to do this!


davidshq Purchased

Is there a way to disable the location input for the directory? e.g., I want to make just a web directory, so location is not relevant.


You can disable the Location input field from Directory -> Listings -> Fields. As for the search form field, you can disable it from Directory -> Settings -> Search.


mewigo Purchased


I was wondering when you would start to remove/rewrite the PHP4 (!!!) style constructor classes and replace them with more modern code. The files you are using (e.g. QuickForm/static.php) have not been updated in almost 6 years now. Do you have a roadmap for this?

Thank you in advance!


Unfortunately those are 3rd party libraries which we are not able to update, and yes we will be removing them totally in the later version of the plugin.

Hello. I have created a custom filter but it is not showing up. I can enable/disable default filters, but the customer filter is not showing up even though it is enabled. Is there something I need to look at?

Please disregard. I believe I figured out my issue.


saervam Purchased

Hi. If i have enable Sabai Google Maps i have this after footer.. http://prntscr.com/dy8t91 any idea?


We have never seen that kind of issue. Can you contact support with the URL to the page so that we can actually take a look with our browser. https://codecanyon.net/item/sabai-directory-plugin-for-wordpress/4505485/support

After update problem solved


camthor Purchased

Hi, I just uploaded to the latest version 1.3.37 (Sabai Directory Plugin is still at version 1.3.36, no update available). The Directory menu in the admin is gone, also the page with the listings on the front end. The Sabai settings are still there, all Add-Ons updated, even reloaded all, cleared cache. What could be wrong? Thanks!


camthor Purchased

OK, meanwhile version 1.3.37 arrived for the Directory Plugin. Now all is back to normal.


Sorry about that, the update notification of the Sabai Directory plugin was delayed for a certain reason.

Is your plugin responsive ?


Installing this plugin breaks widget management page in admin panel. After troubleshooting the issue, I have found a below error:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘SabaiFramework_DB_QueryException’ with message ‘() SQL: SELECT * FROM wp_sabai_system_addon system_addon WHERE ( addon_parent_addon = ’’ )’ in …/wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/SabaiFramework/DB.php:139\nStack trace:\n#0 ../wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/SabaiFramework/Model/Gateway.php(158): SabaiFramework_DB->query(‘SELECT * FROM w…’, 0, 0)\n#1 …/wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/SabaiFramework/Model/Gateway.php(43): SabaiFramework_Model_Gateway->selectBySQL(‘SELECT * FROM w…’, 0, 0, Array, Array, NULL)\n#2 ../wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/SabaiFramework/Model/EntityRepository.php(113): SabaiFramework_Model_Gateway->selectByCriteria(Object(Sabai_Addon_System_Model_Base_AddonCriteria), Array, 0, 0, Array, Array)\n#3 …/wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/SabaiFramework/Model/EntityRepository.php(128): SabaiFramework_Model_EntityRepository->fetchByCriteria(Ob in …/wp-content/plugins/sabai/lib/SabaiFramework/DB.php on line 139, referer: http://business.joinpepper.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=20&action=edit

Can you please look into this and provide me the solution?

Please let me know if you need more information.