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Great jobs :-)

Thank you :)

Hi there, looks great, I have a couple of questions:

1) On the demo the picture upload doesn’t work on templates 2, 3, 4? (if it’s not possible to upload pictures to those templates, can the upload box be hidden to avoid confusion?) 2) Is is possible to change the colors on the templates?

Thank you

Hi Yes, the image is supported only in the first template. but we are delivering new templates soon with photos and also will hide the photo field in the next version. Yes, you can change color from a CSS file included with global variables. and also all text is customizable too.

Please open a support ticket so we can show you all thing you need to customise this web-app to your needs.

Hi, can i add different templates?

We are adding template after each update. If you want to add templates by yourself , a strong knowledge of React-Canvas-State management is needed. this is not some HTML templates. its pure drawing in a Canvas


Nice app but would be great to have UX/navigation improved.

For example:

1. If I haven’t signed in on the first screen it’s not possible to do that from CV builder to store my work.

2. Also there is no button to go to the member dashboard from CV builder screen.

3. I noticed that it’s not possible to copy text from PDF? Is that because of the canvas approach? Are you making the PDFs based on rendered PNGs?

Hi As you may know, the item is 25 days old and if you compare the first version with the current one we have done a lot of improvement, now it’s just a matter of time to do the improvements you mentioned. Yes, its canvas.

The script is cool and UX gaps are not critical at all. I’d say using a canvas is its main disadvantage. Recruiters hate when it’s not possible to copy text from CV. They often need this to copy/paste into their database.

Quick question before I buy the script, what is the backend use? and is the user authentication is being handle using firebase?

Hi In this version you dont need a backend server since we handling all database operations using Firebase/Firestore. but in the sass version (coming soon) we will implement Firebase Admin SDK that will require a backend server. and yes authentication is handled by firebase too.

Fun product! Does this come with documentation on how to set up the server? Would love to see the subscription service update and ux updates mentioned above.

Yes, it is documented. and if the documentation wasn’t enough, there is a step by step video tutorial,
Deploying using Firebase hosting
Deploying in Private server ( Ubuntu, and Nginx )

Hi What are the requirements for adding other templates? is it possible add the Arabic language? is it possible add advertising banners? website responsive?

Adding templates will require a developer with strong knowledge of React, State Management, Canvas. but we are adding templates after each version ( +2 templates will be added during the next week ). For Arabic RTL we are working on it and will be added in a month or so.

Is it possible to add an email pdf to email option?

Sorry i didn’t know what you exactly mean

I think the above comment was about is there a way to also have instead of just having download option an option to email the resume or create a resume link. Which is currently not optional but wouldn’t be a bad idea to add other options than just pdf download like word doc, docx, etc. like other resume maker builder sites.

Hi For emailing service that will require a mail server from each user and if that is something you need why not we can add it. for doc files right now our main focus in adding ads and Sass and more resumes once we are done from these features we can take a look at it.

Yeah I am def. not in any hurry for those features. I’m just ready for membership or per download area so I can advertise the site and make some side cash.

That is our priority :)

Any plan to convert / adjust it for Wordpress? (as a plugin)

Hi Not at the moment, Sorry.

Can you make a sever side version that doesn’t use firebase?

We replied to this question in your support ticket :)

The upcoming SaaS version is going to be an upgrading version of current item or it’s going to be a new item in your portfolio (Sell with an additional price item)? because I need to buy with SaaS feature.

There is no intentions to add an additional item for this web app. after the developing period complete and the approval of Envato. it should be an upgrade of this item.

Hey is there a way to fix where instead of downloading say you have more than 3 jobs for your resume if you post a long description about how professional it is google will ask to download multiple files is there not a way to make it just one file with 2 pages? Instead of 2 separate PDFs most employment agencies and temp services only allow 1 resume to upload not multiple. This is not good news.

There is a new version coming in this week with a fix for this issue.

adds payment option to download on some models or all

Yes. We are working adding monetization options at the moment.

your work is good, do more template designs and add some monetization option, for earning

Yes. We are working adding monetization options at the moment and it will be available in one of the upcoming updates soon.

Hey, what about some monetization options?

Yes. We are working adding monetization options at the moment and it will be available in one of the upcoming updates soon.


Everyone gives discounts on Black Friday. Will you have discounts for this product? We wait )

Hi This item is already in a discount.

Nice product.. but in your resume template, is it possible to add other section in the Resume, eg Hobbies, Referees, Awards etc since they are not included in the template. Also a provision for a custom Text (field)