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On my site http://firesiderestaurant.net The background images are not showing up on the “catering” page though it shows up on the menu page.

I tried to mimic the menu page, but to no avail. I am using creativo theme, latest version of wordpress, Visual Composer 4.1.2

Have you bought this plugin?

Yes with the Creative Theme. I also have a license for Virtual Composer. I will furnish the code in the next email.

Could you please send me the link to the creative theme? Maybe you are mixing up things, because I have never heard about this …

I purchased this to get a menu system going – but – some items have small – regular – large selections with different pricing.

Is there a way to get three price structures (or more) per item?

with dotted lines *like the main price?

Hello idaryl,

well currently there are two solutions:

1. Put it into the description, like Small – 13 $, Medium – 15 $ and then leave out the main price.

2. Make two items. One item like Food (Small) – 13 $ and one item Food (Medium) – 15 $.

Would this be a proper solution for you?

Best regards DB-Dzine

No not really, that would require multiple instances of the item per page – especially if there is a lot of selectable items.

What I have had to do in the interum, is create a set of css rules with leader dots and pricing color markers (for large med, small) – (reg, latte, grande) (thick, thin) etc, etc. to handle the different (pardon the pun (flavors) of food available from the restaurant/cafe.

If this is to be a restaurant menu there WILL be price variations for items in ANY restaurant – even if its only a kids meal.

All of that should be configurable from the items control section – not just “add it to the description” – that really does’nt fly.

If I end up having to do all this work myself in a text area…. whats the point of the plugin anyway?

I am sorry to hear that the plugin does not fit in your needs. If you want a refund, please make a request for that.

It does fit my needs (believe me, I would not have purchased it if I think it did not) however, I need to have alternate pricing structures associated with menu items, is all.

It would be more beneficial to have them as a adjuntant to each dragged item to a page (rather than multiple instances for them – the reason the desc will not work as it only supports a desc, and not left to right item and price structures.

We have taken this on our development schedule. Stay updated ;)

We have developed your feature and an update is on it’s way.

Is it possible to use google fonts for the Name?

Hello mkoegler,

this depends on your theme. If your theme let’s you use custom fonts you can easily use them for the name of the restaurant item.

Best regards DB-Dzine


I’ve got a problem Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home2/advertk8/public_html/pottingshedcafeco/wp-content/plugins/vc-restaurant-menu/admin/class-vc-restaurant-menu-admin.php on line 207


we have fixed the error and an updated version is in queue. You will be notified when it is available.

Otherwise, if you are able to do, you could update your PHP Version.

Best regards DB-Dzine

VC restaurant menu. 41e54614-dc69-4a22-81ca-b0ebe8c70dc9 Gives the possibility for a 1 collom list of menu items but no headings and subheadings like in the sales live demo.

manual also don’t bring this clear


Hello svogelzang,

you could create a normal 1 column row from visual composer itself.

For the demo files, please see this page for all demo content of the vc restaurant demo site: http://docs.db-dzine.com/vc-restaurant-menu/demo.txt

Best regards DB-Dzine

don’t realy understand. I bought the plugin after looking at the life previeuw. Expected to get the same as there with headings, subheadings, 2 columns etc. Did not. Or I missed something in the control section or you delivered something different than your life preview

You can use the demo content above to get exactly the same result. Just copy the content of the demo.txt into your site and activate visual composer to edit.

Does your plugin support making multiple menus? In other words, can I make separate breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, or if I have two restaurants on the same WP site, can I make a separate menu for each?

Hello killerdesigner,

one vc restaurant menu item exists of just one menu item (e.g. a Steak with frites). You can make as many menu items as you wish – no restrictions!

Nice name by the way ;)

Hello. Can one sell the food online? In other words, is there a payment system for the menu?

Thank you in advance.

Hi gioglifx,

sorry to dissappoint you but this is not possible with our plugin.

Best regards DB-Dzine

Any thoughts in implementing this in the future?

No sorry.

is there a place I can see this? links are broken

Hi there,

link is fixed now ;)

hey when will you have an RTL support?


Hi there,

this was not planned until yet. Couldn’t you control it via CSS?

did it already, thanks

Does this plugin work only for one or multiple restaurants?

For instance, If you would like to create a restaurant listing website, could you use this plugin to create custom menus for each individual restaurant?

Hi there,

yes our plugin is just a new element for Visual Composer. So you can show individual menus.


hello, your demo is not working.

Hi there,

we just switched to CloudFlare CDN for better performance. Some DNS entries are still refreshing, but now everything should work as normal.

Best regards

hi i got a problem with the plug in

some character are gibberish you can see that live here – http://redburger.rolsites.co.il/wp/#menu last tab from the left


Hi there,

assuming you want to have the price on the right side, please add the following custom CSS:

.db-restaurant-menu-price {
float:right !important;


what?! no….give me an email ill send you a print screen of whats my problem is

Ok, please send a screenshot to support@db-dzine.com and explain what is wrong.


Hi! Can you add icons to menu items? Such as Vegetarian icon, gluten free, vegan etc

Hi there,

you could use the labels to do this. Or you could add an image with this information.


zivrol Purchased

Hello, we use vc restaurant menu plugin in that page: http://morel.s188.upress.link/%D7%AA%D7%A4%D7%A8%D7%99%D7%98%D7%99%D7%9D/

How can I enlarge the thumbs images by click on them, like lightbox/fancybox?


This is currently not possible, but there are plugins that create a lightbox for every image on your site we think.

My items have a white background by default and can only reduce the alpha to 1 which means you can still see the background. Any way around this? Also is there a way to have padding around the text. XD

Hi there,

please send WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com and some screens of your problems. Then we will help you :)

PRESALES QUESTION I am looking for a menu plugin that I can use on directory website where I have multiple restaurants represented. So I will need something that be used for a variety of restaurants on the same site with the same plugin.

Also looking for a plugin that will allow the end-user to search for a particular food item and find all the different menus (restaurants) where they can find it.

Will this plugin do this?

No sorry our plugin can not support this.