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Hello , i have an issue in the socialmention Rss feeds generated as for example : , it’s not display in your script . can you help please ? thanks .

i’ve tried to display[]=all&f=xml format but probably need to adapt the script . thanks for your help .

Hi, please use a single contact method as I already replied to you via email. Thank you.

Hello. I just try to put a table before your timeline but the table doesn’t appear as he should : Could you help me ?

You can see the good header here :

Hi, you should know support is not offered for customization tasks and you can’t expect me to help you with your own site/components (especially that they are not part of the RSS Timeline script). I’m afraid you are on your own with any custom requirements or try to hire a web developer that can help you out:

Hi, thanks for the script.

How to put the date instead of “10 hours ago” in the timeline?

Why images do not appear on the timeline ? rss feed is

Hi, thank you for your purchase – if you need to adapt the script to your project requirements you’ll need some basic PHP knowledge for the date change. The timeline displays feed images automatically, but the feed file needs to support the media:thumbnail node. Read more about this here: Hope this helps and please continue any concern/question via the Support tab or contact form in my profile. Thank you.

Hi, Thanks for answer. Yes I have some basic PHP.

Is that possible to full article in RSS? SOmething like ReadMore which is opening article inside?

HI, there is no such implemented feature, but if you have some web development skills you can add this yourself.

Hello I tried over 6 rss provider with pictures and your script don’t show the thumbnails please help me i am note professional please make the description easy

Hi, please use RSS feeds that have the media:thumbnail tag – it is that simple. Please see the source files for the example feeds I provice in the .zip file / cache folder (one has thumbnails and one doesn’t). If the feed doesn’t have that tag then the scrip will not show any images, so it is up to you (and the feed provider) to adjust that.

hi, can I limit the feeds to only post if the title contains a keyword?

Hi, you can only limit the no. of posts fetched from the RSS, but that’s pretty much it. You can always modify/implement any further changes using PHP or hire a web developer to help you out with your specific project.

First of all this is a good item. It only takes a a little bit of html and css to implement.

I have a question though, is it possible that a “load more” button could be implemented in a future update to load more than the set number of articles that you originally selected.

For instance, I set each of my rss feeds to 5. Could you add a button to load 5 more from all of the rss feeds?

Hi, thank you for your purchase and appreciation. I will think about your feature request, but for now a ‘load more’ button is not possible – it implies using AJAX and a different technique for fetching/managing the RSS items. There is also the concern that RSS feeds usually have a small post limit and more items can’t be loaded if the original feed doesn’t have them. Anyway, thank you for your feedback and suggestion.

What is the purpose of $feedNamespace = "";

Is there a specific reason that it is If not what could it be changed to?

Here is what the code looks like for a better idea of what I’m talking about:
        $feedAPI = new RSSFeed();
        $entries = $feedAPI->getFeedEntries();
        $feedNamespace = "";

Hi, please read more about the Media RSS specification, especially the namespace declaration: – it is basically used in the process of extracting the media elements from a RSS feed. Hope this helps.

hello, i am very much interested to buy this script but can you add a few ad blocks for us to display ads. it would be great. looking forward for that update, please update it asap, wanna buy it soon

Hi, thanks for the interest – I’m not really sure what you mean by ad blocks. The plugin displays the content of an RSS feed, simple as that. If you want to customize it for your specific project you are more then welcome to do it yourself or by hiring a web developer to help you out. Good luck with your project.

Hello, I’m interested your script but Can you update your scrip for support <image> element. Please update it ,I will buy it soon.

Hi, the script support images in the RSS feed. Each item in the feed should contain a media:thumbnail node. Read more about this: Hope this helps.

Thank for your reply. Can you show the image as a thumbnail ?

You can adjust the script with your own custom requirements, but you’ll need to make some changes in the code.

Does this script cache the feeds as one file or one file for each feed ?Is the feed-fetching a CRON function? I’d like to be able to access the feeds directly as they’re retrieved and cached.

If it isn’t a CRON job then how does the script retrieve the files to cache without accessing a made-up page or something? Sorry if I sound dense.

The feed is obtained on demand (via a simple class function) – you request the feed items and the class handles the caching part for you.

Okay – great – thanks.

Hi Looks nice script. Can you make this to fetch news from different RSS feeds for every X minutes? Also only fetching Title, Description, Image and URL is Okay. When user clicks on the link, he will read the news on Original website and not my website (I think it’s illegal to show full News article on my site, correct me if I’m wrong)

Hi, thank you for your interest – yes the script can cache and display multiple RSS feeds with the cache lifetime configurable. Hope this helps.

No. Can you read my questions again? (I might be wrong as I don’t know how RSS works 100%) I’m asking about fetching RSS articles for every 5 or 10 min [Or am I wrong?]. My point is how we will have up to the moment news articles in our database, if news website publishes them every so often?

Second question is: Can I store the News Heading, Description, Image, link etc in local database e.g. Mysql as soon as we read them from RSS?

As I said, the cache lifetime is configurable so you have the option to check for new items every x minutes, if you like. You can store the information locally, as per your project requirement – this is up to you to decide and implement.