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its not for prestashop?

It’s HTML based, it’s not a plugin if that’s what you are asking.


Cannot install the .zip file.

Thanks for helping



It’s a CSS item. Not a WordPress plugin.

Hi im ignacio from argentina, first off all thaks you for the menu is amazing!

but i dont know how can i center de nav bar items. and add effects on dropdown .

for example:

now is :

home – test – test2 -test3 //////////

and i need :

//////// home – test – test2 -test3 //////////

thaks for you time!

Sorry, for the fantastically late reply. I don’t come here that often as the items don’t sell that much.

I can’t understand what you mean, can you show me an example via a sketch (or online). Maybe I can help you out. I will only come back from vacation next week, so please wait for proper reply.


caper58 Purchased

Using your menu on bootstrap, how can I lock a menu so when the user clicks it, it will stay even if the mouse moves off the displayed dropdown (don’t want it to be cleared) .

Love the menu, it really added a lot of punch to my site!!

Hi, I don’t think you have support for the menu anymore.

Nevertheless, you can find information on how to do what you want for the menu via Google. There are many such resources online.


caper58 Purchased

Sorry, I was trying to ask the question on solidmenus comment section but somehow clicked your comments instead. When I realized my mistake, I contacted SM with the same question and got a condescending remark (which I found very unprofessional).

Surprisingly to me, you responded even thought I hadn’t purchased your product, so to show you my gratitude I just purchased your Mega Menu for Bootstrap. Thank for a great product and your support.

Thank you for your support and kind words. It’s nice to see there are appreciative people still out there.

If you need any help, you know where to find me.


I am using Bootstrap studio and I am trying to add this menu to my application. I have included all the files js and css as guided. but it is know showing me as it is supposed to show.

Which version of Bootstrap are you using?

version 4

Hello .. I hope you have great sales at this site .. Follow me TOO :D