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so this is a css framework, like bootstrap?

yes, something like that

demo doesn’t work

check again, plz

Demo doesn’t work again.

I don’t know, but I can see preview

Is it possible aligning the width more regular? the columns in the flexed and fluid page.

you can set your layout with the variety of widths in fixed or fluid pages, so what do you looking for?

Solid framework and good support – thanks a lot!

Thank You! :)

Good ! I like without .js and no external api !

Thank You! :)

Would this work on a PHP Website?

yes, it’s work well. it’s my work with this layout :

So easy to use and so great! I needed something easy to use to create a website who could be nice both for pc, tablets and smartphone users and I have found this in this solid and easy-to-use framework. GREAT! :)

Thanks, Good luck in your work.

I want to jump on board, but i want to be sure about fixed width. responsiveness is great, i just don’t like it for desktop users yet, when i want it, it should be available. for mobile users they will be routed to mobile version. please advise ..

You can apply it by transferring to your mobile or if you have a host,you can see it whit your mobile by internet on your host.

Can I apply this to an existing website?

yes you can, but you have to redesign html structure.

Do you have a sample with menu and sub menu items?

no, I don’t have menu

Hello, I am now committed to a Wordpress theme that is unfortunately not responsive so I need a plug in that will ensure that the finished site looks great on phones and tablets. Will your plug in do this with minimum fuss? Many free responsive plug-ins offer up too many variables – I just need a simple solution that will make a great looking theme work beautifully on hand held devices. If this is true I will be purchasing. Thanks

hi, my responsive code is NOT plugin for Wordpress and you can’t use to your project. if you want create website or Wordpress template, you can use this responsive code.

Good Luck

if a website php not responsive, can i use your script to convert to responsive?

hi, yes you can use, but you have to change your website layout with this script

responsive, is it all about only change CSS? or change anything else

you have to change html structure and set CSS class to html tags for example when you want to set 1 row,2 columns 50% your html code will be :
div class=”six_col”

Hi, what if i try to use on youtube video embed ?

Hi, Sorry for my late reply Unfortunately, I didn’t check it. if you do it, please tell the result.

does there any document explain how should I go with your item ?

Yes, it does. easy to use.

sorry, do didn’t get my point, I meant, your item has an document explain how could I insert it into my website pages?

No, it doesn’t document for extra, but in html, css code I explain how to use it.