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Love the script but how can I have the footer flush or stick to the absolute bottom?


My mistake I meant to ask if there is a way to stretch the footer to the bottom. I changed the background color to black and I would like it to stretch 100% wide and n height without any padding on the sides or bottom. Sorry for the misunderstanding. This is what I have:

<!- Footer -> <!- 4 col fixed ->


  • Home
  • About
  • Policies
  • Disaster Response
  • Terms & Privacy
2 3 4 <!- 4 col fixed End -> <!- Footer End ->


Please send me a private message on the submit form on my page, bottom right and we can discuss your requirements.


Thanks, Lee.

OK Just PM you and thanks again

Hi, 17 links in instruction documentation goes to http://www.cssgrid.co/notfound.html

Ok, thanks for pointing that out.

was a pleasure to be useful :)

Love this system, i have tried frameworks that take over the entire layouts but this is perfect. Did just what i needed it to do. No overly bulky code to work through. Just a very well written project and serves it purpose perfectly. Thanks for the resource friend.

This is the single most important and productive item I have purchased on Envato. Absolutely crucial to help us migrate our courses to be responsive and mobile friendly. I cannot speak highly enough for your work. This is amazingly simple but solves so many issues on so many levels for those of us who need simple solutions to complex problems. I congratulate you and applaud you for your work. Thank you. Well done. Well done, indeed!

Hi, thanks for your very kind comments, glad you like it. I am working on a new version even simpler with more functions. Released in around 4 weeks.

how can set the styles for example in a loop of php mysqli? have a style o abbreviation for this purpose?

Hi, Thanks for buying the CSS Grid. Please send me a message on here (bottom right submit form) http://codecanyon.net/user/cssgrid and I can reply to you on email. Thanks!

thanks, I have sent the message just need help with that, otherwise I’m very satisfied, there is no comparison .


good work! How to use this with an LEFT and/or RIGHT sidebar?

cheers :)

Hi ikovacs,

Thanks for buying the CSS Grid. Yes sure, you could use p4 and have the first 3 columns one-three and then have four as the sidebar. Then you can stack the columns. by adding stack to p4.

Please send me a message on here (bottom right submit form) http://codecanyon.net/user/cssgrid and I can reply to you on email.

Thanks, Lee.

hi there,

Very satisfied customer here who will buy some more licenses soon. Question: I know you have been working on a new version of the grid, what is the status of this?

Hi Draxeiro,

Thanks for buying the CSS Grid. Yes I have been working on a new, cleaner and more minimal version of the grid. I am hoping to have this completed by end of September.

Thanks, Lee.

Hello, have this grid in future flexbox support?

Hi, thanks for your message. Sorry, this is a stand alone css / html grid and isn’t compatible with flexbox.

Hi, Great simple template, isn’t it! I’m making my site on ‘columns_fixed.html’, wondering if it’s possible to get fixed navigation. My question’s been on comments like below, “How to make navigation fixity in pixels” or “the nav bar fixed at the top and centered on the page horizontally” Could you tell me the way to make it? Looking forward to your reply, Yasushi

Hi, thanks for buying the CSS Grid. Please send me a message on the submit form here (bottom right of page) and I’ll get back to you with a solution. https://codecanyon.net/user/cssgrid

Thanks, Lee.

any news on the lighter version a few months ago? you suggested september as a possible ready date… now passed

hi, thanks for your message. Yes a new lighter version will be finished early January, with a few new features and much cleaner CSS.

Thanks, Lee!

any news?

Hi, thanks for checking in. Yes, nearly ready. You’ll receive an email when the new release is done.

Thanks, Lee.

Hello there. I am very interested in this script. I usually purchase templates and edit the code, but I am in need of a brief explanation of how we would use this. I read some of the instructions, but I am not really sure how it all goes together. Thanks

Hi, thanks for your message. It’s basically a standalone Responsive HTML5 CSS Grid, which you can use to build your own layouts using the fixed or percentage columns.

Thanks, Lee.


Does the framework support 100% height rows and columns?

Hi, you can certainly build this as I’ve done it before. You would need to set the wrapper to position absolute, min-height 100%, then set the inner div to position relative, min-height 100%.

Thanks, Lee.

And vertically aligning content to middle in said full-height rows and columns?

Hi, if you can send me an image design of what you need building I can take a look at it for you, send your image design and message here: https://codecanyon.net/user/cssgrid

Thanks, Lee.


mraautc Purchased

i have sent you 2 mail why you don’t reply i need to make 10 gird clear fix box for my web

Hi mrauutc,

On index.html, this has the layout for the 10 columns – line 77 to 109.

The css for the 10 columns is inside css/cssgrid.css – line 14 to 81.

You would need to have some basic understanding on how to build web layouts if you want to add content to each row, such as adding images, text or videos. I would suggest to search online the elements you would like to add.

Thanks, Lee.


mraautc Purchased

please check email i have replied with code

Hi, I replied to your email.

Just want to say thanks again. I first used your code a couple years back on my 3rd version of philosophyofx com. It’s been perfect. I need to rebuild another of my sites from 2009 and thought your code would make a great framework for that project. Keep up the awesome code work. X

Hi, thank you very much for your kind words, it is very much appreciated. Lots of cool things coming out soon! Thanks, Lee.

Is it possible to create a grid with 7 elements (4 small squares) 1 large square and 2 horizontal images with this layout? The 7 images will have a link to a page. THANKS!

Layout: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dfbdgq9m01lqgt7/Schermata%202017-12-15%20alle%2016.42.46.png?dl=0



Thanks for your message. You would be better using either Isotope layout https://isotope.metafizzy.co/layout-modes.html or Masonry layout https://masonry.desandro.com/ to create a grid system like the one in your image.

Thanks, Lee.