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Hi How can i make the this menu scrollable?


Hi ! Thanks for comment, First mail a text mail from my profile tab. i will send you updated code along with scrollbar feature.

Thanks for this! My only question is how can i make both side nav and top nav fixed by default?

Both sidebar option not available.

Needing to keep a side bar submenu open while navigating in that submenu but close when going to another regular menu item. Any help on how to do this would be appreciated.

Please send me test mail from my Profile tab.

I had the same question as bar001, I still have not heard back from you… can you please update if you were able to solve his problem???

Sorry For Late reply, I was away from my place due to some health issues. I will be available from Monday.

Dear logicalstack. I am leaving a comment as I have tried getting in contact with you via email regarding the responsive dropdown menu on the left. In your example this menu is light blue and contains sections like “Dashboard” “Navigation” etc. Once you click on e.g. Dashboard (assuming it has a sub menu) the submenu opens up below it in slightly darker blue and the little white arrow on the right shows up indicating which page the user is on. Now my issue is that once I click on dashboard for example and then the dashboard’s sub menu the sub menu closes and the white little arrow on the right of the menu does not move. i.e. if I select a different tab the arrow stays at the Dashboard and the submenu closes therefore making it very difficult for the user to check which page on is on. May I kndly ask you to provide asisstance, guidande on why this is the case and what we are doing wrong? Many thanks in advance.

Hi ! Thanks for comment. Can you send me any screenshot or video file about this issue , so I can better understand what you want. You can mail me from my profile tab.

I have sent you a message with the code and problem description via your profile tab. It however doesnt allow to send pictures / videos. Plese be so kind and provide an alternative email address so that we can send it over. Kindly awaiting your reply.

jQuery 3 returns “undefined” instead of “null” when elements aren’t found using innerHeight(). As a result, the “setHeight” function in hoe.js doesn’t work. Please update & test this component using the current version of jQuery 3. Thanks. https://jquery.com/upgrade-guide/3.0/#dimensions


Please help me to fix vertical scrolling for multiple items.


I will mail you updated code with vertical scroll features to handle Multiple Items.

Please make a test mail from my profile tabs.

Hi, okay send you a mail.

I have also problems with other bootstrap files. Can you send me a stand alone script please? With css/js files that only effect the menu?


Hello, how can I implement this on a wordpress theme? Is it possible in a easy way? How can I add menu items etc with wordpress functions, is this possible? Really nice script here!

Hi ! this is jQuery, CSS and HTML Based plugin not a wordpress plugin. you need to convert in Php or wordpress.

Hi , Are sub-pages designed ? Do you share the files in HTML?

What’s the difference between demo and full?

Nothing Major Change.

Could this be added on top of another script design? For example on phpsound.com script? Info so how?


ponczik Purchased

Hi,can i use regular license of this template/plugin in product for my ONE client? I developing application which is to speed up bussiness processes between company of my client and his clients and employees , so nobody will not pay for using this app. I really like how it looks so i want to use it in web appliaction which i prepare. Thank you for response.

Best Regards Łukasz

Right now I have the sidenav bar fixed on scroll. Is there a easy edit to make the top nav bar also fixed on scroll. Like bootstrap nav option?

You can set fixed position on header.