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Outstanding features and design of collapse sidebar menu. I really like this so much and deployed successfully without any error. Thanks frank for making this plugin.

in collapsed mode hovering over an item that has a submenu auto expands. how do I disable this so it behaves like the expanded mode where you need to click the item to reveal the submenu? I can manually update the hoa.js if you tell me what needs to change.

it causes a problem when the last few items have submenus and hovering over the second or last will cause the whole menu to dissapear.

Hi, Thanks for comment. For reveal the submenu on click need to change if condition in Handlelpanelmenu function in hoe.js file.

And to disable menu expand on hover Please change(remove hover css) in section 4.3 in hoe.css file.


I had to change :hover to .opened in section 4.3 in css. Then comment out the if in handlelmenu in js. Thanks for your quick support!

I think your problem has been resolved.

If you satisfied with this plugin then It would be great if you rate us on envato


Hi Frank,

can i use it in themeforest/codecanyon items with extended license?


Hi Jyostna, Yes you can purchase the extended license. But you can only use the code for creating admin templates or any other application but you cannot sell it using as a navigation under codecanyon.

no no, i will be using it an admin template only i won’t sell it as a navigation item


Okey, you can use this plugin for admin template after purchasing the extended license.

I saw your portfolio and i have some query about Josh – Laravel Admin Template, so can you make me a test mail from my support tab.

Will your sidebar work on a site that isn’t using Bootstrap?

Yes , this sidebar work without bootstrap.

Sure. May I use your component as left filter menu (address, price etc.) shown as the link below.

Yes, you can use it. to shown address and price as the link below. For it you need make a div under Aside menu

Hello I dont see my previous comment. I purchase more than a week ago and had no reply. I’m try to get the menu to work correctly. How can I get support. Is there a link or contact email. This has taken lon for a reply. please assist asap. Thanks

Hello trueexecutives,

You can get direct support by Email ID, So you can make a mail from my support tab (Click on contact Author Button) or below Link.

I highly recommend this plugin. It was very simple to integrate into my site and not too difficult to customize some of the features that I needed to change. Support is also great and when I had a few questions the responses were prompt and quick to help me solve any problems. 5 Stars well deserved!

Thanks for your positive review for this plugin.

Hi mate, just purchased it, love it from the first visit, what about the sass update, i have purchased it for my agency portfolio theme which is based on minimal design. i used it without sass into agency template, but in next days when the sass files update live, i will definitely purchased another licence. Thanks for your great work share with us. Keep it up. Thanks again.

Can I use this in ionic framework

If Bootstrap is compatible with ionic framework, then you can use it with ionic framework.

Hi Frank. Thanks for an awesome side bar. Can you help with keeping its focus fixed on the left, so that it doesn’t scroll down with the page ?

Hi Startuped,

Thanks for comment and Purchased this plugin. Please make a mail from my profile tab. So i can send you updated code with fixed left sidebar feature.


how can I make sticky?

regards, Ivan

there is sticky features not available yet.

I just want to let you know that I used this js script to make menu sticky ;-)

Hi frank alfred, first all, thanks for your great work.

It’s possible to maintain menu state, collapsed or expanded, during the site navigation?

Thank in advanced.

Hi! Thanks for mail. Yes , It’s possible to maintain menu state , during the site navigation. Please make a mail from my profile tab and let me know which state you want to maintain during the site navigation.


Hi frank_alfred, realy great job, just a litle question how to switch color theme?

For this you need to write a jquery function to change “hoe-lpanel-effect=” attribute property according device size.

You can message me on my mail id from my profile tab. Thanks,

Hi thanks for suggestion I tryed to write down the script but I’m basic at it and but on the bottom of the page before }) </script>

   if(screen.width <= 480){
   }else if (screen.width <= 780){
   }else if(screen.width <= 960){

but definely I did some mistakes because it doesn’t work can you tell me any tips?

before the end of body

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Dear Frank, good afternoon. Regarding question #1: you mean that your sidebar navigation menu may be used with my (other) WordPress theme? I.e the header (a top part) of my theme won’t be replaced by HOE’s, right? I just confused by the header (a top part) of HOE demo page..

Another problem: as I noticed, when I totally open up the last item of HOE menu (Menu level 1 -> level 2 -> level 3 -> level 4), it’s impossible to see several items at the end (bottom) of menu; even the scroll down of webpage can’t help. Can you check this and fix this bug?

Hi! You can mail me from my profile tabs regarding any issue and any question.

Hi broccol ,

I think now you are satisfied with my answer

I download the item but not see the complete examples like I see in demo site


I aready send the images check your email now


I have checked it , and found you are doing something wrong. In hoe navigation plugin working fine in internet explorer.


I have checked it , and found you are doing something wrong. In hoe navigation plugin working fine in internet explorer.

Please open hoe demo in internet explorer


Will this sidebar work with bootstrap 4?

Yes, this plugin fully compatible with bootstrap 4

Hey Alfred, I really like this design and am willing to buy it.. Just need some clarification.. If I purchase this design am I going to get entire design set I mean the login screen, email templates screen, email compose screen, Inbox screen and all that..??

Hey ! This is only sidebar navigation plugin, not a admin template. if you purchase it then you get sidebar navigation with basic template structure (header , sidebar navigation, content section,).

Dear Frank, I found an error in your hoe menu. If content on the right side has not enough height (consider empty main content) – your menu is not scrolling down. I purchase it as a part of Assan admin template. Thank you very much

Thanks for comment. Scrollbar features available with this navigation. when you purchase it you will be able to use it.

So this menu is not in a package I bought? Oh ok. But that error is in your demo too, so if I buy your menu, problem dissapears?

Please respond me – error what I described is in your demo. I would like to buy your menu, but I did not buy it with that error. Is it possible to repair it?